Drip Alternatives

Introduction of Drip

Drip is invented by Bill Persteiner and Jim Cecil in 1992, and it is one of the email marketing tools that help lead generations and the sales process. So its price is also high, which is not suitable for small businesses and freelancers. However, it is not necessary to pay $49 per month for using the basic plan of this service, so here are some of the better alternatives of Drip available at a cheaper cost.


iContact is one of the best Drip Alternatives and gives a drag and drop editor that may help you design a  very high-professional email layout in minutes. Also, you can select a design from a customizable & responsive template library for all your emails, and Ryan Allis founded it in 2003.

iContact Pro is like an all-in-one marketing services tool and offers a broad range of different tools for your all promotional. It is a very easy-to-understand and affordable price service that helps you reach out to your customers on different platforms. These services also include a CRM platform that helps you optimize, engage, and conduct A/B tests for optimum performance of your respective emails, social media posts, and landing pages.

Moreover, you can also automate these campaigns to remove the redundancy of sending emails such as welcome series,time-based nudges to every user to revisit your respective site. Furthermore, it gives multi-user accessibility, API integration, and many other essential features.

PROS of iContact:

The following are the pros of icontact that is Drip Alternatives:

  • It contains different variety tools of email building and resources
  • Useful metrics
  • Endless emails will appeal to SBMs.
  • Easy and simple user interface
  • Helpful and valuable anti-spam controls
  • You can create a campaign very quickly.
  • Best customer support

CONS of iContact:

The following are the cons of icontact that is Drip Alternatives:

  • Minimal storage space is available for images.
  • Email customization options are minimal.

Pricing Plan of iContact:

The following is about the pricing plan of icontact:

  • EMAIL MARKETING 15,000 SUBSCRIBERS +$117/month
  • PRO AUTOMATION 15,000 SUBSCRIBERS +$249/month
  • PREMIERContact vendor.


Benchmark is one best Drip Alternatives and the fantastic tools that provide you with a user-friendly interface for creating attractive and professional email marketing campaigns.

With its marketing automation templates, you can send personalized emails for various series like welcome emails, follow-up series, etc., triggered based on event occurrence and it is founded by Jonathan Herrick (CEO), Denise Keller (Co-Founder / COO), Curt Keller (Co-Founder / CIO),  in 2004.

This processing helps a lot in handling the subscriber-leads-customers chain with ease. Additionally, it is integrated with different essential services throughout the mailing campaigns, such as eBay, PayPal,  Magneto, Zoho and much more.

Pricing Plan of Benchmark:

The following is the price plan of benchmark that is a Drip Alternatives:

  • The Medium Plan price is $11.68, and you need to send emails to only 600 subscribers.
  • The large Plan price is $283.41, and you need to send emails to only 55,000 subscribers.
  • The Extra Large Plan price is $597.54, and you need to send emails to only 1 25,000 subscribers.
  • The Massive Plan price is $4003.0, and you have to contact 1,070,000 subscribers.

PROS of Benchmark:

The following are the pros of Benchmark that is Alternatives to Drip:

  • The best support from the team.
  • Designing emails are very easy and fast.
  • Templates of email are very attractive.
  • Affordable price.

CONS of Benchmark:

The following are the cons of Benchmark that is Alternatives to Drip:

  • Sometimes you need to find a hidden link that may consume more time.
  • Also, they take more time for any cancellation process.
  • Finally, sometimes you will get spam filters for the campaign.


ActiveCampaign is one of the Drip Alternative, and it is founded in 2003by Jason VandeBoom that contains software such as CRM, email marketing, marketing automation, sales automation, and support. By using this app, you can easily and quickly update all active deals, and you can create many new tasks, call leads or get customers, and complete all your present tasks. 

Pricing Plan of ActiveCampaign:

The service offers different pricing plans that may vary according to the number of contacts you need to send emails to. The following are the pricing plan of ActiveCampaign that is Drip Alternative:

  • The Lite Plan costs $15 per month, allows you to send endless emails to all users, and gives extra features like marketing automation, chat and email support, etc.
  • Plus plan costs $70 per month to send endless emails and has many best features like custom domain, custom branding, SMS marketing, etc.
  • The Professional Plan costs $159 per month and provides unlimited sending with all advanced features of that Plus Plan with some additional features.
  • The Enterprise Plan cost $279per month and provides you with more advanced features compared to Professional Plan.

Pros of ActiveCampaign:

The following are the pros of ActiveCampaign that is Drip Alternative:

  • ActiveCampaign offers everyone to robust automation builder that is easy to use, and you can easily build automation for everything using different trigger options available.
  • It guarantees high and best email deliverability, which helps to fulfil your campaign objectives and goals.
  • It gives an integrated sales and marketing platform to keep all your sales and marketing teams in sync.
  • It provides different analytics data in the report, measuring the ROI to let you make the best strategic decisions.
  • It allows everyone for free implementation and moves service from your existing software, the best advantage for starters.

Cons of ActiveCampaign:

The following are the cons of ActiveCampaign that is Drip Alternative:

  • The learning process is a little bit difficult for beginners.
  • It offers many advanced features, which may create confusion for beginners.
  • The price of every plan always increases as the number of contacts increases, affecting your monthly budget.