Laser Coaching

Laser coaching sessions are short and get straight to the point. They help the coachee identify what’s blocking them and provide a process for new awareness.

Clients appreciate building in accountability and having a confidential coach, sounding board, and thinking partner to support them as they move towards their goals.

Minimize Time Wastage

Laser coaching gets to the heart of a client’s problem quickly. Identifying the root cause of their issues and offering solutions tailored to each client helps them move forward without conflict. The process also helps coaches become skilled at listening for limiting ideas that prevent clients from moving forward and allows them to offer new perspectives to help them break through these limiting beliefs.

The biggest blockages to productivity can often be the smallest amount of effort and work. Getting the right tools to overcome these issues can be life-changing for some people, so it’s important to find what works best for you. Whether working on time management strategies, techniques for staying productive when you’re stuck at home or in the office, or even simply creating more structure around your day to get more done, laser coaching sessions are the perfect solution to find what will work for you.

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Focus on the Core

A laser coaching program is a powerful way to get straight to the core of issues. In a session, the client is asked to come up with just one issue they want to address, which allows the coach to help them create a plan of action to move them toward their goal.

The coach will quiz the client and offer feedback during the session to help them understand how their actions affect their goals. Additionally, the coach will recommend ways for clients to alter their behavior to accomplish their objectives. The meeting is intended to be brief, efficient, and concentrated.

A variety of subjects that are crucial for companies adopting laser-based industrial processes will be covered in the course. The foundations of laser operation will be covered with the participants, including laser settings and how they affect optimal performance.

The course is ideal for managers and other professionals in the field who are responsible for operating lasers. It will give them a deeper understanding of the key features of lasers, so they can select the right type to suit their industrial needs. This can help to increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability. The course also covers safety considerations, ensuring that employees are working safely. 

Increase Your Confidence

Laser coaching provides an efficient, just-in-time one-on-one coaching opportunity for mentors and mentees. These short (15-minute) coaching sessions help participants focus on a specific “in-the-moment” issue.

The session includes a goal-setting exercise, an assessment of the current situation, and what you want to get out of the situation. A solution and next steps are then identified based on new awareness, and accountability measures are established.

In a short amount of time, participants are given tools they can use to improve their performance and enhance their productivity. These strategies will not only help them become more effective at their job, but they’ll also increase the quality of the work being done.

Whether you’re a new or experienced coach, this program will give you the tools and confidence to help your clients get results quickly. And that means you’ll be able to charge higher fees, so your business can grow and thrive.

Get Results Fast

Using the unique, proven laser coaching process, you get results fast. The coaching session moves clients to their desired future by focusing on the underlying issues behind problems, enabling them to identify effective and sustainable solutions. It eliminates the waste of time that comes with a coach who doesn’t have an efficient coaching system in place.

When a coach knows how to coach effectively, they can quickly connect with their clients and establish trust and rapport. This makes it easier for the client to take action on any suggestions and create permanent change. Laser-Focused Coaching teaches coaches how to leverage these key skills to create unique and successful coaching approaches.

If you’re a coach who wants to work with a wider range of clients and wants to have an efficient coaching process in place to ensure your success, this coaching program is for you. 

Enhanced Decision-Making Skills

Laser coaching sessions are short, effective, and reach the issue’s core. By keeping the session focused on one problem, coaches can help clients uncover their best next step – moving them closer to a solution.

Sometimes, business owners need quick and wise counsel to move forward with their plans. When that occurs, a business laser coach can be a valuable resource for your practice.

This training round, led by Marion Franklin, MCC, will teach you the heart of laser coaching and give you tools to produce a life-altering change for your clients. You’ll learn to stay out of the story and coach the client’s mindset, thinking, and beliefs – not just their behaviors. Using these skills will help you get results faster.

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