mobile app development

In this realm of smartphones, people now have mobile apps that aid them in many ways. These mobile apps are not only limited to giving users an enhanced experience but are also opening doors for businesses in order to expand them with improved ROI help by SEO Company In London.

If you are a Mobile App Developer and want to make a profit from your apps then you can get business model ideas by reading below written points.

eCommerce Apps

Today, every e-commerce is having their business applications on all major Application stores and all of them are gaining more & more customers day by day. Among all other business models, e-commerce model is the most popular and revenue-giving model. And, in future, this model’s popularity won’t decrease as stated by some industry experts. With this kind of applications, you can sell your own product or you can sell other’s products and with these two approaches, you can gain good profit. So, if you have something in mind related to selling then these kinds of mobile applications are the best option for you to get revenue.

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Royalty Apps

Royalty apps are nothing new but are a good practice in order to gain the main market and revenue over a short time. So, in this model, royalty is earned by offering the app to devise owner companies like Samsung, Micromax and other Android smartphone manufacturers. On acceptance of the proposal, these smartphone manufacturers will pre-install your application and when a user opens and log-ins into your app then you will receive a pre-agreed royalty amount which will serve you revenue.

Subscription Required Apps

Now, the application developers like Music, Magazines, Movies and Books offer their apps to everybody but for accessing the content on these apps the application developers charge users on a monthly or yearly basis. Recently Apple also launched its Music app which offers 24 hrs Radio channel and more than 30 Million songs for its users and for all this music experience for just $9.99/month. In such apps, you can bring users your own real content or you can just use 3rd party contents to show them to your subscribed users.

Limited Access Apps

These apps are very popular in terms of getting revenue. With these apps, the developers let the users download their apps for free but with limitedly accessed data. This means that users are only allowed to access to the short version of the application and to gain full access to it, users have to make a purchase. Such an app strategy attracts the users very much because these kinds of apps give first a trailer and then if the user finds it interesting then he goes for its premium version.

In-App Purchases

I guess you are already aware of this kind of apps. Not aware? Ok, let me tell you. These apps are a little similar to Limited access apps; in these apps, the user gets access to things and if the user wants to get more access to items then he has to make a purchase for those items. You can see this revenue strategy in-game applications like Killing, Clash of clans where if a user wants to upgrade its Gun then he needs to purchase that gun with real money.

Paid Apps

Developers also employ this revenue model although this is not a great model still it counts. In this model, before downloading the application users have to pay some fee and after the successful payment, only users can access the application for their whole life. Applications like utilities, games, Productivity etc come under this category.

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In-App Ads

As the name suggests this is a revenue model in which ads are created inside applications of mobile devices or inside websites when the user surfs it. If the user finds the ad appealing then by clicking on that ad user can download the app (after making payment for buying it) and can enjoy the application. Although, this is not a great way to gain revenue it is better to have something than nothing.

App install ads

This is a newly forming strategy for getting revenue. In this, developers can use sites like Face book, Google + etc and publish their app install ads on them so if the user finds the ad appealing then he can just directly click on install and use the app. This strategy is not that much revenue giver because for placing ads on such social websites, they charge some fee from you.

So, these were top 8 business model ideas for Mobile App Developers. You can adopt any of the ideas for your app revenue generation.