Company Registration Number

Indonesia is today an industrial powerhouse in the Southeast Asia region. It is a thickly populated country with diverse markets, a talented workforce, a booming economy, to go with an abundance of natural resources. 

Indonesia offers an ocean of business opportunities. With each passing fiscal year, Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) in Indonesia is climbing at an incremental rate. The country is known for its agriculture, gas & natural oil resources. 

However, in the last two decades, several other sectors, such as tourism, manufacturing, and digital industry, are also experiencing positive traction. The Indonesian government is making serious efforts to increase foreign investors by improving the ease of doing business in the country.

So, now coming to the company registration number. It is a unique number that is assigned to every company, which has been legally incorporated in Indonesia. You can use the company registration number to register for your corporate tax number. You must connect with a local consultant for company registration in Indonesia to help you with filling in for your company registration number or changing the company’s details.

Whether you run a local Indonesian company or a foreign business, by not having the company registration number, you run the risk of dissolution. If the government finds out or gets a report from the community that your company doesn’t have a registration number, they can take strict action against your business.

Further, having a company registration number recognizes and protects your business under Indonesian law. 

Company Registration Number in Indonesia—What are the Benefits?

What are the Benefits?

Having a company registration number is a fundamental prerequisite for running a business in Indonesia by law. As a business, you’ve to comply with this. Otherwise, you’ll face strict legal actions. 

There is also a myriad of perks your business can reap from obtaining your company registration number:

  • Participation in business tenders 
  • Visa and permit application for foreign staff 
  • Business visa sponsorship for your clients & customers

Steps For Obtaining Your Company Registration Number in Indonesia

Once you’ve registered your business in Indonesia, the next step is to get the company registration number. The process involves a series of complicated and time-consuming legal procedures. 

Step 1: Obtain a Deed of Establishment

There are primarily three steps you’ve to check off your list in the first step. First, you’ve to decide on your business name, choose something unique and easy to remember. 

Ideally, the name must contain three words, and each one should be different. Also, it is legal to have different names for your products and brands. 

After you’ve finalized your company’s name, you’ve to draft Articles of Association with a registered notary.

At last, you’re obligated to submit your deed of establishment. Each shareholder in the company, including you, has to undersign the deed in the presence of a notary before you submit it. 

Step 2: Business Tax Number

You’ve to apply for the Business Tax Number in Indonesia. It is mandatory after the submission of the deed of establishment. 

Your domicile letter and Business Tax Number will be sent to your physical business address. 

However, as per the 2019 new law, there is no requirement for a domicile letter for companies operating in Jakarta.

Step 3: Get a Company Registration Number

After you’re through with the first two steps, we finally come to the part where you apply for a company registration number in Indonesia. 

The recently implemented Online Single Submission (OSS) system allows you to obtain your company registration number online, along with permits and licenses efficiently. 

At the Online Single Submission (OSS) system, you can obtain the customs identification number, import license, Health and Social Security System, and business registry number.

What After the Company Registration Number?

What After the Company Registration Number?

After you’ve registered your business and received the Company Registration Number, you can carry out the following business activities:-

  • Purchase/Rent Property & Assets Under Your Company. 
  • Apply for Stay & Work Permits For Your Foreign Staff.
  • Prepare for Your Business Operations, Such as Office Set Up, Renovations, Hiring, and Many Other Business Activities. 
  • Open a Corporate Bank Account

How Can a Local Business Consultant Assist?

You must reach out to a trustworthy local business consultant to help establish your business and get a company registration number in Indonesia. 

They’ll assist with the legality of business registration in Indonesia, to help you stay clear of hassles later on.