Save Time and Money

In a time when diesel fuel costs have soared, fleet managers are looking for ways to save. Modern fleet cards come with features that help reduce expenses by tracking everything and locking cards instantly to prevent fraud or theft.

Look for a card that tracks spending day-by-day online and provides insights into how you can optimize your operations. Also, consider a provider that offers more than just fuel and maintenance through their savings network.

Save Time and Money

With fleet cards, business owners can monitor and control fuel and vehicle expenses like never before. Instead of tracking spending through receipts or relying on a reimbursement process, all charges are tracked through a single card that can be used at any gas station nationwide. This simplifies the entire expense management process and makes it easier to identify potential savings opportunities.

Many fleet cards from also have additional benefits to help businesses save even more money. For example, some fleet cards (like WEX ClearView solutions) provide detailed monthly analysis reports that can help business owners identify trends in fuel consumption and alert them to unusual activity that may signal a problem with one of their vehicles or drivers.

Additionally, some fleet card programs expand beyond fuel to include maintenance and service. This can be especially useful for companies that need to track maintenance costs and budget accordingly. Plus, if you want to boost driver retention, some fleet cards offer drivers cash advances to purchase snacks and drinks on the road.

Finally, some fleet cards also report timely payments to credit bureaus, which can help truckers build their creditworthiness and improve their financial standing. These features combine to make fleet cards a valuable investment for any business that operates vehicles. By saving time and money on administrative activities, fleet card users can allocate their resources to more value-added projects.

Reduce Waste

Managing the business from a distance can be tricky when you have a team of truck drivers, moving companies, or plumbers in the field. Whether you have two or three fleet vehicles or an entire fleet delivering products nationwide, your decisions can impact productivity and the bottom line.

Fleet cards eliminate the need for cash transactions or reimbursements, allowing you to reclaim time and improve accounting processes. Additionally, many fleet fuel card programs will enable you to monitor and analyze transaction data gathered from each purchase to identify patterns or red flags so you can minimize waste and maximize savings.

A sound fleet card will offer customizable purchasing controls, so you can limit what type of product, dollar amount, and day or time a vehicle driver can buy. Those features help reduce fraud and misuse, as well as maintain accountability. Some fleet cards even require drivers to enter a PIN, current odometer reading, and other information at each purchase so you better understand who is using your fleet vehicles.

Some fleet cards also let you take your analytics to the next level by leveraging integrated GPS tracking (telematics) to optimize route planning, increase efficiency, and lower operating costs. For example, WEX ClearView solutions can provide detailed reports showing how much fuel is used per mile by each driver and vehicle, enabling you to identify improvement areas and maximize your fleet’s cost-effectiveness.

Boost Productivity

Fuel costs are one of the most significant operational expenses for any fleet. That means fleet managers are always looking for ways to save money and streamline their operations to increase productivity on the road. One way to do this is using fleet cards to manage and monitor employee spending.

With a fleet card, you can get a digital record of all purchases for easy analysis and reporting. This eliminates the need for piles of receipts and the time-consuming task of collecting them from employees. Plus, you can also turn your transaction data into actionable insights to improve efficiency on the road.

Moreover, most fleet cards offer an extensive network of gas stations for maximum purchasing power and discounts. Additionally, they provide fleet-related services like 24/7 emergency roadside assistance to ensure drivers have the support they need to stay safe and on-task.

Fleet card benefits include tracking employee purchases in a single platform and generating reports for long-term use. This can help fleet managers analyze and evaluate fuel consumption and savings strategies and make informed decisions about future growth and improvement. This helps to minimize unnecessary spending and maximize business profits.

Increase Retention

When you manage a team of salespeople, technicians, or truck drivers who are constantly out in the field, you must make decisions daily that impact productivity. This is true whether your business has two or three vans and trucks in local service routes or thousands of vehicles delivering products nationwide.

Many fleet cards eliminate the need for cash transactions and reimbursements, saving managers significant time in the back office. Additionally, some fleet cards provide instant access to reports that can be viewed online or downloaded into bookkeeping software. This eliminates the need for manual expense reconciliation, often taking up to 40% of a manager’s time.

With some advanced fleet cards, you can also reduce fuel costs through a comprehensive network of merchants and automatic discount offers based on total gallons purchased. The best fleet cards also offer 24/7 emergency roadside assistance programs that can help ensure your crew members are safe and secure out on the job.

Most modern fleet cards are also equipped with advanced security features, like EMV chips that generate a unique code each time they’re swiped to prevent duplicate, fraudulent, or unauthorized purchases. The best cards have a range of controls, including limiting spending by day of the week or transaction amount.