checkmark on instagram

Instagram is a popular and most promoted social network that has its own “chips”. There are rules and criteria for success here. Most likely, you have met profiles with a blue icon next to their name on the site. Who was that? Famous blogger, artist, singer or big businessman?

Ordinary users can also get the coveted tick in IG. To do this, you do not need to be in the TOP and have tens of thousands of people in subscribers. What needs to be done? How to get a tick on Instagram quickly and without unnecessary problems? Let’s consider the most popular options and criteria.

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What does a check mark next to a name on Instagram mean? 

Many Instagrammers have seen, but never thought, what a blue “bird” in an IG profile is. Some do not understand how to get it and why you need it. This is nothing more than Instagram verification. The site itself refers such profiles to the category of favorites. 

Of course, many Instagrammers want to get the grade they want – exactly the same as that of their favorite blogger or popular brand.

The checkmark itself confirms the official status of the account and the fact that it belongs to a well-known verified person, and not a fake. 

An interesting fact: advertising on verified pages always costs an order of magnitude more than on regular ones.

In general, the “birdie” itself does not give a person special benefits and privileges in the form of additional protection or TOP places in the news feed. Therefore, it makes no sense to make an effort to earn the desired mark just for the sake of interest.Is there any use for the blue symbol? Let’s consider further.

What is the blue check mark for? 

Instagram is a popular social network that can be used not only for entertainment and information search, but also for business promotion, high and stable earnings. Large companies use projects on social networks to advertise, sell goods or services, and implement marketing projects.

When it comes to a solid business, the issue of security comes to the fore. On the Internet, it is easy to deceive a person, mislead him, organize a fraudulent business Buy Instagram Followers UK. Therefore, the site administrators decided to secure users and came up with a new option for checking accounts. This is nothing more than a blue “bird”.

A special badge not only increases the level of security, but also provides other advantages to the owner:

Good image. In social networks and offline, this is a significant success factor. Blue symbols can be seen on large pages. It is a testament to the reliability, importance and value of the business.

SEO protection against fakes. When searching for words associated with a profile, with verification they will be reflected in the search engine above those that did not pass the verification. A high ranking in the search engines of a social network, as a rule, brings a lot of material benefits to the owner.

Ability to add links to stories. Not all users of the site can put a link in a story. What is needed for this? Have a blue checkbox or gather a large audience of fans. How many subscribers does the option become available? It is enough to attract 10 thousand followers to the page. In some cases, getting the coveted badge is much easier than gaining a large following. 

As you can see, the blue icons in IG are very useful. It does not provide any special privileges, but it increases the chances of success and increases the possibility of monetization.

How can I get a check mark?  

The new free option was created primarily to protect brands from plagiarism. Account and brand must be unique. Only in this case the site administration will be able to provide the coveted mark. 

According to the official rules of the social network, checkmarks are permanently granted to profiles that meet the following requirements:

Authenticity. The page cannot be fake. The owner is a real person or company with an appropriate registration (brand);

Uniqueness. The project should belong to only one owner – a real person or brand. The site administration does not test accounts that provide common interests;

Fullness. To pass the verification procedure, you need to be in the public domain. It is important to take the time to complete and fill out basic information about yourself. It is equally important to post at least one post. Please note: the page should not contain a link “add me” to other social networks;

Importance. A project that claims to receive a blue badge must belong to a well-known person, she often flashes in the search feed or a promoted brand (company).

How to get a tick on Instagram for an ordinary person?

At first glance, it may seem that only TOP bloggers and promoted brands have a chance to get the coveted mark.

This is not true. Relatively small profiles also have chances. The project doesn’t have to be very large. Verification requests are allowed with any number of subscribers. When it comes to the page of a famous person, it is enough for him to appear in print media at least once. You can’t do without popularity.

The brand may also not be too popular. The main thing is that the trademark should be mentioned in the media, and the company itself should be officially registered.

Now you know exactly how to make a tick on Instagram. It is enough to make a little effort and the cherished mark “in your pocket”. Every user can apply. An ultimate choice is made by the site organization.

Can I officially get an account verification mark through the app? 

The blue mark option was added by the social network developers in 2018. It was from this time that Instagrammers began to hunt for the coveted icons.

In fact, the conditions for obtaining a symbol are quite simple. The fastest way to get what you want is to place an application. Many users submit a formal application through the application itself, but only a select few receive a positive response since the selection criteria are quite strict. 

Want to try your luck on IG? Follow a few simple steps:

Go to settings.

Select “account”.

Click “ask for confirmation” (located at the very bottom of the list).

Fill in the main fields of the form (name, surname, etc.) and attach a real photo for the identification of the person. 

There are no additional life hacks. It is difficult to accelerate the cycle. After sending the application, you must wait. The official IG rules do not have exact deadlines for considering appeals. As a rule, the answer comes within 1 month. 

If you have not passed the test and have not achieved your goal, do not be upset. Verification is a good addition to a successful project, but not your whole life goal.

After the refusal, you have the opportunity to repeat the application by sending it after 30 days. 

IG Mark in 2020: Fast and Cheap

No external influences can affect the verification process. However, you can increase the chances of getting a badge. Follow these guidelines:

Always stick to social media rules. If you regularly violate the policy of the site and “sin” with prohibited deeds, the probability of getting a badge is reduced to zero.

Be popular. Casual users do not receive blue badges. They are given only to those who are actively mentioned on the network.

Fill out the profile from A to Z. Lack of name, profile picture, and basic data is a 100% refusal.

Do not leave links to your YouTube channel, a group in OK, or VK.

Do not lie. Always provide truthful information. If the administration of the social network, during the check, incriminates you that you provided false information, then most likely you will be punished with temporary or life-long blocking.

Today the IG verification option is available to all users. You can send a request from a PC or phone. Getting a positive answer is much more difficult. The site puts forward certain conditions that are important to comply with. Stick to simple rules and be proactive. In this case, it is not difficult to pass verification!