high quality backlinks

 When you put up content on your blog or website, something almost magical happens! Search engine crawlers read that content and try and look for relevant links that they can then link back to similar articles in your niche.

This will help in gradually building a ranking for you. A backlink is one of the many ways to build your standing in your niche. While people use keywords which can be long term or short term, link building is also an important exercise that can be used in such cases.

 So what is link building? The practice of link building helps in generating traffic for your blog because your link becomes visible in various other places like other blogs, websites and even comment threads. Earning backlinks – high-quality backlinks – is an important part of SEO.

Think about it this way – if you are only talking about yourself on your own website or blog and no one else is talking about you, there will be very few people who will trust your authenticity and credibility. More than anything else, if you do not regularly indulge in the practice of earning high-quality backlink building, then Google will negate whatever ranking you may have initially earned.

 So, if you want to grow your blog and its following, you will need to earn high quality backlinks for your blog or website. Here are 13 ways in which you can build high quality backlinks:

 1. Your Content

Original and authentic content marketing always guarantees eyeballs and eye heat on your blog or website. To build high quality backlinks, you will need to ensure that your content offers something genuine and original for your readers and your viewers.

They should be able to get a solution or a takeaway that will keep them coming back for more. Eventually, this will culminate in a process of sharing links that will help you earn high quality backlinks.

2. Guest Blogging

This is a very powerful SEO tool that can genuinely earn you some very high quality backlinks. Guest blogging is the act of either blogging for someone else’s blog every once in a while or inviting some other blogger to blog for you as well.

You will need to ensure that you choose someone who is a well-known name in their industry or at least with a sizable and genuine following. Also, the blogger should have something to do with your niche. The same holds true when you are choosing another blog for guest posts.

 3. Resources

Always create a list of resources that will genuinely interest your readers and be of some help to them.  The resources that you feature and carry on your website will grab the eyeballs of those you have featured.

These must be good quality resources that you regularly and routinely mention on your website or blog on a consistent basis. Once you do this, they will also want to return the favor and keep you consistently posting about them. This is when a link exchange program can be worked out with a high quality backlink building.

 4. Visually Charged Content

Make sure that your content has good visuals to go with it, as this will also grab eyeballs. Your readers will be more prone to share your link as a comment on another blog post or on their social media feed if your information is comprehensively and entertainingly featured in some key visuals or imagery on your blog or website. This is indeed an excellent way to earn some high quality backlinks.

 5. Consistency

It is important to be consistent if you want to get people coming back to you and looking to share your links. When you have consistently set yourself into a blogging and content creation routine, you will see that people are regularly coming back for your posts and for your content.

Once they start trusting your content, they will also begin recommending your links by sharing them – and that is one of the great secrets of earning some high quality backlinks.

 6. Make Use of The Trending Hashtags

When you look for titles and topics to blog about, always remember to do a quick search of all that is new and current in your niche. You may want to do a keyword search that will point you to the right and best performing keywords in your niche, and additionally, you may also want to do a search of the latest trending hashtags that have to do with your niche. This will ensure that you get high quality backlinks since people are more prone to share something that is current.

 7. Competitor websites

There must be a number of websites that link back to niches like yours. You should look for these places where your competitor blogs would also have their links shared. Chances are that if they have shared such links from the same niche, they would be willing to do so for your blog as well. This can earn some high quality backlinks.

 8. Images

Did you know that you can also earn links with images? If you are using stock free imagery or even images from other websites and blogs (with their permission, of course), then there is also a high chance that you can link back to these images so that you earn some high quality backlinks.

You can also give others permission to use your images with some backlinks that would lead readers back to your blog or website. For this, you should concentrate on creating images that are interesting and informative at the same time.

9. Interviews

This is another great way to earn some high quality backlinks. When you conduct interviews with other bloggers or experts from your niche, you are also giving these people the impetus to go ahead and share your content and the links to the same.

It works the same way when you go ahead and give an interview for another blog or you become a part of a story roundup. This will also earn you high quality backlink in that blog or story.

 10. Testimonials

Seek out the people who are well connected in your niche and also those who have successful blogs of their own. Write them some testimonials and also seek out testimonials from them. Always remember to put in your links or their links so that there is a build-up of high quality backlinks within such deliverables and content.

A testimonial must be written and sought out in a genuine manner. So if you have a product or a service do not be scared to offer some free samples or a free session in order to gain that much-needed testimonial for your website or your blog.

 11. Social Media Sharing Game

When your social media game is strong, then you can be sure that half your work is done. Now, we are not merely talking about spamming people’s inboxes and feeds but creating a clickbait headline to go along with the link that you share.

This way, people will share what they find interesting from your blog or website and you will also earn some high quality backlinks. Always remember to keep track of such sharing efforts and remember to also thank the person who may have shared your links.

 12. Events

Be a part of pop-ups and other events that can help in putting your name on the map. When such an event happens and you are a part of it as a sponsor, what also happens is that you get to see your link mentioned when they cover the event on their page or feed. This leads to some great backlinks which can come back to you and it is an authentic place for you to be seen as well. Plus, nothing beats the physical contact with your audience!

 13. Business Profiles

You need to have a strong digital profile so that you are able to build in your links. This profile is like your digital business card and you must put plenty of thought into it. In fact, after the first draft, you should show it to some experts and successful people in your niche so that you also get their feedback and you are able to tweak your profile accordingly.

Find the correct and relevant place in your profile where you can easily work in your link and then leave all your social media handles at the end as well. This will most definitely help you earn some high quality backlinks at the end of the day.

In your profile, remember to also link to successful blogs and websites in your niche so that people have a point of reference when they are looking at your work. This also gives them the foundation to compare your work and thus judge your standing in your niche.