eCommerce Web Design

“Change is the only constant” this statement defines the year 2021 will be. With each year being unique and giving a different vibe, 2021 is no different than others.

With changing user patterns and with competition to give customers the best shopping experience, website companies like Somnath Jadhav are setting new eCommerce web design trends even in 2021! If you are not up to date yet then it’s time to redesign.

Our web designers are getting incredibly creative while keeping the site functional and clean of clutter. We empower the website owner to build experiences that no visitor has imagined.

For us this year there have been advances in design as well as development. Our talented team always look at cutting edge technologies and processes which will surely catch the attention of users in a busy and always-connected world!

We share some of our best secrets in the form of the 10 Best E-Commerce web design trends for 2021

1. Get those Animations!

Well, in 2021 you will need to be smart, popular, and fast to make it through this busy market. Gone are the days when loading speed used to be a pain. At Somnath Jadhav, we use motion graphics that add spunk and persona to your overall brand, and illustrations help visitors tell the overall story of your brand in a cool, clear, and confident manner! We make sure to have the animations customized for mobile users too. Animations are a new high which will connect and cement stronger relationships with customers!

2. Striking Colours

All these years colours have been an intrinsic part of overall appeal and a connecting medium for its visitors. With changing times colours are again in focus but this time with a different boldness! Now visitors like bold bright colours which will make the website pop!  With Somnath Jadhav’s creative team we make intelligent use of colours which can help convey the message and bring out a positive shopping experience. 2021 is the year of eye-catching websites clad in striking colours paired with appealing backgrounds and seamless navigation.

3. The Art of Storytelling

One of the Best approaches to building a brand is storytelling! Yes! A Good Story can always breathe life into a seemingly lifeless brand. We have created some of the best connections with customers for our clients through storytelling. We create an effort to establish an emotional connection with our customers through the Art of storytelling!

We earn credibility and trust through storytelling and makes your business stand and shine brighter as well as taller than before! Our expert team along with intelligent content writing knows how to build a brand. We start by sharing stories of some of the very humble beginnings of the brand, then we show how passionate you are for the service with the hardships faced on the way. And lastly, we give a solution to the customer’s problem to make sure they connect emotionally too, thus building trust in the brand.

4. Voice Search

The year 2021 has enabled internet requests to optimize for voice services. This has enabled a great and unique shopping experience no matter what device they are using. Having your website enabled with voice search will reward you in many ways and build brand loyalty in the long run.

5. Cinemagraphs

We all love motion and light animation, this is the very nature of the human eye. We at Somnath Jadhav has deeply studied this very simple but powerful logic. We enable the movement of the element on a static background! This is the trick of cinematography which makes images look realistic, light, mysterious, and a bit magical too! The key is to influence emotions through web design and let cinematography enhance them.

6. Be Innovative to use patterns in web design

One of the easiest ways to make your site popular is to have a diverse and refreshing website complete with patterns that speak loads about your product. At Somnath Jadhav, we have set a trend for 2021 and use patterns that spread on different parts of the background. We are famous for creating hot and modern web design looks which will transform your website from a simple one to a business generator that attracts new visitors each time!

7. Interactive 3D to make that perfect impression!

2021 has been a year of innovation for 3 Dimension (3D) web design. 3D has evolved from simple designs to interactive web designs be it static, animated, or interactive! At Somnath Jadhav, we have an experienced team that will handhold you and give you entire guidance for making the perfect interactive 3D design website. With us you need not worry about technicality, we will make the perfect website that will be appealing both aesthetically and technically.

8. Let your Typography speak loud and clear

Fonts are the medium that makes it easier for the message to be passed to the customer. In 2020 fonts have gone much beyond simplicity and basic readability. Having said that it is very necessary to keep things simple yet appealing. Taking things to extremes with illegible fonts in a vain attempt to be creative can be off-putting and do more bad than good. By the use of the right typography, the message can be delivered crystal clear and customers can connect to it easily.

9. Hover Effects

These are the effects that are observed when you hover the mouse cursor. Effects like pop-up hints, zoom, rotation, and deposition turn an ordinary website into an interactive and responsive talking website which will surely turn visitors into customers! Once habitual, the user begins to hover the mouse over everything to see what happens! This way there’s an opportunity for the visitor to spend more time on the site and possibly make a purchase.

10. Frames of White Space

In the search for the best layouts, designers are gravitating towards finding solid structures. The good news is that their search has ended with white space!  White space gives web design stability and designers at web design companies like Somnath Jadhav are making the best use of it! We’ve designed some of the most stunning websites with clean framing of white space neatly structured around, making the perfect foundation for making visuals shine.

Armed with the best innovative designs you are now ready to unleash the power of web design in 2021! For getting a stunning web site delivered right up to you just visit us at Somnath Jadhav and you will be welcomed to our colourful world of the most innovative web designs!