Why Blogging is Better Than Youtube

Blogging has become one of the biggest platforms for promoting business and earning money nowadays. While youtube also playing a major part in preceding aspects.

But, this is the exact part where people are getting baffled. They can’t choose over blogging and youtube. Both Blogging and Youtube platforms are playing major roles on the internet. Some people claim youtube is better and others say blogging is better. Yet, still, people can’t choose which is better.

So, what if I tell you blogger is better in contrast to youtube? What if I settle why blogging is better than youtube?

Here several good reasons why you could choose the blogging platform over youtube.

1. Easy To Produce Content

While comparing with blogging and youtube in producing content. Blogging is the easiest platform to produce content than youtube. In youtube, you’ll need a lot of skills to make a video. There are certain must things you should need to produce a video like Camera Equipment, Video Editing skills, Speaking skills, and Post-production process. Youtube requires loads of equipment and a lot of effort to produce a sole video.

Does Blogging require the same? No, blogging doesn’t require any video editing skills, camera, and other skills. It’s simple, you just got a knack in writing skills and knowledge in a specific niche. Then, you can just create a blog and provide overwhelming content on google. You can do wonders if you do a blog in the right way.

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2. Construct Your Own Brand

You can see lots of acclaimed and most earning blogs like Tech Crunch, Mashable, and Huffington Post. You definitely know these sites if you’re a techie. You got to know about all these popular blogs because they have a brand. In the same way, you can create your personal brand and become the founder of it.

You can’t do that simply by creating a blog. You should produce excellent content persistently and work on SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation ) at best. These two play key roles to break off barrier following success. When your blog became brand, your audience and users will increase extremely and as well as achieve an honor for your blog.

Things will change for you and can make your blog as one of the top sites.

3. No Monetization Policies

As you know youtube is imposing lots of restrictions and conditions on content creators. Though, it’s getting difficult and hard for beginners to yield bucks from youtube. Even, some professional content creators despite having a million subscribers face challenges in earning income from youtube.

It’s because of their monetization structure. You know you need to have a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours to get eligible for monetization on youtube.

But, in the case of blogging. you don’t need to confront policies. All you need is high-quality articles with an organized light theme. Then, Google will definitely approve your blog for sure unless you don’t comply with its rules and conditions.

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4. No Instant Account Terminations and Less Risk

A lot of video creators on youtube faced off terrible situations like unanticipated account ban and terminations. This happens if content creators are refused to adhere to their policies and rules. Google terminates accounts if they violate their policies. Sometimes, you may have faced a situation when youtube holds monetization for your video if it’s audio is similar or matched with an original video even though, you’ve used for fair purpose. Though, youtube creators need to face hard times to sustain.

However, in contrast to blogging. It’s completely different and secure. There are fewer risks and uncertainties you face in blogging. If you’re the guy who doesn’t use Google advertising services for your website. Then, there is a low chance and possibility that your blog would be suspended.

Tips to avoid blog termination:

  • Follow google rules and policies
  • Create Appropriate and Original Content
  • If you’ve used other’s image in your article. Don’t forget to give credits at the bottom.
  • Don’t produce Spammy, misleading, and inaccurate articles.

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5. Earn More Money

Yes accurate, You can earn more income on blogging than you actually can on youtube. This may sound impossible. But, it’s true as long as your blog gets organic and targeted traffic.

Here you need to know-how. In blogging, you have lots of different ways of gaining money while you have limited options on youtube.

Income Sources in Blogging:

  • Adsense
  • Media.net
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling Merchandise and Products
  • E-books and Courses
  • Sponsorships

You have limited income sources in youtube: 

  • Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsorships

If you take these all into account. You have more chances to earn money in blogging as you have lots of alternatives to depend on income where you can’t have the same on youtube.

In most cases, blogs are more likely to have high CPM ( Cost per Thousand / Cost per Miles )  and CPC ( Cost Per Click ) ad rates which the same low on youtube. The irony is even if your video has got 1 million views and it wasn’t monetized. Then, you will not receive a single buck out of that video. If you compare an article and a video with the same amount of views, you can see the article will earn the most.

With being said, you can’t also alter ads on your videos while you can place ads wherever you want on your articles. In a few cases, as I said before, youtube holds monetization for some videos for informed reasons. Therefore, you can’t earn money from it and that’s what blogging makes a better platform than youtube. You can learn the best blogging Skills at SeekaHost University free blogging course.

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Does That Mean You Don’t Have To Start a Youtube Channel?

The answer is No. Youtube is also one of the biggest platforms to exhibit your expertise and skills. It can be a secondary platform to support your blog and whatnot, you can leverage from both youtube and blogging. There’s a popular way of converting traffic to your blog is videos from youtube. A lot of bloggers have said that youtube also plays a supporting role in directing traffic towards your website. Both can be a perfect combination if you use them well and properly.

Although, these are the 5 reasons why blogging is better than youtube. That doesn’t mean, youtube isn’t the best platform. As I said, you can make a perfect duo with youtube and blogging and take leverage from them.

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