Why YouTube Is Better than Blogging

YouTube is unquestionably the biggest platform over the internet in the current era. A lot of people have been making money through YouTube for a very long time. YouTube has brought prosperity and profits to many content creators. As the days passing by, people are more keen and interested in YouTube to start making money.

When it has brought big profits to a lot of content creators, why wouldn’t you embark on this platform? YouTube is the biggest video sharing platform where you post the videos and get money by ads on your videos. It may have some restrictions in the beginning, but whenever you keep trying on it. YouTube will become favorable for you. Many creators started their YouTube channel incidentally; nobody knew they could make money. But, today they became the biggest YouTube creators in the world.

However, when YouTube is growing as a career to a lot of people, we all know blogging is surely also one of the successful platforms for the people. There has been a huge competition for both of them for the years. When some people say YouTube is better, others say blogging is better. This is where people start to get confused. It’s one of the most asked questions on google. So, make it all clear for all the people who are looking for an answer.

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1. More Traction on YouTube

While comparing to blogging, people are more likely to get more exposure and traction on YouTube. It’s a simple reason and here’s why.

Every day, millions of articles get posted on google. We don’t know which article will be ranked and which articles get the most exposure. It has become difficult for newbie sites to survive with the one-sided competition. It is time taking process and it’s a thing where bloggers need to work really smart on.

Meanwhile, when things come to YouTube, even a video from the newbie channel can go trending. We really can’t tell which video is gonna get more engagement. If the video has real content, trending topic with a concise explanation. The more people will watch and share the video. That’s the best thing about YouTube. Therefore, videos get views and engagement if it’s made on a trending topic.

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2. No Investment

YouTube is really the easiest video sharing platform to start on. You really don’t need investment or money on YouTube to start your endeavor. It’s also one of the best things about YouTube. Whereas in blogging, you have to decide whether you should invest money or not. Otherwise, you might confront losses in the future.

Blogging is also the best platform for the people, but newbie’s got to think prudently while investing money for purchasing a site. I know a lot of people have given up blogging after purchasing it. So, you need to decide before you start or else you will regret investing in it.

Although, it’s good YouTube isn’t the platform where you need to invest. It’s like do or leave it.

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3. Provide a Better Demonstration

YouTube gives you an opportunity to show your skills in whatever way you would want to. It’s actually the great thing about YouTube is that you can give better visual representation to the people.

You can exhibit the topic in various ways. You can show the audience a graphical analysis, voice explanation, visual representation, better interpretation, and whatnot. You can elaborate the information with comprehensive steps until the audience apprehend what you’re talking about.

Videos are easy, short, and could be understood easily. So, it’s one-sided for YouTube when it comes to explaining stuff. Whereas, blogging is a page of text which you have to read completely. A lot of people don’t like reading stuff. So, it’s a win for YouTube.

4. Get Popular

Many content creators have become popular and famous for their videos on YouTube. We all can perceive, people can become celebrities too if you’re a YouTuber.

We can see many content creators got chances in cinema to act and also they have been invited for the big convention and events. That sounds surreal and great. People like us get motivated to start our own YouTube channel and get famous. But, it isn’t easy as to say. Whenever you have real talent and throw all the hurdles in your journey. You will also get the time you desired for.

YouTube has given many opportunities to tons of people to build their careers. From poor to rich people, I’ve seen numerous people made fortune in their YouTube journey.

Just the same, it’s on blogging too. However, the most difficult part about blogging is you have to confront with the rivalry competition every day.

5. YouTube Prevails Over Blogging, WHY?

YouTube is the FUTURE.  As the years passing by, people are getting more familiar with YouTube and start making money out of it.

Whatever you post it on YouTube, it’s getting views nowadays. If you got some knack in editing and do some parodies. Millions of people will watch your videos. If you’re a guy who can build a house with a handful of sand. Billions of people watch your videos. Whatever it is if your video has purpose and point. One day, you will get a bunch of views for your videos. All you got to do is to post videos consistently.

That’s the big tip of YouTube to reach the breakthrough. The more video you post, the more traction you get. You take care of video titles, descriptions, and appropriate tags. YouTube will take care of everything. It’s super easy and effortless to upload videos. You can do either on pc or mobile. People show more interest and attention to YouTube than blogging.

The reason is simple; it’s easier than blogging. But does that mean you can survive on YouTube? NO.

Even if it’s blogging or YouTube, there are some limitations on both of these platforms. The real question is if you’re utilizing properly. Both of these platforms have a huge potential to build a career. It all relies on you which you want to start with.

It’s never a competition. They have their own benefits

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Article Written by MHT Space