Brand Awareness

Regardless of the type of industry in which your business operates, and indeed the scope and scale of your company, every business owner knows, respects, and fully understands the supreme importance of brand awareness. 

Improving the levels in which your company’s presence is recognized and respected is entirely synonymous with your plans to grow and expand. So, with this in mind, here for your information and of course reading pleasure, are six ways to effectively boost the overall levels of brand awareness of your company. 

1. Utilize Influencer Marketing

Essentially, influencer marketing is professionally teaming up with a notable or even famous social media influencer to promote your own products or services and financially compensate them for their efforts.

As social media becomes more influential in the success of both smaller and larger businesses across the country and beyond, so too do social media stars themselves. So in an effort to boost brand awareness, teaming up with such an influencer is a fantastic idea.

2. Launch A Customer Referral Program

No business owner or manager can hope to grow and expand without using your core business services to create professional and effective advocates for your company itself.

In a world full of technological promotional techniques and software programs, the best referral is still word-of-mouth recommendations from happy customers and satisfied clients. There is a myriad of advantages to choosing to launch a customer referral program (CRP) for your company, including but in no way limited to, the following:

  • CRP’s multiply the number of loyal customers quickly
  • CRP’s create an entirely brand new accessible channel 
  • CRP’s brings in a high volume of new customers at a much lower cost
  • CRP’s are exceedingly effective at identifying your most useful advocates

3. Outsource Official Merchandise 

One incredibly effective way of boosting your brand awareness is to choose to outsource your brand promotional materials to a reputable and renowned innovative company such as Anthem Branding

From mugs and coasters to wearable merchandise such as hats, T-shirts and even pyjamas, there is a multitude of engaging, eye-catching and even hugely entertaining products which will both push your company name ‘out there as well as start incorporating your business into the homes and minds of the people that matter. 

4. Start A Company Podcast

If either yourself or one of your employees has a particular aptitude and skill for public speaking as well as a certain flair for creativity, then another fabulous way to boost the effectiveness and presence of your brand’s identity is to launch your business’s very own podcast

There are several key considerations should you choose to follow this piece of advice, which basically consist of the following:

  • The frequency of episodes, whether you record them all in one go and release them as the weeks go on, or record an episode and release it that same week. 
  • The overall subject matter as well as the basic concept, structure, and tone of the podcast, including one or two regular features which occur in each episode.
  • The length of each episode and how each one is introduced and ended.
  • Guest speakers on your podcast (subject matter dependent)

5. Consider Guest Blogging For Other Websites

The internet is an incredibly effective and fantastic tool for increasing your company’s overall levels of brand awareness. One excellent idea that you may not have considered previously is to start guest blogging for other company websites.

There is a wide plethora of benefits to guest blogging for SEO for businesses of a smaller size and of a larger, national nature, including:

  • The diversion of a high level of traffic to your own company’s website
  • A huge boost in shares and likes across your various social media platforms
  • An effective way to help establish authority
  • Improving brand visibility 
  • A way to quickly and impressively enhance the reputation of your company

6. Invest In Paid Social Media Advertisement

Lastly, but by no means least, when focused on and dedicated to wanting to improve your company’s overall brand presence, both online and in the outside retail world, is to invest in one or more paid social media advertisement campaigns. 

The biggest advantages of paid social media advertisement for your company include, but are in no way limited to, the following:

  • Organic online activity can never produce the results that paid advertising can
  • The active re-engagement of previous site visitors and existing customers
  • The ability to target customers or clients who have a vested interest in the products or services you provide
  • Specific location targeting
  • Paid social media advertising is entirely trackable and you’re able to gain a great deal of information on its results almost immediately
  • The ability to target specific customer demographics