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The advent of the Internet has brought an abundance of information flow related to different professional fields. You will also get an abundance of information in the various fields of science and technology etc. There are also several portable as well as compatible computer applications to store and to share information. There are some files that you need to convert immediately during important work. You will find different online tools to convert different types of files like Word to PDF, mp3 to mp4, image to PDF, and so on. These fie converters are easy to use and most of them are easy to use also. Sometimes, you may find the files with a format that your computer program does not support. You can use these best free online file converters top convert such files into a format that your computer program may support. these are mostly free or you need to pay a little amount of money to avail of good service. But it is difficult to choose the right tool from the plethora of collection. 

Here we are going to write about the TOP 5 best online file converters that you can use for any type of professional level converting tasks: 

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This is an all-in-one converter available online. When you have multiple types of files to change, this tool can be your answer. You can use the audio converter to convert one audio format to another and also to video files. When you are on an office project and you have very limited time to convert one file format to another, this tool is surely one of the most effective options that you can choose. The document converter of the tool may allow you to convert word files to PDF, JPEG, etc. You can also convert the web service files like files of WhatsApp, FaceBook, etc. you can convert videos, audio files, e-book, etc with the help of the online tool. You just need to drag and add the files that you want to change and then select your required format and click the “go” option. Your files will be converted within a few minutes. This is a fast and quite easy method for the users. 



When you are looking for a fast and easy conversion option for different types of files in one place, is one of the most reliable options for you. This is a free online converter that means you don’t need to pay anything for the purpose. From different types of documents to different types of images, from different types of videos to audios, audios to videos, e-book, archives everything can be transferred to convert easily with the help of this tool. It also supports the OCR format that means, you can convert the scanned images or documents into different editable formats like Txt, PDF, and Excel. This is also a user-friendly online tool. You just need to choose the file that you want to convert, drop it on the page, and wait for the result. You will get the result fast and without losing its quality or standard. 

Adobe converter 

Adobe converter

This is the old school converter and surely one of the most trustworthy in this genre. Adobe comes up with different converters like mp3 to mp4, word to PDF, and so on. When it comes to quality, service, and size, adobe is surely the leading name here. For the basic services, you can go with the free online conversion process but after seven days, you need to buy the programs. You can easily transfer excel files to word, word to excel, word to PDF, mp3 to mp4, etc with different adobe file converters. 


filezigzag is another online file converter tool. You can utilize the tool to convert different types of files at one place like the image to PDF, Word to PDF, PDF to Word, mp3 to mp4, e-book, archives, etc. you need to drop your file on the page, then click “Browse for files”, select the desired format and wait for sometimes to get your result back. This is also a faster option to convert files. This is the best free file converter that is very easy to use for every user. 

PDF-mate Converter Pro

PDF-mate Converter Pro

Converting as well as editing OCR documents can be easier with this online too. This online converter comes with the OCR technology that may help you to convert files easily.  This is not just easy to use the tool but you can use it on a regular basis for different types of professional level converting tasks. This is actually a six in one PDF converting tool that can help you to convert files including the uncommon ones like E-books or EPUB. You can merge different documents by a specific selection of pages that you need to convert. Document splitting is available also with the tool. To save the file from third-party access, you can save them with the password. 

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