Best grammar checker 2020 Grammarly vs ProWritingAid

It has always been found difficult and tricky to compare two things, especially when their function is the same. 

The same case is being discussed here in this article that is comparing and elaborating the two Grammar checkers tools which are Grammarly and ProWritingAid. In fact, both of the available tools serve their services for writing errors free but as we know anything has its own set of uniqueness by which they subdue others.

Grammarly and ProWritingAid are the solution-based tools that assure your writing free of grammatical and all other mistakes which you become a victim of during writing. 

Let’s understand a little more in-depth about these two tools. 

1. Grammarly 

Grammarly is an online web-based tool available to be used in case of facing trouble in writing. 

It is of paramount importance that you use and practice if you are in dire straits.

 (in a bad situation).

Grammarly is of course like a mentor which is always there to assist you in your writing and to promote your business-level contents without any failure. 

Is Grammarly free?

  • After getting known with Grammarly one may be curious about its charges, either Grammarly charges for its work or deliver its services free of cost. 

Well, this should not lead you to any confusion let me tell you what its cost policies are.

Grammarly is free of cost for all the users with their uses like grammar and spelling checking and never asks you for payment, but there are premium versions of Grammarly which need you to pay because this version provides you with some advanced features. 

These charges may depend on duration. 

  • Monthly package is almost $30
  • The quarterly package is $19.98
  • Annual package payment is 139.95

Any of the three versions can be purchased if you want to deal with its advanced features. 

Users experience and satisfaction:

Grammarly is a more usable tool compare to other proofreading tools available on the internet, according to a general survey Grammarly is being used by almost millions of people in which there are second language learners, students, article writers, and other professionals.

Is has been found that there is 96% of the user’s experience with the Grammarly. 

Features Offered by Grammarly!

Grammarly performs some amazing grammar checks on your working, except of grammar checking Grammarly also looks for some specific style checks. 

Grammarly comes with its built-in personal dictionary that can help you in the enrichment of vocabulary level and some more features which are listed below. 

  • Grammarly also finds out repetitive words.
  • It offers you word definition and suggestion.
  • It has access to multiple devices.

You can get the advantage of all the above features once you start work using Grammarly. 

Grammarly integration with other platforms

It is good to hear that Grammarly is having friendly integration with others most usable platforms which create ease if you don’t want to use it directly. 

Grammarly is accessible by not only a single search engine but by all those which are quite useful to be used. 

Grammarly offers its services through chrome, Firefox, Facebook, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and all Microsoft products. 

2. ProWritingAid 

ProWritingAid also tends to offers the facilities and features which Grammarly does but with slight differences. 

ProWritingAid is a web-based tool available to serves the users with its helpful features like grammar checking, spell check, giving a detailed explanation, etc. 


ProWritingAid can have integration with the following application or machines. 

  • ProWritingAid can directly integrate with MS word.
  • It has a chrome extension which enables a user to edit everywhere online. 

Available for the given devices

As there may not be a single-window used by all the users, so ProWritingAid offers its services not only with the window but can function on the Mac as well. 

ProWritingAid Features

Some basic features of ProWritingAid are given below. 

  • Grammar checking
  • Detailed explanation about the words.
  • Finding repetitive words in writing.
  • It has a time-saving integration feature.
  • Word explorer etc.

There are many other features as well that could understand during your work. 

Pricing policy

ProWritingAid comes with its free version as well as a paid version with its own features in each case. 

  • Free version

  • Can edit up to 500 words at a time
  • Can be used in case of having internet only
  • Provide almost 19 writing reports
  • ProWritingAid premium
  • Contains all free version features
  • It has no words limit
  • Available offline as well
  • It can integrate with MS word, chrome and Google Docs, etc.

3. Writer

Writer is every content creator’s dream application. Writer’s free grammar check tool shouldn’t just be limited to those wanting to ensure their writing is free of unnecessary error, but those who also want to become better writers.

The tool offers responsive grammar and spelling editing and will also watch for poor wording and compromised tone.

Is Writer free?

The grammar check tool is completely free to use. It’s extensive editing capabilities on this free model make it an excellent alternative to Grammarly and ProWritingAid for writers looking to affordably improve their content.

There are other pricing options that give you access to more features. Here are the pricing plans.

  • Free Version

  • Starter Plan –  $11/month (or $49/month for 5 users)

  • 1 workspace

  • 1 style guide

  • 200 customized terms

  • Chrome extension

  • Checks for readability, plain language and grammar, and spelling

  • Enterprise Plan – Custom Quote

  • Multiple workplaces for separate teams

  • Multiple style guides

  • Unlimited custom terms

  • Chrome, Word, and Google Docs extensions

  • SSO and API access

  • Checks for readability, plain language, brand voice, inclusivity, and compliance


Writer integrates efficiently with other applications and search engines. Writer can be used in all the major web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Writer also integrates below with the following applications.

  • Chrome Extension

  • Google Docs add-on

  • Microsoft Word Plugin

  • API

  • GitHub

  • Bitbucket

Writer features

Writer doesn’t just check for correct grammar and spelling, it does so much more than that! Below are some interesting features that Writer offer their users.

  • Intuitive AI that understands the subtleties and nuance of language. Will pick up on all spelling and grammatical errors.

  • Configure suggestions that match your brand voice – meaning you sound more authentic.

  • Customizable writing styles and terms

  • Styleguides to organize teams and multiple users all in one place

  • Integration with other applications, downloadable extensions, and use in many web browsers.

Writer’s easy to use application is affordable for users and easily integrates with other platforms. It’s staggered pricing plans suit those just looking to improve their blog writing up to companies needing to have groups working on large amounts of stylized content.


To sum up the entire article into a conclusion I must emphasize the main core topic of the article which was to differentiate Grammarly and ProWritingAid and Writer.

In fact, both of them are software that can be chosen to write errors free and in an attractive way. Now which one to chosen depends on your requirements and inner satisfaction. 

Hope this article clear all of your misconception. 

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