how to start blogging in india

With every passing day, blogging is becoming an online passion for a lot of people in India. It helps to make money online as well as it gives the opportunity to express an individual online.

But if you are naïve, before initiating blogging in India you have to understand a few things which are absolutely necessary to keep in mind while choosing to blog.

The following steps should be considered before starting:

What Niche has to be chosen

Now niche has a very significant role to play while writing a blog. A niche is a topic on which you will create content for your audience.

Most of the Indian bloggers choose their niches based on technology. Instead, they have to open their eyes wide towards topics like beauty, travel, culture, news, programming, gardening, and so on.

Also, a profitable blog niche can be chosen as these will be money-making with a lot of passion.

The niche should be like that they simultaneously raise interest and have the potential to manage your earnings.

Moreover, you can try to brainstorm names from the niche that you have chosen. 

Try to be yourself

The most significant thing to understand is that when you start blogging, your blogs have to be real, and try to connect to your readers. Try to form your own style and make your own voice heard.

Do not earth you feel but you try to express it in a fine manner. Make everyone know how you enjoy yourself. You can have a lot of fun while initiating a blog. Digital Entrepreneur like Fernando Raymond has started his career by starting a blog and he owns 200+ private blogs at ClickDo which is managed by Dinesh Kumar VM

Focus on writing skill or marketing skill    

In addition to making money through blogging, there is one thing that needs to be considered. More focus on writing skills or marketing skills can make you a more efficient blogger. It means, to become a blogger you should have any one of the above-mentioned skills.

While having good writing skills, there has to be an excellent marketing skill that lacks in India. As marketing skill seems to be significant in selling a product to readers or convincing them, more focus must be given to marketing skills.

So, you should keep both these skills in your kitty.

Widen yourself socially by blogging

There should be a form of connection with other bloggers to widen your social circle through your niche. This is the best way to catch and reach the audience. By forming a good connection with other bloggers in the community, you can help each other through guest posts, social shares, and so on.

Also by sharing their content on your social networks, and by joining blogging communities online, you can raise your social space, leading the way to success.

Indian Bloggers make more money from Affiliate Marketing

While contextual advertising generates some money for Indian bloggers, they do earn more money through affiliate marketing because the Indian bloggers are good at selling online products. When it comes to affiliate marketing, there is a wide range of products and services available by using which you can promote and earn money online.

Its very simple to get started with affiliate marketing. One of the best niche to start affiliate marketing is web hosting services. When any user buys a domain or hosting package by using your affiliate link, then you will get the retainer commission every year when they renew the package. This is just an example, still, you can get started with affiliate marketing in other niches as well.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is the way of publishing a blog on other websites and getting backlinks to your website. Link building is the core Off-Page SEO factor and guest posting is one of the ways to build high-quality links to your website.

If you have a blogging website with good traffic, then you can accept paid guest posts on those websites and can start earning money from that. This is one of the easiest ways to make money with the help of the blog.


The above steps should be taken into considerations if one wants to be successful in the blogging career.