code signing certificate

Few Years ago, when the digital world was not famous, cyber-crime was extremely limited and not much of a concern. In those years, we never had second thoughts about the software we purchased, which may have been compromised.

In the modern world of digitalization, where e-crime accounts for 80% of the interactions, the software stuff directly downloaded from the internet, makes the software developers cautious since they find it difficult to conclude whether the software or the code, they have downloaded is legitimate or altered.

Code Signing Certificates arrive as a blessing and guarantee the users and customers that the code signed by developers is legitimate and intact.

What do you understand by a Code Signing Certificate?

Code signing certificates are used explicitly by software developers and web programmers to digitally sign apps, software programs, drivers, etc. before publishing them or distributing them on the internet.  

In a nutshell, code integrity and code authenticity are secured, and legitimacy of the publisher is judged by this certificate.

If the software is anonymous, there are chances of spyware or malware. Hence software code verification is essential to distinguish malicious software.

The above image clearly shows that software whose author’s name is “Unknown” is hazardous and should be avoided. Code Signing Certificates exhibit the author’s name, which creates trust amongst webmasters.

How to Get a Code Signing Certificate?

The procedure to attain a Code Signing Certificate is somewhat similar to an SSL certificate and that is the reason many CA and resellers sell this SSL.


To purchase a Code Signing Certificates from the SSL Provider as per your requirement. There are standard Code Signing Certificates and EV Code Signing Certificates available in the market. It is an individual or an organization; everyone needs to select the appropriate one.

The CA will verify and authenticate the identity of the user before the issuance of the same.

You can now start signing scripts, codes, executables, etc. digitally (32-bit and 64-bit) and distribute the same.

 Understanding the workings of a Code Signing Certificate

Code Signing Certificates also works on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), just like SSL, public key, private key. In this case, the private key is used to digitally sign the data and codes, These certificates use unique cryptographic hashes to lock the publisher’s identity with the software.

 Best Code Signing Certificate Providers

Code Signing Certificates are available with Certificate Authorities who sell SSL digital certificates too. These world-famous CA’s offer these certificates at attractive rates, which encourages individuals and business owners to opt for the same.

Below are some CA’s for your reference:






You can buy your cheap Code Signing Certificate from above-mentioned authorities for making your Software & Applications Code more secure.

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Advantages of Code Signing Certificates

Increases Customer Confidence:

It assures the customers and users that software and code integrity is legitimate, intact, and not compromised. This, in turn, boosts customer confidence, and they feel they are protected by secured software.


They help authenticate the software publisher and confirm that the source can be trusted. This helps in maintaining the prestige of the business.

Organization Details:

Just like SSL certificates, organization details like Name, Address, Type of Organization are mentioned in the Code Signing Certificates. Hence the customers can easily connect with the organization in case of any doubts. They can also contact the publisher in case of significant issues.


It has become popular because of its compatibility with most platforms like Java, Apple OS, Authenticode, MAC OS, Adobe AIR, Office VBA, etc. 

Limitless Signing:

There are no boundaries on the maximum number of signatures a software developer can do, and hence it’s a boon in itself. A software developer can do unlimited signs on software codes, executables, scripts, and applications, and thus they are motivated to serve the digital market in a better way.

Integration with Popular Browsers:

Rise in cyber-crimes, the majority of the browsers display various sorts of warnings.

Wrapping Up:

I have managed to explain how Code Signing Certificates work and the importance of these certificates for the software developer and the customer.These Certificates’s digital signatures display confidence about the code’s legitimacy and are quite useful in the sphere of software development.