Android Spy Apps

Smartphones have become an indispensable element of our lives. Not only adults, even kids are spending most of their daily time on these devices, be it for attending their online classes, playing games, watching movies, or interacting on social media. In fact, most of the children have their own mobile phones.

This has brought many perks to the limelight but has also added to the stress of parents, especially because of the growing cyberattacks and online child-abusing activities. 

They remain under a continuous terror that their kids might end up involving in such illegitimate activities and ruin their lives. They strive to remain around their children and check their phones manually whenever possible. However, these efforts are not fulfilling the requirements at their best. 

This is where Android spying apps are proving to be the parent’s best companion. These apps work anonymously and share a real-time update about your kids’ online activities. A consequence of this is that today, there are hundreds of applications available in the market and many more planning to hit the market.

Surprised and confused? Wondering which one should you opt for?

Don’t worry! This is an excellent article to spying apps, discussing the best 10 options to go with.

10 Top Free Android Apps to Spy on Your Kids Unnoticeably

1. Spyic

Spyic is a renowned parent control and remote monitoring application used across 190+ countries.

It operates without demanding to root the targeted device or occupying storage space and provides plenty of options, such as checking phone call logs, reading messages, viewing WhatsApp and Instagram chat, tracing real-time location, and media files. 

Also, the mobile app is 100% secure and offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.


2. Spyier

Another android mobile app that is gaining huge momentum in the spying world is Spyier.

The app discreetly keeps a watchful eye on your kid’s interaction with WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber, Message app, contact list, and Media files. It records all the data in real-time and enables you to access the data from any device and anytime via a web browser.

Apart from this, the application is available at custom rates, ranging from $8.33 per month to $16.66 per month for an annual plan. 

3. MinSpy

When talking about children spying applications, Minspy remains at the top of the list. 

The application, operating on both mobile phones and tablets, provides individuals with ample opportunities and advantages. This includes tracking real-time data like geolocation, social media interactions, and messages, and stored information like contact lists, installed apps, downloaded files, to name a few.

It is high-tech yet easy to access and relish its perks. If you have any doubt, please feel free to take a demo. 

4. Spyine

Spyine is also one of the convenient and popular monitoring applications for Android users. The app, knowing the fact that people interact via multiple mediums these days, covers all the bases in the tracking process. Right from messages to social media activities, browsing history, real-time location, call logs, and keyloggers, it avails access to all securely and quickly.

Additionally, it is private and thus, your kid’s data that you access via a web browser is neither stored nor accessible publicly. 

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5. Teensafe

Teensafe is designed specifically for keeping an eagle’s eye on teenagers who embrace their privacy and get into heated arguments if someone touches their things, especially phones. 

The app, in stealth mode, records all the activities of your kids and stores them on cloud storage. You can log in to the Teensafe control panel and access the information in a safer yet efficient way, be it the data related to their messages, social media interactions, browsing activities, downloaded activities, or GPS location. 

6. Spyzie

Trusted by parents across the globe, the Spyzie app comes loaded with ample features and functionalities. It empowers individuals to read text messages as well as chats on social networking sites, check call logs and keyloggers, view the downloaded files, monitor the web browser history, and remain familiar with the whereabouts of their children. 

Besides, it’s easy to use and is available even at the lowest price of $9.99 per month. 

7. Neatspy

Neatspy, just like Susan Storm of Fantastic Four, comes with the superpower of invisibility. The app operates without leaving an icon on your kid’s device and draining the battery. A result of this is that they never come to realize that you are spying on them.

The Android application entitled parents to log into the Neatspy control panel from any web browser and secretly keep a track of their children’s text messages, WhatsApp chat, real-time location, web browser history, and sim location. 

8. Fonemonitor

Also used by employers to keep a track of their people’s productivity, Fonemonitor is again a great option to go with. The application entitles you to check text messages, know about their whereabouts, access the saved as well as called contact numbers, monitor their web history, and see the WhatsApp chats. 

What’s more, this Android app is expected to introduce a background check feature via which you will be able to collect information about any contact number. This way, you will be able to find if any of your children’s online friends have a criminal background and safeguard them.

9. Safespy

As depicted from the name, this Android spying application is completely safe to keep a tab on your loved ones. It is a perfect amalgam of next-gen technology and super-smooth design that not solely eases your work, but gives an interactive experience too. 

The app, in addition to giving access to call logs, messages, and social media apps, gives parents the privilege to see the list of installed apps and block any of them remotely. Something that aids parents in keeping their kids safe and secure.

10. CocoSpy

Last but not least, CocoSpy is also a reliable android spying app that works in a hidden way and is free to use. 

Recognized by top magazines such as Los Angeles Times, Parent Herald, Hackernoon, and Software Suggest, this application provides parents with an opportunity to track their phone calls, geolocation, social media interaction, and other online activities. It avails its features and benefits at very economical and customizable plans, but one thing that makes it unique is that you can make a payment via Bitcoin too.

Closing Thoughts

As you have seen above in this article, there is a multitude of Android spying apps that are free-to-use and undetectable by kids. So, do not take the back seat. Pick any of these applications and get ready for monitoring your kids’ digital life even from a distance. Eventually, ensuring their safety and your peace of mind. 

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