branded folder

Are you looking to create more awareness of your brands and increase your company’s sales? You don’t need look to any further than branded folders because they can be one of the most effective, yet cost-effective promotional tools.

The beauty of using customised folders to market your business is that they are versatile and widely used by people across different industries and they look professional when given as gifts. So, if you want to promote your business and your brands, here are some of the reasons for considering branded folders:

Branded folders can help to increase brand visibility

The purpose of promotional tools is to give your business and brand more exposure. The good news is that branded folders are one of the best tools to help you create great awareness because you can have your company’s logo, slogan and other marketing messages printed on them. Given that the people who receive the folders will carry them with them to so many places, this will guarantee that many people will get to know about your company and brand.

They can help in brand differentiation

Companies operate in very competitive markets and need to go the extra mile to differentiate themselves and stand out from their competitors. Using branded folders is a good way for businesses to differentiate themselves and have a better chance to sell more and improve their profitability.

You can contact RocketBags, the leading manufacturer of branded promotional items such as folders and bags to order folders with custom designs, colours and looks so that you create a unique experience for all those who receive them. This can go far in differentiating your brand and helping you to improve your sales.

Using branded folders is cost-effective

Given that folders have a long useful life, you get great returns when you use them to promote your brands. People will continue getting information and recalling your brand from the same branded folders for a long time without your business having to incur additional costs. Furthermore, ordering customised folders in huge numbers can be cheaper because you get good discounts reducing the price per piece. Therefore, you create brand awareness about your brand for a long period at a lower cost.

Branded folders increase brand recall

Every brand worth its salt should work hard to ensure it remains at the top of the minds of its existing and potential customers. This is vital because it makes people go for your brand whenever they have a need that it can satisfy.

When you give out promotional items, like branded folders, with your company’s logo, name and slogan, people associate your brand items, and whenever they see them, they recall your brand. Because a folder is something that recipients will use so often, your customers and prospects will see them frequently and recall your brand increasing the chances of those people buying your brands.

They can improve professional relationships

When your company offers clients, employees and other stakeholders branded folders, it shows that you value them and your association with them, and want to contribute to their success. This can help to improve your relationship with them and enhance your business’ performance and reputation.


There are many reasons for using branded folders to promote your business and brands. They include increasing brand visibility, helping in brand differentiation, enhancing brand recall, and improving professional relationships. Also, folders can be cost-effective promotional tools in the long run.