digital marketing

A wide range of tactics and resources are included in digital marketing, which construction companies can use to attract new clients.  These include social media, email marketing, and website design and development. Marketing can also help construction companies develop a positive brand association. This is achieved by highlighting company accomplishments and employee recognition.


A website is one of the first things a construction company should invest in. It serves as a sales pitch, business card, portfolio, and more. Many prospective clients will research different companies before choosing which one to hire, and a website will give them a good impression of your firm. A website can also gather customer reviews and testimonials, which are important to build trust in the industry. A great method to advertise this feature on your website is to include a contact page where users can give feedback or ask questions. Another great digital marketing strategy for construction firms is pay-per-click advertising. Services like Google Ads and Facebook allow you to target potential clients searching for your services online. They can be retargeted by location, age, property type, etc. It can be an effective and cost-efficient way to attract more customers and grow your construction firm.

Social Media

Construction companies can use social media to communicate with potential clients and display previous work, reviews, and testimonials.  They can also post instructional videos on building a deck or offer a class in fundamental construction techniques like framing and electrical. Construction marketing can be cost-effective, expanding a business’s geographic reach. Digital marketing techniques like SEO, content marketing, PPC, email, and referral marketing can help a construction company drive growth. A well-crafted website can showcase a construction company’s unique personality and generate leads. Social media can be used to share photos or stories about employee spotlights and before and after project posts. Targeting particular audiences with paid ads, including online contractors looking for work, is possible.

Content Marketing

Construction firms often sell their services through high-value content marketing. Featured projects, detailed project descriptions, before and after images, videos, and testimonials help build trust and credibility with potential clients.

Digital marketing also helps to nurture leads by ensuring your website is positioned at the top of search engine results for relevant topics and keywords. This establishes your company as an authority in the industry and will result in more leads for your sales team.

Additionally, claiming your page and keeping it up-to-date with information such as hours of operation, contact details, and a list of services can help to improve local search engine optimization. Don’t forget to promote your new construction projects through Google Local Services ads, which can appear at the top of Google search results for specific types of searches, such as “home builders.” These are a great way to generate leads without paying for clicks.

Video Marketing

Digital marketing is a powerful tool that allows construction companies to focus their resources on the marketing elements that are most effective in reaching their target audience and attaining business goals. A well-planned digital marketing strategy also allows construction firms to track their progress and see how each element works together toward success. One of the best ways to showcase your construction company’s work is with video marketing.

Showcase videos, like client testimonials and project highlight videos, are a great way to demonstrate the value your company provides. Time-lapse videos are another excellent option, allowing potential clients to see the transformation of a renovation or new construction from start to finish. Webinars and digital events are also a great way to reach your target audience while building your brand. Whether discussing the benefits of a specific construction material or explaining how to operate a piece of equipment safely, webinars and events are a unique way to engage with your audience while providing valuable information.