e commerce websites

Exploring and buying through e-commerce websites have increased tremendously over the past few years. The pandemic era added a spark to these businesses and even saw many other businesses turning to an online platform. Data from Nasdaq, states that more than 95% of businesses are likely to run online by 2040.

Now, this is something huge. You can always turn your feet towards online commerce, but you must have a deep-rooted knowledge about what kind of features you are adding to your website. It is these features that decide whether the business will flourish or not. So, here we have curated a few features that you can focus on while making an e-commerce website.

1. User-Friendly Design and search bar

The busy city life doesn’t leave people with much time to spare on understanding the website. Your e-commerce website design and development should be such that one easily gets mingled up with it.

The user should get a clear understanding of how your website is working and where they can find the desired services.

Even the search bar should be strong enough to show relevant suggestions and must be visible on all pages.

RCCO has the expertise to transform any website into a user-friendly design that engages and delights visitors.

2. SSL certificate to ensure security

You must surely have developed a website to earn revenue. To ensure that the traffic to your website and the conversion rate increases install an SSL certificate. They encrypt the data flowing through the server and browser and make it difficult to decipher by a hacker.

This security is a key factor that builds user trust and lets them buy from you. You can go with a wildcard SSL certificate in the case of an eCommerce platform due to multiple subdomains. You can opt for RapidSSL wildcard, GlobalSign wildcard, and Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard certificate at a highly affordable rate and get that green padlock to enhance security. You must also follow the best eCommerce website security practices that keep each & every online transaction entirely safe. 

3. Create a Wishlist

An often-ignored feature is to have a wishlist on the website. Many people get confused and think it is like a cart. But understand that a cart is made to have an instant purchase while Wishlist saves the items that you want to buy in the near future.

You can buy from the wishlist as per your need and convenience. This gives customer insights and helps the customer to easily find the desired item when needed.

4. Multiple-Payment Options

It is a necessary feature that needs to be added to make you lead them in the e-commerce industry. You cannot restrict your users from making transactions merely through a debit or credit card.

Your website needs to have a multiple-payment choice in the form of e-wallets, through PayPal and other leading options. Another, possibility to avoid shopping cart abandonment is to have the option to pay later. This enables a user with even no money to buy now.

5. Comprehensive Product Information

An online store doesn’t leave you with an option to try or touch the product. It is merely the description and photos that help you make the purchase. 

Especially, if you are new in the industry, customers would demand you to supply a full detailed description of the product like- size, material, brand name, etc. Even the photographs uploaded should be natural and unedited to give quality assurance to the buyer. 

A well-written detailed description of product page lets you enhance your search engine ranking, which diverts more traffic to your website.

6. Customer Support

Don’t let your user get stuck amidst a purchase or with any issue related to your products. Give them strong and prompt customer support to ensure they leave your site fully satisfied.

You must put in your email address that is entitled to customer support. Ensure that you respond to the email prompt. Also, a toll-free number makes things fourfold easier when a user gets stuck with a query while navigating through the website. 

The new trend that is holding the space of a customer support system is to encapsulate a live chat feature that gives the user a feel of a shopkeeper taking care of its needs in a real-time scenario.

7. Reviews

Testimonial engines made a survey and found that 95% of the online buyers check reviews before buying a product. This huge data needs to take care of to ensure customers build trust in your brand.

Reviews give a detailed and clear understanding of the product. And customers get confidence in their purchases through these recommendations.

It is like you hear about a product or brand from your friend and rush to the store to buy one.

8. Navigation

To let the customer efficiently move through the website, strong primary navigation should be there. Navigation makes it easy for a customer to find his product.

Breadcrumb navigation must also be included on the website to enhance user experience and further let Google know how well your e-commerce website has been structured.

9. Well-formatted content

A reliable website needs to have useful content. Your content should not have high-end fonts and graphics. Rather keep things simple yet catchy. 

Also, update the content regularly like the expiry date of a product, change in price, any discount you offer, etc.

Even add links to blogs or articles related to a product. This will boost user confidence in the website as well as the products.

10. Mobile Device Platform

A good deal of people uses mobile devices to make their purchase. The 4th quarter of 2021 experienced that around 54.4% of online purchase was made through mobile devices. You cannot let such huge data be avoided.

Make your website such that it can easily be streamlined while using a mobile device. The ease to use from a mobile device will let more buyers get attracted to the website, thus increasing your conversion rate. 

Final verdict

The foregoing discussion must have made things clear to you. You need to have the right set of features to enhance and ease user experience. The easy it will be for a user to explore your website, the more will be the chances that he/she will add revenue to your business.

So, go for the best, right, and most futuristic features for your e-commerce website.