Top 20 Best SEO Audit Tools for the Marketing Expert in 2020

The world of SEO and social media marketing may seem like a rather tricky one to navigate. With a plethora of tools available and many functions that revolve around it, one could easily get confused and lose sight of the brand message that one is trying to put out there. As a matter of fact, there are a number of SEO experts who would insist that merely optimizing in the backend is not enough – it is equally important to constantly keep up with analytics and insights so that you do the best SEO audit tool and keep up with the changing demands of SEO in your niche.

Well, for starters, competition has increased manifold in the digital marketing space, and that is where free SEO audit tools step in. Unless you are clear about the before and after, how can you hope to get into the thick of things, right? That’s exactly what you can hope to gain from SEO audit tools in 2023. These audit tools work in the following ways:

   To study similar competitor websites and their SEO tactics in your niche;

 –  To find out how you have fared in the SEO game once you have launched your SEO             strategy online.

Before and after you unleash your SEO story, you need to know what kind of returns to expect and how to tweak constantly so that you can take those detours and bylanes to get to your ideal audience. You need SEO audit tools because you do not want to constantly send out SEO signals that actually do nothing for your presence.

Here Are a Few Best Website SEO Audit Tools 


If you are looking to bring in insights that cater to your online presence, this is one of the best tools that you can make use of. Woorank will give you the details that can help you understand what you are doing and where you are going.

With various versions, you can first try the free version before you go on to the paid version so that you can get your PDF that will give you a detailed report. Not only this, Woorank is a great SEO audit tool that also gives you recommendations for improving the quality of your presence and visibility so that you can drive engagement.


Now, this is a great SEO audit tool that will not go out of fashion in a hurry! That is because keywords are here to stay – this is a trend that still drives engagement and traffic in a major way.

So, if you are looking to bring in traffic with great content, this is the tool for you. With Semrush, you get a detailed analysis of the keywords you are generating and using. This tool also helps you keep track of the competitor websites so that the keywords it recommends would be a good balance of unique ones and the ones that have worked best in your niche.

Now, having said that you should know that your content should imbibe the best keywords that highlight the unique selling point of your products and services. Semrush is a great SEO audit tool to use in such a case.


This is a great SEO audit tool that also gives you insights into your social media efforts so that you know exactly what is working for you, and what you should discard. With an SEO audit tool like Raventools, you can also track the page speed or the speed at which your website opens and uploads, along with other details like your online reputation.

This tool also gives you some great suggestions once you have given it the exact metrics for your niche. If you are looking to increase the ranking of your website along with the presence in your niche, both in SEO terms and in social media terms, you would do well to turn to a tool like Raventools.


This is one of the foremost and earliest tools in the digital marketing and SEO space. With Moz, you get an entire suite of functions that can help you carry out a seamless SEO audit for your website and your competitor websites as well.

Mom will give you a business console that will help you constantly measure and track the traction and quality of engagement with plenty of focus on things like keywords and research categories that apply to your niche. With the Moz Bar, you get a dashboard that also takes care of your listings and helps you track the quality of your link building with recommendations for better performance.


This is a great SEO audit tool that not only helps you audit the performance of you and your competitors, but also enables you to run your SEO and SEM campaigns in a more streamlined manner. Link building is provided by the tool along with crucial competitor analysis to help you get better insights into what works within your niche.

Ahrefs SEO Site Audit

This is a great SEO audit tool that gives you all the benefits of keyword insight along with stellar insights in terms of your link-building quality. It also shows you the analysis for competitor sites so that you can up your game in a big way.


Imagine having a trusted SEO partner who will ensure that you are notified of each and every SEO issue as and when something comes up. Well, that’s what you get with this SEO audit tool. All your issues are broken down for easy understanding with recommended steps so that you are on point as far as your SEO game goes.

My Site Auditor

This is another highly recommended SEO audit tool that helps in analyzing your pages so that you can find the efficiency, one keyword at a time. This is a valuable tool that builds much value into the content that helps you drive engagement.


growth roboticsGrowth Robotics’ RoboAuditor is an SEO Audit Tool that generates white-label SEO audit reports for any website in just 60 seconds. Search engine optimization (SEO) is touted to be a $65 Billion Industry with a CAGR of 10% YoY. Growth Robotics fills the void with its astounding technical capabilities.

Website Grader

Here is another SEO audit tool that helps in getting key insights into what keeps your website going up in the rankings game, and what can potentially pull it down. With this tool, you can keep an eye on your overall rankings and create the right kind of engagement and content for your end user.

SEO Site Checkup

This is an SEO audit tool that helps you get your ranking for your website so that you can compare the same with your competitor websites and know what to work on. It can send you a report by email so that you can file all reports and go through them with your entire team.

SEO Report Card

This SEO audit tool analyses everything from ranking to keyword performance so that you are sure of where your SEO game is going.

Night Watch SEO Tracker

This SEO audit tool works even while you are asleep, gathering all the insights and data you need to fine-tune your SEO strategy by day!

Netpeak Spider

One of the most interesting SEO audit tools in the market today, this tool helps by crawling other websites to constantly give you crucial information for better SEO performance.


Yoast is a great SEO audit tool that is now in wide use thanks to the fact that it gives you a green or red signal on the spot depending on the efficacy of your content and its keywords, clickbait strength, and many other metrics.


This is one of the most popular SEO audit tools out there, which helps you tap into the keyword base that your competitors are using.

Deep Crawl

With Deep Crawl, you can be sure that your SEO audit tool is bringing you all the best insights so that you can function well in this space.


This is an SEO audit tool that helps unravel the problems that your website may be facing – problems that could potentially be holding you back from reaching your target audience in huge numbers!

Screaming Frog

With this SEO audit tool, the links and the metadata are constantly analyzed for the entire website so that you get relevant suggestions for better SEO performance.

SE Ranking Website Audit

This is a tool that helps you not only understand your ranking but also crack the answer for a better ranking! If you are on the lookout for better rankings, you would do well to use this tool.

Google Webmaster Tool

With this Google console, you get your entire SEO dashboard without having to worry one bit! This best free SEO audit tool allows you to keep track of all your SEO activities with the latest trends to boot. This is actually a very good tool for those who are getting started in the SEO space as Google makes it very easy to understand and implement.

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