Best Frameworks for Front End Development Services

When availing front end development services for your projects, you cannot go to the developers completely blind. To ensure you are not ambushed by some technology jargon you have never heard, it always comes handy to have done some homework of your own! It also helps in highlighting your preferences as per your business needs when your front end developer asks you which framework would you like them to use for the project. The following are some top frameworks that are trending in 2020 for front end development. 

Let’s discuss them all in detail to help you make an informed decision for your website. 

Best Frameworks for Front End Development Services in 2020


Angular is one of the most widely used frameworks for front end development. It was initially launched in 2010 but was given a close competition by React.js launched by Google in 2013. That’s when Google decided to amp it up and redesign addressing all needs and after 3 years it was launched again in 2016 with an extensive set of new features giving it a competitive advantage. Being the only typescript based web application framework is one of them. 

One of the few reasons why Angular has been a front end developer’s favorite is because of its two-way data binding feature. Owing to this, there is real-time interaction between the model and view which makes adding changes more convenient. Any change can be instantly seen and analyzed whether it can contribute to the website positively. It also reduces the amount of code required. 

When getting front-end development services, choosing Angular would be a great option as it makes creating single or multi-page web apps efficient and easy. It is backed by skilled developers always looking to improve its functionality. It offers more security than other frameworks by keeping your site or web app safe from cross-site scripting attacks. Companies like Forbes, BMW, and XBOX have applications built from Angular. 


This list will definitely be incomplete without React.js. It is a framework launched by Facebook itself in 2013 and has been an immense hit in the market of front end development.  It is a component-based web framework that completely altered the dynamics of front end development. 

While it does not have a two-way data binding feature, other aspects make it a preferable choice for front end developers around the world. Firstly it is a relatively easier framework to learn. Another aspect that gives this framework brownie points is its Virtual Document Object Model (DOM). Manipulating DOM in all frameworks is a challenging task but with React it is relatively easier to do making its functionality par excellence. 

React.js is an excellent choice for single-page web applications as it is stable and can wither the load of high traffic. It also offers SEO support helping developers rank their websites and web apps better for higher rankings. The fact that Facebook uses it for most of its apps adds to its credibility and reliability. 


These days people love a hybrid combination which can give them the better of two main options in any given field or criterion. Vue.js is the perfect example as it bears the best features of both React and Angular. It offers two-way binding, is a component-based with a visual DOM but does not bear the intricacies and complexities of Angular. 

It is a more efficient choice as it can manage to build web apps, websites, and progressive web apps with equal ease. It is smaller in size and offers more versatility. Whether the project is simple or complex it can handle both with the edge of multi-tasking as well. Even with all this to offer it is not as popular as Angular and React, still, giants like Alibaba and 9GAG have used this framework for their products. 

Another advantage is that anyone with basic JavaScript knowledge can get started with Vue.js and it does not require any extra learning or expertise. It also supports typescript. 


It is one of the earliest frameworks that were used for rendering front end development services. Launched in 2006, it possessed most of the necessary features required to create a product that has an interactive user interface. 

Since its one of the firsts and oldest frameworks, you will find a large community for any technical support needed. It supports flexible DOM which makes adding or removing elements quicker and easy. It is effective because no lengthy JavaScript codes are required saving a lot of time for front end developers. It also offers cross-platform compatibility. A single code can be reused in multiple web apps hence code reusability is also a striking benefit that further saves more time. 


Ember.js is a front end development framework launched in 2011. Initially, it was launched by Apple under a different name Sprout Core. It has a highly efficient architecture that can create feature-rich web & mobile applications. It is also component-based and offers two-way data binding. 

This framework is equipped to handle modern-day demands and features smoothly. It is exceptionally organized and one of the fastest frameworks which allowed detailed and proper documentation. However, it had a steep learning curve owing to its conventional and complex structure. But anyone who has the liberty of time at hand can enjoy creating digital products with this development framework.  


Based on the MVC structure, Backbone.js is one of the fastest and easiest to learn front-end development frameworks. It allows the swift development of single-page applications. Whether you use it for front end development or even back end development, its REST API compatibility provides seamless synchronization between the two. To make the most of this framework, you can also use tools like Thorax, Chaplin, and Handlebars, etc. Developers often choose Backbone.js because it is a lightweight framework. 

These were some of the top frameworks used for front end development. If you’re looking to get a web or mobile app made from these or any other framework, Origami Studios can offer their front end development services to you with experienced professionals who are experts in all major frameworks.