10 Actionable Content Marketing Tips Improve Your Strategy For 2019

What is content marketing? When you create content on your website or your blog, whether it is for your own brand or for your personal audience that visits your blog, you also have to make sure that the content is visible to various people. The efforts that go into this area can be termed as content marketing.

With content marketing, you can actually get your content out there and noticed on various platforms apart from your own. This is also a good way to ensure that your core audience knows you well and sees you in various places online – which in turn, increases the authenticity of your brand. How? Because you are not the only talking about it!

There are a number of ways in which you can successfully conduct content marketing. So let us look at the best content marketing tips for this year as this is a constantly evolving field. 

  • Here are some best content marketing tips in 2020.

1. Make sure you know your goals

It is all about the goals. When you start blogging and spreading the word about yourself through your content and strategic content marketing, you need to know what your specific goals are. Define these goals in terms of reach, number of people, and the niche you want to target. Also, place a timeline on all of these goals so that you choose the platforms that would get you there in the fastest possible manner.

Further, it would be a good idea to make sure that you do plenty of research on the methods used by other content marketing platforms so that you can use the same kind of strategy (not the method, but strategy), in order to reach your goals.

Your goals must also be consistent with the industry that you are trying to break into – make sure you know your demographics before you begin to plan and create the content with a schedule that helps them come back to you each time you post something new.

For example, if yours is a mommy blog, ensure that you know how busy young moms are and then make your goals accordingly so that you do not overreach and over the post.

2. Make a team of content creators

Content marketing would be completely futile without strong, relevant and amazing content. Always choose your content creators very carefully.

Whether you are establishing a team in house to create content that will hook your reader and end-user, or you are collaborating with a team of bloggers and other content creators in that niche, you need to know that the quality of content that bears your name will be absolutely top-notch. So, we would urge you to actually look at the quantity and quality of the followers that these bloggers and other influencers would have before you sign them.

For your in house team, always put the content creator through a number of sample assignments with different formats of the content that you are looking at so that you know the quality of work that you will get. It would be a good idea to keep an editor at hand who can actually inspect the standard before the content gets posted online.

3. Planning is key

You would do well to plan your content and your schedule well before you go ahead and post it. Do not start off with just one post or two posts and then wait for inspiration to strike before you post again. That will just make your efforts inconsistent and your reach will also suffer – or rather, there will be no reach because people usually follow consistency in this genre.

So, make sure that you have prepared a roster of at least 10 posts and pieces before you go ahead and post. Base this on a well-planned schedule where you literally plan everything as per the exact date of posting and that way, you will not be left in a lurch.

It will also give you a fair idea of what is to go online and when. Apart from this, you also need to plan the activities that go into content marketing like promoting and giving shoutouts online so that people know how and where to find your next piece of content.

Make sure that you have planned a number of fun activities for your audience like contests and giveaways so that they can interact with you and participate in a manner that will further your reach as well. Tie up with other influencers to share your content and return the favor by sharing their work as well. This will also give you much-needed traction for your content marketing efforts.

4. Research

When you do plan a piece of content and all the efforts or activities around the same, it would be a good idea to sort of know where you are headed and how you plan to get there.

We have already tackled the area of defining your goals when it comes to your content marketing efforts, but research is one of the foremost tools that you will need in order to get there seamlessly and effortlessly. None of your content marketing goals will reach fruition unless you have a well-researched plan that will hit the nail on the head. You will need to do lots of research on the top-performing blogs and platforms in that niche.

Make a list of the things that they have done right and the things that have worked for them. Then define your activities in these terms by ensuring that you create unique content with a similar yet new take on the strategy.

Also, make sure that you have all your keywords and other such things planned for each and every piece of content that you plan to post. Backlinks and forums where you will leave the same should also be planned so that you are not at bay after the content is posted.

5. Ideas need to translate well

So many times, you will find a number of content creators coming up with some great ideas. But they get lost in the sea of visuals and long winding sentences that no one really has the time to read. So, it would be good to keep an eye on your goals (quite literally), and the go-ahead and craft the ideas into relevant posts that will actually propagate some sort of solution for your core audience.

This will definitely help people sit up, take notice, and then actually click on the call for action that you would have built into your post! Make sure that you craft your post in as unique a manner as possible.

6. Publishing your content

What happens once you have created and painstakingly crafted your content? Well, at this point, it is time to publish – that’s right, hit that publish button so that the first official step in your content marketing journey can begin.

Proof read your posts and ensure that all the right keywords are in the right places before you go ahead and publish. Once this is done, you will the link which can further take your work to readers.

7. Spread the word

Distribution is one of the biggest steps in the content marketing process. Once you have hit publish, do not simply wait for people to come to you. They will eventually, once they know your work and start to look for proper content in that niche.

But before that and also when you are well known, it is imperative to spread the word by distributing your content on various social media platforms through your pages and with your co content creators. This exercise will ensure that you reach your ideal audience no matter where they may be.

8. Optimize

You would also do well to optimize and spread the word about your existing content because you never who you might convert into a loyal customer even when you are distributing old content. So rework those headlines, and get that content working for you again! This is especially helpful when you are talking about a current piece of news and an old post might pertain to it.

9. Reach out

Make an email campaign that also helps you reach your audience with personalized messages so that your latest posts are delivered straight to their email. This is a great way to conduct seamless content marketing as well.

10. Revamp and Reinvent

Now, this is a crucial step that very few content creators and content marketing experts miss out on. It is important to keep a tab on what the others in your niche are doing and what your audience may be asking for. Based on your constant insights, you may want to regularly revamp and reinvent yourself so that you always serve something new to your audience.

This is a great tool that keeps your content marketing approach fresh and unique. And it also ensures that you keep your audience close to you and bring in new readers all the time!

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