The greatest app for organizing your games is GOG Galaxy 2.0, which you need to install on your computer if you enjoy playing PC games. Each of your games.

There are at least seven significant online gaming shops vying ferociously for your credit card. Every week, Epic offers you free games. There are sporadic deals where top games are marked down significantly on Steam, which features games like FIFA that have even entered the eSports ‘arena’ and are provided by top-tier bookies (some of them may be found at And for a few dollars a month, Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass for PC provides access to dozens of titles that are either free or inexpensive. It is absurdly simple to find games online that are free or inexpensive. But tracking and observing those games is a quite different affair. The majority of the time, every online retailer has an app that can be used to buy, download, and authenticate games. All games that you have downloaded are then kept in that retailer’s digital library.

About GOG Galaxy 2.0

Keeping track of the games you downloaded or purchased from each store requires checking each one separately. Who can afford time for that? Can you? The majority of players probably only choose one or two stores while ignoring the rest. And you are losing out on a lot if you do the same. GOG Galaxy 2.0 alters everything. It is an uber-store app, allowing you to gather all the games you possess into a single, public location and connect to all other stores.

Do you feel like playing Far Cry 3? No need to question if the game was purchased from Ubisoft, Steam, or another retailer. To begin, only click the title icon. Let’s be straight, GOG Galaxy 2.0 is not really a brand-new concept.

GOG Galaxy 2.0 first surfaced in 2019, when GOG’s online store was still in its infancy. But after a year or so of polishing and improvement, it has emerged as the preferred software for many gamers to manage all of their games online. This allows everyone to get access to a vast selection of games that they may play whenever they want, even those who do not frequently buy them.

All Games in One Place

How GOG Galaxy 2.0 incorporates various stores into one cohesive experience is what makes it so magical. Only three online stores are officially supported by GOG Galaxy 2.0: its own store (, Xbox Live (and its Game Pass Ultimate subscription), and the Epic Games Store (which will open in January 2022). You can link to each game store by selecting the gear-shaped “Settings” button located in the upper right corner, going to Add Games & Friends, and then selecting Connect Game Accounts. The login screen and authentication process for that store will then be displayed to you. Upon approval, GOG Galaxy 2.0 will establish a connection to the store and begin ‘importing’ titles, filling the application’s home screen.

However, there is more. Several retailers, including Steam, Ubisoft, Amazon Games, Bethesda, Origin, and others are pre-integrated with the primary GOG Galaxy 2.0 client thanks to community modifications made to GOG’s SDK. You may add even more games by selecting “Settings” located in the upper right corner, choosing to Add Games & Friends > Connect Game Accounts, and then doing a backend automated GitHub search. For instance, adding games bought through Humble’s shop is as easy as putting “Humble” into the search bar under “Community Integrations”.

By now, GOG Galaxy 2.0 has accomplished its primary objective of giving all of your games a uniform interface. All of the games you possess, have installed, or are a subscriber to are easily filtered by clicking. Each icon’s name, which should be evident, and the store it is in can be seen by hovering over it. In addition to the base game, GOG also gives out unique icons for various editions of the game, like the “Game of the Year” edition. You can also manually upload the executable file or examine your computer for games that might not be listed in the shop. This is typically only done with extremely old games, including classics, such as Silent Hill 4: The Room, which have not been updated (remade or remastered).

You might discover that you have two versions of the same game in some circumstances; for instance, Europa Universalis IV is accessible to you via the Epic Games Store and your Xbox Game Pass membership. Although GOG hides the option on the page for each game, you can select to acquire from any store.

The Galaxy software from GOG also completes this task fairly thoroughly. A secondary page with a summary of the game, review highlights, and other information is opened by tapping on a game icon in the main game library. The richest websites are those related to GOG’s ‘official’ stores, like Microsoft’s Xbox Game Store because interoperability with every game store varies and certain game stores offer capabilities that others do not. You may find a thorough summary of your accomplishments, information about how long you have been playing, and your standing among your pals who also enjoy the game here.

Special Modes of GOG Galaxy 2.0

In certain ways, GOG Galaxy 2.0 has its own unique special modes. It is not always obvious which friends are online, so those who do not want to play with others can see, for example, four friends who play Microsoft Xbox PC games inside the right taskbar in the menu. There have been no friends online, though, according to the nav bar on the left. The fact that GOG Galaxy 2.0 does not really inform you of a game’s size before you download it, in our opinion, is its worst problem. Unlimited bandwidth and contracts to abolish those restrictions are not available to everyone.

You must keep checking Epic for its weekly game or explore Steam for its own game sales because GOG Galaxy typically promotes GOG’s own discounts or offers. You can try out PlayNite, a fully accessible alternative that provides many of the same capabilities, if that or the premise that GOG Galaxy is store-owned bugs you.

Additionally, there are several issues with which GOG at this time has no control. If you wish to play a game from that shop, you will still need to download and keep running multiple authentication/storefront programs, such as Steam or the Epic Games Store. Achievement tracking is not allowed in some stores. Other store apps can upgrade your games for you automatically, but GOG Galaxy 2.0 cannot. Additionally, GOG Galaxy does not currently have a connection to DLC or mods created by the community, like Steam Workshop. For community-designed rides and objects in games like Planet Coaster, for instance, you must use Steam.