Online chatting

Online chatting to strangers is becoming the new way to socialize. The element of surprise and entertainment in chatting randomly with strangers has become a huge hit with people all around the world. With demand for dependable chatting platforms, there was supply as well.

Thus, there was an emergence of many online chatting platforms that provided the ability to random video chat with strangers. Out of these very many alternatives, there have been some chat sites that have emerged as a sure-shot winner. If you have been into online chatting, you must have already heard and known about Emerald Chat. 

What Makes Emerald Chat the best?

Emerald Chat enjoys a massive user base because of many reasons. For starters, it has the most superb interface and entertainment factor. When you use Emerald Chat, you are assigned an even cooler avatar picture. 

With this enhanced element of fiction, chatting becomes so much engaging and fun. This newly attained avatar, image, and even username give you a fresh twist to your identity. The users are also assigned a username. So, you will be known, seen, and recognized through your virtual identity.

Apart from this distinguishing factor, there are many other reasons that make Emerald Chat special. Out of the many reasons, below are the major ones:

Anonymous Chats

Some people don’t try chat sites merely because of the fact that they want their chats to be anonymous. When your identity is hidden and chats are anonymous, you have no reason for being apprehensive about the perception of the other person.

Not everyone likes to be too open about their real selves and do not like to show who they are, what they do, etc. till they are sure. This is where Emerald Chat seems to be a perfect fictional escape from reality. Hence, it is the best way to chat anonymously while still keeping the chatting fun. 

Have Fun with Avatars

You will get the liberty to choose an avatar and virtual username on Emerald Chat. The avatar and name you end up choosing become your identification on the platform. So, while your real identity goes into hiding, you will have a new virtual way to have fun and interact with others.

This sense of fiction becomes too much fun. You can experiment with different avatars and identify the virtual version of yourself that you are most comfortable with. So, in just a few clicks itself, you could be anyone but yourself. Now, this is the best escape from reality. 

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Chat Without Registration

Another superb fact about Emerald Chat is that you do not need to engage in any sort of unnecessary registrations. We all are aware of the fact that online dating profiles can get excruciating. Without having to go through the hassle of unnecessary profile creation, you can be up and running with Emerald Chat.

The lack of personal information required for the very setup itself that there is no further information to disclose on the platform. You will enjoy a hidden identity in a very convenient manner. 

Rewards through Karma Points

We must not forget that we are chatting with strangers- the people we don’t know anything about. But, what if you could know about them? Yes, this is another additional blessing/bliss of choosing Emerald Chat. Karma points are the bespoke rating system on this platform.  

The more Karma Points a person has, the better the person is. It is an award system of Emerald chat that acts in a way to quantify the reviews. The good karma points will indicate that the stranger you are chatting with is worth your time. 

Bad karma points, on the other hand, would ensure that the person you are chatting with is not worth your time or effort in the first place. It would be an indicator of the fact that people have had bad experiences chatting with this person.

The karma points also ensure that the strangers behave themselves in the conversations. No one likes a bad review or bad assessment. So, this way, a checkpoint of good behaviour is rightly ensured. 

Free to Use

All these details and there is no need to pay. Yes, Emerald Chat is free to use and very efficient. The platform never seeks your payment details or asks for storing the payment information. 

It does not pose you into seeking an upgrade. You can pay for an upgrade when you want it. There will be no necessary procedure to seek an upgrade. Hence, because of its free usage and best features that even premium proclaimed sites don’t provide, Emerald Chat is superb. 

Filtering out the Strangers

You can identify whom you want to chat with. Another added advantage of Emerald Chat is that it allows its users to chat with strangers based on filtering. You can filter out strangers based on various factors like age, sex, location, etc.

So, you do not need to go through a futile yet holistic search to find people. Furthermore, the strangers could further be refiled based on karma points. You will not waste your time with people who are not worth it. Instead, you can make the most of your search criteria, every single time. 

Battle Loneliness with Entertainment

It is one thing to online chat with strangers; it is another thing to chat with strangers using Emerald Chat. The platform of Emerald Chat ensures that you battle your loneliness through the right people and a perfect interface.

The avatar selection and depiction seem like a pretend game for adults and everyone loves to pretend. The entertainment factor guaranteed from this site is much more than what you can expect from any other place. 


You can try Chat Sites but it doesn’t get better and is bigger than Emerald Chat. It literally adds an impressive feature of avatar depiction to make your chats engrossing. The karma point awards indicate that the random video chat is under your control of whom you want to chat away your time with. On a personal note, it doesn’t get better than this. 

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