Online Store

Starting your own online store requires you to make a lot of different decisions about a lot of different aspects of your business. One of the biggest is what shopping cart platform you will use for your web store, and most savvy eCommerce store owners choose Shopify for a multitude of reasons.

Assuming you’ve selected Shopify as your chosen platform, the next most important decision is what Shopify theme to use for your online store. A good choice here can be the difference between a responsive, engaging store or something customers will try to avoid.

But there are a lot of Shopify themes out there, numbering the thousands of themes, with more being created every day. The amount of time required for you to go through all of the options is just impractical. For someone starting out an online business, it’s just logical to start with the best Shopify theme possible, and preferably a free Shopify theme, to get started with low costs.

If you are someone already in the market, then you know how one add-on to a Shopify theme not being compatible with the others can be a pain to troubleshoot, make the store page unresponsive and slow, and customers frustrated. Not only that, some of those themes and add-ons can be expensive, and a lot of them will add to your costs and go over your budget really fast.

So, how to choose the best Shopify theme for your online store? Well there are certain criteria that can be followed to determine which would be best. Selecting those with all of the right qualities will save you a lot of time deciding, as usually you will have fewer options in the end. We already know the answer to this question, and you can find it at the end of this article. So let’s get to it:

  • Good Functions

The best Shopify theme must be a functionality powerhouse because you will want something that can adapt and be used for any online store. If you have a product niche today, it’s not necessarily going to be the same tomorrow. So you will want something that can be used for many different types of businesses.

Not only that, it must be responsive and fast, easy to manage, and fully customizable. Those are the characteristics of a Shopify theme that will convert clickers to buying customers fast, as they don’t want the hassle of a page that will not load correctly. If something is not loading right, or it takes too long to load, they will lose interest and move on. So, the best Shopify theme cannot be like that, instead of needing to be a powerhouse of a theme.

  • Ease of usage

Both newcomers and veterans alike will appreciate if the Shopify theme is easy to install, use, troubleshoot, and customize. There’s no point in making life any more difficult than it already is for an online store owner, and having a theme that is easy to use will take a lot of the frustration out of the equation during the setup process.

It will also mean that maintaining the online store will be easier, and if anything goes wrong, it’s easy (and fast) to fix. The focus is always on the customer, but if you can’t use the platform, there’s just no point in presenting it online to potential buyers.

  • It Must Have The Best Features

So, not only it must be easy to use and be very responsive, but to be the best Shopify theme out there it’s necessary to have the best features available. Features such as being mobile-friendly, with a point-and-click interface for customization, beginner-friendly layout and drag-and-drop reordering, just to name a few. It must be the “Conversion Rate Boss” for your store, not only a Shopify theme to make it look pretty.


  • It’s the Convertify theme!

For the functionality, the Convertify theme is a clear winner over all of the others because it’s a single, powerful platform you can use without additional plug-ins or anything like that: customers browsing your online store will have a seamless experience, with quick load times and responsive links. It’s extremely easy to use and has all of the necessary features to be the best.

Even more than that, it’s a free Shopify theme, so you will cut costs even further! Check it out today at, and prepare to be amazed.