proven steps to grow youtube channel in 2020

YouTube is becoming more popular day by day in India as compared to other countries, many content creators aggressively creating regional content to beat the competition and to become more popular. Here are some best-proven steps for beginners to Grow Fast on YouTube in 2020

If you are planning to create your own YouTube channel and start making some useful content, this article will definitely guide you from making those mistakes you need to avoid to become a successful creator.

Most people think that putting random videos from anywhere will make their channel grow! Not anymore. It’s not just a cool thing as you guys think, of course, you have to put in some of your best efforts along with some tips, which will definitely add some more value to grow your channel first.

So let’s discuss the important steps. Follow all the steps properly to get good results fast.

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7 Steps to Grow on YouTube in 2022

1. Find your Niche

First thing first, finding the right Niche is the most difficult part people find in their YouTbe journey. Look, your Niche should be specific, there is no successful channel with any random niche or you can say multi-niche either exists.

A well-researched Niche will help you to make sure what content you need to put around, in a similar way you now have a targeted audience, which leads to more engagement with your content, and of course, more conversion will be there too.

2. Make your content Blueprint

Assume that you have created your channel, and started putting some cool videos for a week, and now you have no idea what to upload next! 

This is where most newbies fail to leverage the game, your channel needs good, a set of good content to stand out. So you have to make a well-researched Blueprint to beat such scenarios, how?

Now you have decided on your niche, it’s time to find your competitors. A channel that is similar to your Niche, find some good videos, analyze them, view them, and note if it might be a game-changer for you. A single video can change the whole game and make you popular.

Don’t hesitate to watch other videos by just fearing that, they will get more views if you watch their videos, this is the point where you can find some content gaps.

Closely watch each and every detail, they mentioned in that video, find something they might have missed, and you can cover those things in your next content. The best way to do such practice is to note it down, don’t try to remember all things in your mind, a little work pressure or stress can wipe it out from your brain anytime.

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3. Analyze your Audience well

A channel is meant to solve people’s problems, don’t try to put unnecessary videos your audience never wished to watch by spending their most valuable time

Don’t mislead your reliable audience by giving them useless things they are not interested in, find their problems, and providing them with the appropriate solution to them. If you can’t find a solution yet, wait for some time before making the video, research well on that topic, get some handful of insights into the topic, then go with that.

Adding beautiful charts and screenshots with proper details helps you make your channel a loyal spot for everyone, and they will subscribe to you for future updates as well.

4. Create some good content

Now you have completed all the basic steps, it’s time to create some valuable content. Remember you must have a good set of content ideas before doing the same, why?

Having a set of pre-researched content ideas will help you to become consistent and this is the most important part. You need to upload videos at a regular interval (choose your time and comfort as per your schedule), you can’t skip this step at any cost. 

Adding some cool graphics and screenshots will make your content rich, that’s what people want and the whole YouTube game is designed to do that only. Rich contents get more people’s attention and also more and more engagements.

5. Collect some Professional Gadgets

No one is going to watch a video with poor-quality audio and blurred or low-quality video footage, this is a must need that you need some professional YouTube gadgets to create more awesome videos.

There are several gadgets such as quality ring lights, lenses, and microphones easily available at online marketplaces, with good delivery and payment options. Try to purchase a few of them.

If you are recording your videos from a Smartphone/ DSLR, use a good camera tripod to avoid shaking and maintain a good frame ratio. Also, use a good quality microphone to capture the audio properly without any noise interference. You can also invest in a text to speech tool that helps you to generate natural-sounding voiceovers

6. Learn to edit your videos

Editing a video in a professional style will help you to produce a high-quality video easily, find a good video editing application for that too. Learn free video editing skills, you can enroll for a course, or simply you can learn this stuff for free on YouTube, there are thousands of channels available having some seriously good tutorials for you.

Add some cool effects and properly synchronize the audio-video and special effects you want to add to your video. Don’t neglect to watch the video yourself twice before hitting the upload button.

7. Optimize your videos

Now you have uploaded the video, the next step is to optimize it before publishing, you need to add a well-written description about your video, which means what you are going to cover in the video should be clearly mentioned there along with some of your keywords.

This will help your videos to rank well, and you can earn a handful amount of videos and watch time by doing this.

Don’t forget to add related tags with your keyword to the video, don’t over-optimize it by putting a lot of tags, a good practice is to add 3-5 tags, although YouTube will show only 3 tags below the video.

Add some of your social platform links like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & others in your Bio. Make the channel description, channel art, channel cover pic, and contact e-mail address clear and visible for everyone. This will help you to build your channel trust among your viewers.

Finally, share your uploaded videos with your friends, family, and relatives. Also, you should share your videos on all social media platforms mentioned above. 

This will give you the initial viewership for your videos, which will help your videos more popular as the YouTube algorithm will promote your videos to other new people themselves.

If you follow all the 7 mentioned steps above, I assure you that you and your channel will soon be going to rock, within a very short span of the time period.

Enjoy the progress. All the very best towards your YouTube journey.

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