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It didn’t take long for COVID 19 to change the landscape of the legal profession. With government-mandated business closures and courts postponing their activity, law firms continuously seek ways to serve their clients.

In general, COVID 19 law firm transformations fall into two categories: Administrative and Client Services. On the administrative end, law firms are trying to develop different policies to operate outside their physical law office.

On the client services end, lawyers are dealing with questions asked by the clients on their rights and responsibilities regarding uncertain situations. Furthermore, they must also think of ways to communicate with their clients when visiting the office is not an option. To know more about this topic, get a quote from the professionals.

How Is COVID-19 Changing Law Firms & The Practice Of Law?

The COVID 19 continues to have a devastating impact on the world, and the legal industry is no exception. To better understand the impact on the legal industry, we have been analyzing data from thousands of consumers and legal professionals.

Surprisingly, as the pandemic continues to rise, the demand for legal services keeps spiking up. As a result, the industry is evolving to adopt new processes to meet the needs.

Administrative Changes

After the pandemic hit the world, the law firms went from business-as-usual from the offices to working remotely overnight. This forced the legal industry to adapt to the necessary tools to support the changes.

The administrative changes that the legal industry has gone through due to the pandemic:

1. Ensuring Firm Communication

The law firm can continue services theory services only if their internal communication is in order. While working remotely, lawyers can take help from communications tools to help them with intra-office communication.

Applications like Microsoft 365 offer easy-to-use audio and video services. If there are meetings to be held, use Zoom, a popular video conferencing tool. 

2. File Sharing

The practice of law is all about files and documents. So file-sharing capabilities are necessary to continue with work during the pandemic. This is where law firms can shift their approach to cloud-based platforms. Law firms can utilize cloud-based document storage to store the files and share them with their clients.

3. Updating Web Presence

When the physical door of the law firm closes, the website becomes the virtual office for the continuation of the business. Hence, firms should take care of their website and update their site to include the best method in the current circumstances.

With the updated website, law firms can showcase their commitment to continue serving even during the pandemic.

Client Service Changes

Amidst pandemic, law firms must find ways to communicate with the clients and meet their needs. Furthermore, the work of the lawyers has increased due to the numerous questions asked by the clients.

4. Client Portals

Many law firms are seeking help from client portals to communicate with clients and share information. Clients can simply log in via their personal account to view bills and receive firm documents and firm messages with these portals.

5. Clients Communication

With stay-in-home orders in place, communicating with the clients becomes a challenging task. Law firms are using email to send mass messages to educate their clients on how the law firm will operate during the pandemic.

Furthermore, email can also be used to update clients about the status of their cases and remind them about the pending deadlines.

Take Away

While COVID 19 is still going strong, the legal industry must change its operations to keep serving its clients. Law firms that were not prepared for disruption have to adapt quickly to the new changes and changing legal landscape.

The path ahead might seem daunting, but it also presents a plethora of opportunities with the rising demand. Adaptability is the superhouse as the future always lies in the ability to keep pace with the changing landscape.

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