Is TikTok The Future Of Video Marketing?

Is TikTok the future of video marketing

If you don’t have the time to hunt the treasure, then this short answer is for you.


TikTok is the future of Video Marketing.

Here is the detailed explanation for the social media and business enthusiasts.

Before talking about this video-sharing social media network, I would like to talk about video marketing.


What is Video Marketing?

Using relevant videos to market, promote, or increase the popularity of a brand or service.

What Is The Importance Of Video Marketing For Business?

It is a proven fact that videos are more powerful than any other information source. By using videos, we can explain anything easily, fastly, and efficiently. So it is essential to adopt video in marketing for businesses.

According to Financesonline, more than 81% of Facebook marketers, 74% of Instagram marketers, and 70% of Youtube marketers are using videos as their primary content.

According to Forbes, the share of online video marketing is more than $130 Billion in the USA alone.

May be gone are the days of using text and images for marketing. 

So, these are the days of using Videos for Marketing. Then what is the future of Video Marketing?


The latest Chinese social media sensation TikTok rushed into the list of top 10 popular social media networking sites. Within no time, it gained more than 500 million monthly active users. It is one-fifth of Facebook’s and one-fourth of Youtube’s monthly active users. Point to be noted here is Facebook took 12 years, and Youtube took 15 years to reach 2 billion monthly active users. According to the latest analytics, this social network will reach 2 Billion monthly active users milestone very soon.

Hence TikTok is going to be everywhere.

The exciting fact about TikTok is, it is not only for individuals’ entertainment but also for marketers to brand their products and stand out from the general crowd. 

Why TikTok is the future of Video Marketing?

Just observe some statistics about video content sharing on social networks.

Youtube is having the lion-share of video content preceded by Facebook. Almost 500 hours of videos are uploaded to Youtube every minute and 5 Billion hours of video content is watching on youtube everyday. 

Approximately 8 billion video views are recording, and 100 million video content played every day on Facebook.

After Youtube and Facebook, Instagram and Twitter stood in number 3 and number 4 positions in the list of most video content sharing social networks.

How can TikTok be the future of video marketing when Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have strong roots in this category already?


A successful video marketer always concentrates on these factors.

The video should be short because people prefer to watch short videos instead of long videos, particularly when it comes to a promotional video.



Image Source: TNW

There should be no interruption between video to video. Otherwise, 

Users might lose interest.

For instance, if you are watching a video on Youtube, then you have to search for another similar video after you completed the present watching video.

While you are browsing through your Facebook content, there are very fewer chances of finding more video posts at a place. 

It is similar on both Instagram and Twitter because all these platforms provide text, image, and video content together.

Let’s come to TikTok.

TikTok’s minimum video length is 15 seconds, and the maximum video length is 60 seconds. As there is no chance to create a video with more than 60 seconds, the percentage of people you might lose in the first step is almost 0%. If you can create an impressive video under 20-30 seconds, you are outstanding! 

If you like a video on TikTok, then you can see the relevant content by merely opening that profile. The fabulous swipe-up option to go to the next video on TikTok makes your job easy. As there is no need to search for similar videos, there will be no gap or interruption between video to video. 

Note: If you open an individual’s profile, there are chances of finding some unrelated videos because individuals can have multiple interests. It is not the case in business profiles because businesses focus on their primary stuff.

The above are just a few correlations with video marketing legends.

There are few more important reasons to use TikTok for Video Marketing. 

TikTok is designed mainly for mobile users. As the users can access this video-sharing app anywhere, anytime, you also can reach your prospects through your videos anytime.

The average age of TikTok users is between 16 to 24. This age group is the most relevant to most of the business verticals.

TikTok allows you to add any URLs in your videos and profile. So you can drive organic and most useful traffic to your website. It will not only increase your website traffic but also improve your page and website rankings. You can also buy real TikTok views for your videos to go viral in less time and increase the visibility of your posts.

TikTok is copyright free.

TikTok provides millions of default audios and face-changing effects absolutely for free. You can use them in your videos. On average, every TikTok user is uploading at least one video per day. According to this, more than 16 million videos are uploaded every day. You can use the audios of those 16 million videos uploaded by individuals or brands without any copyright issues.

At present, fewer than 200 brands are using this social networking site for their promotions and branding. It is absurd to hear that most of the brands are not using TikTok for marketing with their videos. 

Some of the famous brands which are effectively using TikTok for branding with their videos are NBA, The Washington Post, HP, Chipotle, Sephora, etc.

The above are the factors why I believe TikTok is the future of video marketing.

It is the best time to start using this social media app for promoting your brand with videos. By the time brands realize the importance of TikTok, you might have reached at least a few of your goals.


By considering and analyzing several factors that influence video marketing, I believe that TikTok will overtake both Youtube and Facebook very soon and get recognized as the future of video marketing.

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