Affiliate Marketing Websites List for Make Money

Affiliate Marketing is the latest buzzword when it comes to making money online. But how many of us actually know what Affiliate Marketing actually means? Here are a few pointers to help you better understand this entire process.

Some best recurring affiliate programs are usually used by bloggers and other websites who want to drive traffic and monetize their blogging efforts. For example, if you have a blog and you write about a certain niche, the affiliate marketing would be a good tool for you to use since you can make some money by recommending, reviewing and actually featuring some products in your blog posts.

This will give you a steady source of income and also help you pay for your blogging efforts which could include installing paid plugins and other such activities.

Affiliate Marketing does not mean that you are directly selling each time. It can also mean that you are featuring products that will have a hyperlink leading to the actual point of sales like the affiliate’s website or E-commerce store so that a sale can happen. More often than not, the affiliate marketing effort on the blog would involve a call for action at the end of some informative article that talks about the specific niche in which the affiliate exists.

Now, there are a number of affiliate marketing websites where one can find the correct mix of products and services of various brands so that the same may be featured in the blog posts and websites of bloggers and brands alike.

These websites would offer you a chance to sign up and choose the products or services depending on the niche in which your blog or brand operates. Accordingly, you can then start to make money by way of mention or sale once it happens on the actual website or online store of the affiliate. Here are the top 20 affiliate marketing websites where you can make money:

1. This is Why I am Broke: Now this is a really fun and cool website that has some of the quirkiest products that bloggers and brands can feature. This website also draws in eyeball heat of over 4 million people – it is that popular! Many Amazon sellers have partnered on this website as well.

2. Nerd Wallet: With this website, you can explore affiliate marketing in a whole new way. This website basically asks its users to talk about their user experience of certain products and services so that a visitor can actually understand what the product is really all about. With this website, you can actually do reviews and comparisons as well as tip based posts on finance and other niches.

3. Money Saving Experts: This website is a financial-based affiliate marketing website that basically asks you to write about financial matters so that you can guide their visitors who come in numbers like 8 million a month!

4. Sky Scanner: This is one of the top international portals where you can find cheap and competitive flight prices for affordable travel. It has a viewership of over 11 million people per month, which makes it one of the top affiliate marketing websites in the travel niche.

5. The Wire Cutter: With a viewership that is almost touching 5 million a month, the Wire Cutter is geared to become one of the top affiliate marketing websites. You can easily find a number of product categories here that actually gives you the flexibility to write about different niches and topics.

6. PC Part Picker: If you love your computer and all its accessories, then this is the affiliate marketing website for you! With PC Part Picker, you can actually work with many Amazon associates to build a repertoire of great content which helps direct people to a point of sale without looking like a direct selling portal!

7. Consumer Search: This affiliate marketing website is quite like the Wire Cutter which we have talked about above. This one also features a number of product categories and has many content formats with which you can reach your users and direct them towards the websites of your affiliates.

8. Gear Patrol: With over 2 million views in a month, this is also a very well developed affiliate marketing website. On this website, you will find some great content which pertains specifically to Amazon products. They also rely on some amazing pictures to do all the talking and you will find that a majority of the traffic comes from Instagram and other such platforms!

9. Best Reviews: Now this is truly a huge name in the world of affiliate marketing with over 5 million views every month. You will find product reviews on literally any and every product category covered on this website. The users get to work with brands featured on Amazon, Walmart, Target and other such platforms.

10. Safe Wise: This is a more professional looking affiliate marketing website that does not look like a typical online marketplace. It features professionally written reviews and comparisons along with other tip-based content that can be fashioned like listicles as well. You can also find a number of how-to posts on this website.

11. Making Sense of Cents: Everyone likes to turn a penny in a million different ways and this website is here to help you do just that! This blog is centered on personal finance and it can actually help you understand how to manage your funds in a much better way!

12.  What Moms Love: Now this is not just a  mommy blog, but an affiliate marketing website built into on! This helps moms find great products along with great content and caters to the busy parent. This website already has over 200,000 email subscribers!

13.  The Rounding Sound: If you love your music, then this is the affiliate marketing website for you. You can easily find headphones, mics and various other products over here with legitimate user reviews that report how the user experience has been. Turn to this website to turn up the volume on your musical experience.

14.  Headphones Addict: You know you cannot go anywhere without your headphones, right? Well, this affiliate marketing website understands and how! You can easily find reviews and comparisons between literally every single headphone out there in the market so that you can choose as per your exact needs or activities.

15.  Website Setup: With this affiliate marketing website, you can shop around for the perfect web hosting partner. You can also write and find some great content on all things that have to do with websites and running a successful one. They also have some great listicles and tutorials on the website.

16.  Everyday Carry: Now this is one niche-oriented affiliate marketing website – and it cant get more specific than this! On this website, you can find a number of articles that we carry when we travel and step out of our homes. This includes products like wallets, bags, flashlights and so many others!

17.  Minimalist Baker: With this affiliate marketing website, you can find great content based on producing materials and ingredients along with some great tips on how to bake effortlessly and with minimum fuss! It attracts more than 4 million people every single month. Healthy eating is also one of the mainstays of this website.

18.  The Points Guy: If you are traveling and looking for accommodation as well, you can find many posts on this affiliate marketing website that will help you compare deals on various credit cards. This is a really great site for the constant traveler.

19.  The Military Wallet: Managing finances and savings is a very important topic for most military personnel and their families. The Military Wallet is an affiliate marketing website that assists them in doing just that even as they move often for their job and various postings!

20.  Share A Sales Affiliates: This is one of the oldest affiliate marketing websites on the web and you can literally find just about any kind of product listed here. They have revamped their website often so that they keep up with the times and manage to deliver user-friendly experiences each time someone gives them a click.

In the end, it would be important to remember that you should promote and talk about only those products that you are truly passionate about because that is what forms the basis of all affiliate marketing activities at the end of the day – and that is what helps you sound your most authentic best as well! So, remember to check out all these affiliate marketing websites to make money!