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The trend of dark themes became wildly popular in web design. After a few months, the trend of dark mode trickled down to mobile apps. 2019 was a year when the dark mode really took off. It all started with iOS 13, which turned all the iPhones dark. Google followed in the footsteps with its Android 10 release. When two of the most popular mobile platforms embraced dark mode, you can expect it to make its way to mobile apps. That is exactly what happened.

Within a few months, we saw apps like Gmail, SoundCloud, Slack, Microsoft Office and Google Chrome joined in on the dark mode bandwagon. Apple Mac OS offered it as an option in 2018 then made it compulsory across the board in 2019. Even Twitter adopted dark mode in 2019, a company that has always stuck to a bright theme on its platform.

All this makes you wonder whether all the hype surrounding dark mode really justified or is it just a fad that will evaporate into thin year after a year? In this article, you will learn about seven reasons why you need to use dark mode on mobile apps.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Use Dark Mode For Mobile Apps

Here are seven reasons why you should implement dark mode for your mobile applications.

1. Saves Power

If your mobile device has an AMOLED display, it can allow you to save a ton of power. It puts less strain on your phone’s battery. AMOLED screen allows you to turn on and off individual pixels and when you implement dark mode, the graphic processing unit has to light up fewer pixels which also puts less pressure on the graphic processing unit as they have to render fewer pixels. 

All this has a positive impact on the battery life of your phone. Your phone lasts longer and delivers a longer screen on time which means that users can use the phone longer with dark mode turned on. You might not be able to see the benefit of dark mode especially if your phone has an LCD screen. Unlike AMOLED screens, LCDs have to light up all the pixels even if they have to display fewer items on the screen.

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2. Good For Your Health

Dark mode has plenty of health benefits. Yes, you read that right. It not only reduces eye fatigue and strain but can also reduce blue light emissions. This means that it won’t negatively impact your sleep even if you use your phone before bedtime provided it has an AMOLED screen and dark mode enabled.

When you compare it with traditional apps, which use a white or light background, you can see a marked improvement. These apps with a white background can cause blurred vision and put more strain on your eyes especially when you are using them at night or in a dark environment. When you consider the number of hours we spend on our smartphones every day, this can be a lifesaver for your eyes and your body. 

3. Looks Great

There is a huge difference between apps that use lighter backgrounds and apps that uses dark mode in the way they look. Apps that implement dark mode the right way look great and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Moreover, the dark mode can give your apps a dramatic look. If you use the right colour which contrasts with a darker background, it can create a magical effect that can hook your app users immediately by delivering a great visual experience.

4. Enhances the User Experience

One of the main reason why mobile app development company is adopting dark mode is that it could have a positive impact on the overall user experience of an app. Since there is less strain on your eyes, apps with dark mode do a better job when it comes to keeping the user engaged. It also encourages them to spend more time on the app and explore different aspects of the mobile app. That is the reason why Apple is asking iOS developers to adopt dark themes in the apps they create.

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5. Give You A Competitive Advantage

Since the dark mode is a fairly new concept for mobile app developers, there are only fewer apps that have adopted this feature. Although the number of apps that are adopting dark mode is growing rapidly, it can still be a source of competitive advantage for your mobile app. If your competitors have not embraced the dark mode trend, it could be a great opportunity to gain the first-mover advantage and deliver a unique mobile app experience. It can also make your mobile app stand out from the crowd and get the limelight it deserves.

6. Improves Readability

Another advantage of using dark mode for mobile apps is that it makes reading a breeze. If your app contains a lot of tests, contrasting colours such as white-coloured text on the dark or black ground can enhance readability. For instance, if you have an app that facilitates book or article reading, using dark mode can deliver a much better reading experience especially if you use the right contrasting colours for both background and text. The reading experience you will have with dark mode usually depends on the ambient light. Since the dark mode is designed and well suited for nighttime, you should use it for bedtime reading.

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7. Less Flicker and Better Contrast

There are instances when you notice some flickering with the screen. This is more noticeable when you have a light background. Similarly, dark mode delivers better contrast which can not only improve the visual appeal but also deliver a much better user experience. Irrespective of whether you are reading text, watching videos or viewing images, black background or dark mode can significantly enhance the viewing experience and you will feel it.

Which reason convinces you to bring a dark mode to your mobile apps and why? Share it with us in the comments section below.