Grandstream Reseller

In today’s marketplace, collaboration is the name of the game. For a company to achieve that, they need a way to communicate within their organization and with other parties from around the world. In other words, every business needs to have a powerful communications platform. Find below some best Benefits Of Becoming A Grandstream Reseller.

Even though they can use mobile phones and rely on cellular networks, doing so can be expensive and may not be suitable for all enterprises. A business needs communication tools that can be seamlessly customized to meet the company’s particular needs. 

One example of a unified communication network is the PBX phone system. This type of network can be easily managed right within the business premises. On top of that, there are many merits of using this telephone system. Primarily, a PBX network can minimize communication costs, especially when it comes to voice calls. It also has full features like having a receptionist but in a digital sense.

You can provide end-to-end solutions, like a PBX system, to other businesses. You don’t have to develop your own platforms or devices. By reselling Grandstream products, you help other companies boost their productivity via communications and conferencing solutions. 

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Benefits Of Being A Grandstream Reseller

Being a Grandstream reseller, like NTS Direct, allows you to offer your customers various networking and communication products that are recognized for reliability and innovation. Since 2002, the company has been connecting businesses from around the world. 

When you partner with Grandstream, you’ll get to enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Have A Variety Of Solutions To Offer

Grandstream offers a wide array of business solutions and services. For instance, other than Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), they also have conferencing tools and surveillance products. Grandstream even offers facility access systems, also referred to as phone over internet access systems.

What are phone access systems? This type of system is essentially geared towards integrating the communications platform into the company’s security and facility management solutions. It’s like how phones are being used now to access various accounts. For example, Android phones can provide two-factor authentication for users to access multiple online services and accounts.

But with Grandstream, phone access systems go way beyond just accessing online services. They have products that can help companies manage physical security, like facility access and surveillance protocols. Ultimately, an effective phone access system will give a company much-needed peace of mind regarding security maintenance. 

As a Grandstream reseller, you have many products and technological solutions to offer your customers, which will translate to more profit. 

  • Offer Products Running On Open-Source Platforms

The VoIP and telephony devices offered by Grandstream run on open-source Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). This communication platform is used widely for voice and video calls and other communication sessions requiring multimedia deliverables Take a look into the benefits of VoIP.

With an open-source system, Grandstream products are interoperable with different brands and third-party providers, like NEC PBX. 

In other words, your customers won’t have a difficult time integrating Grandstream products into their existing platforms, regardless of the brand. You don’t have to force your customers to embrace your products just because they can’t be operated using other brands. If anything, customers hate being forced. 

  • You Get To Offer High Quality, Cost-Effective Products

As a Grandstream reseller or partner, you’re offering award-winning products that can boost productivity, security, and communications in businesses of all sizes. The VoIP phones, for one, are designed for easy use and seamless integration. The best part is that the products you’ll be offering have affordable pricing. Thus, small businesses and big enterprises can choose solutions at the price that’s right for them.

  • You Get Certified

As a reseller, you’ll get certification from Grandstream. This will boost your credibility and allow you to market the products more effectively. 

Also, certified resellers have exclusive rights to use the company’s logos and other credentials. 

  • You Get Access To Exclusive Sales Materials

Grandstream provides resellers with the best sales and marketing tools. Hence, you have access to product presentation materials and even charts used by competitors. The sales brochures, posters, and banners have all been taken care of. You just need to show up for your sales presentations, and the products will practically sell by themselves.

  • You Stay Updated With What’s New In The Industry

Partners get regular news updates and exclusive announcements via social media and the forum. You can also interact with other resellers. Ultimately, this will allow you to learn new trends on boosting your margins and offering more Grandstream products.

  • You Get Priority Support

Even with all the training and certifications that you have as a reseller, there will be times when you’ll hit a brick wall; there will be technical issues that you just can’t seem to work around on your own. But that shouldn’t discourage you from offering Grandstream products. 

As a partner, you get priority-level technical support. Simply submit tickets outlining your issues, and help will arrive.


As a Grandstream reseller, you can offer products that include VoIP, networking, surveillance, security, and communication platforms and devices. You enjoy a product portfolio with various solutions. Best of all, you help other businesses improve productivity, security, and mobility.