Why Podcast Guesting is the Best Way to Market Yourself?

At one point, we all wanted to be recognized.

To put ourselves out there, to beam through the limelight, and to just show what we’ve got and dazzle the world. Like, getting featured in a Podcast show.

But you’re not convinced. 

You ask yourself, “How is getting featured on a podcast going to increase my popularity and sales?”

When you step foot on the floor and turn your microphones on, suddenly all your dreams become just little balls of crystals – vanishing into thin air. Suddenly, you’re restrained by your setbacks that we forget how important it is for us if we fulfill it. 

But why exactly do you hold back? Why are you restricting yourself?

Maybe you’re scared, maybe you don’t think you’re good enough, or maybe you’re filled with doubts.
The latter surely imposes questions that are derivatively causing you to step back.

“What would I even get if I started it?”
“What’s in it for me? Won’t it just waste my time and effort?”

You’re not convinced enough. 

This is why I’m writing this to make your questions cleared and answered by listing you the benefits of getting featured into a podcast show, and explain how it would greatly affect your career:

Guesting on one show will expose you to another set of hundreds, even THOUSANDS, engaged audiences. 

The Podcast platform has been embraced by internet users over the years and has grown huge ever since it started. Podcasts are deemed special because of its underlying benefits to both the hosts and its guests. (Read this article to know more) 

Going back, podcasts that carry numerous followers would be a great deal for you, wouldn’t you agree? More listeners mean more people that will get to know your name, brand, and ones that will love you as well. Not even tenths, not just hundredths, but thousandths more people to be educated, entertained, and influenced. 

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Guesting on one show will let you promote your products and services.

When you guest on a podcast show, the listeners will not only be interested in who you are but what you do as well. Especially if the people find it in themselves to love you, they wouldn’t think twice of supporting whatever you are promoting. This would mean not only getting your name out there but an easy and effective promotion for your products and services. Guesting on one will give you a chance to talk about them along with your own bio and profile. Kind of tempting to close the deal right away, don’t you think so? 

Guesting on one show will tag you as a credible and trusted source in the industry.

Getting interviewed allows you the opportunity to explain thoroughly,  to answer irking questions of the listeners, and to elaborate more on the details of what you are talking about. What’s cool about it is how your hour or two can contribute to your future breakthrough.

People will find you credible along the way, especially if you do have the skills to charm people with your speaking voice, and more importantly, if you successfully send your message across. Not to mention the reputation of the show you just guest into. It’s also a key factor in reaping this benefit. Why? Because of the podcast show is insanely loved and gets listened to over and over again, it has already established its name, it’s already trusted and has built strong relationships. So you guesting there would make you appear as trusted and credible as well under the lens of their audiences. Just ensure that you pitch yourself in the right one for you. 

Guesting on one show is easier than guesting on something else. 

You might not realize it but getting booked on a podcast is certainly a piece of cake. Unlike any other platforms, it doesn’t cost much and unquestionably, it doesn’t take much of your time. So if you’re someone who is really busy and has his plates full, might as well spend time finding leads as it’s going to be really worth it at the end. If you’re hesitant, you can also try looking for agencies that will do the work for you. 

Guesting on one show will let you talk about your passion and expertise causing you to influence people even the ones that differ from your field.

When you get interviewed, that means all eyes and ears are on you. You’re the star of that episode, and so the best thing to do is show them why you are worthy of that position just as much as the others they have interviewed. You might feel the pressure, though. Just don’t let it consume you. As they say, people do look beautiful and dashing especially in the times they talk about what they love or what they are good at.

Being a guest on a podcast, you’ll be asked to talk about your passion and expertise, and wouldn’t that idea excite you or send shivers down your spines? I guess it would. Being able to share something you love is always a fleeting moment.  What more if you could influence their thoughts? Alter their mindset? And just basically agree with you even if your fields are contrasting? I’d find that fascinating and fulfilling. 
There is it, Some of the things that will forever wash away your thoughts of backing away from guesting on a podcast show. 

Remember that if you let go of your negative remarks about doing it, and just basically go out there to market yourself, it’s going to be the wisest decision you’ve ever made and it would certainly change your whole beliefs and thinking.

Grace Patricio

Writer @ Pitch and Press