Packing Well

An entire bedroom of stuff. One suitcase. And you. That’s the epic showdown that you are about to face as you begin to pack to move to Indore. Because you’ve finally decided to give your education the attention it deserves by moving and attending one of the best schools in Indore. And that means moving out of your hometown and getting ready for hostel life.

You need to focus on having everything you need to make the best impression on your roommates and future classmates while still experiencing some of the comforts of home. So, what exactly should you pack? And what can you leave behind? What exactly are those hostel life essentials that everyone keeps telling you about? If you have all those questions swimming through your mind as you stand in front of your suitcase, you’re in the right place. Because we’re about to tell you exactly what to pack and take with you before you move to Indore.

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First things first, our list is a pretty objective one. You might need to tweak certain things here based on the facilities that your hostel provides, the requirements of your school, the number of people you might be sharing your room with, etc. So, make sure you check with someone about all these factors before you start packing. And if you’ve done that, then you’re ready to get started.


We know the temptation to chuck your entire wardrobe into your suitcase might be overwhelming but resist it. Instead, when you’re packing your clothes, think about the different items you’ll need based on the activities you’ll be participating in. You’ll definitely require outfits for class and lounging about your hostel in, but also factor in your activewear, formal wear, any traditional outfits, and of course, what you’re going to wear to any exciting parties.

But before you start piling all your favorite clothes for these occasions into your suitcase, keep two things in mind – the weather conditions of your new city, as well as how often you plan to do laundry. Based on these two factors, you’ll know exactly what type and volume of clothes to pack. Our top tip here is to remember that less is more. You’re probably going to go shopping when you’re living in Indore anyway, so there’s no need to go overboard with your clothes.


Another obvious item, perhaps, but shoes tend to be bulky, which means they’re going to occupy a lot of space while you’re packing. Although you might want to show off your fanciest heels and best formal shoes every day in school, you might have a dress code to adhere to.

And remember that you’re going to spend a lot of time on your feet. It’s best to pack at least a few pairs of comfortable shoes, as well as one or two dressier options for formal or casual occasions. Don’t forget a pair of slippers to wear around your hostel either. Wrap each pair of footwear in a laundry bag or plastic packet to separate them from your clothes without occupying too much space in your suitcase.


Obviously, you’re going to be taking your phone and laptop with you to your new hostel, and these can fit comfortably into your hand luggage during the move. Don’t forget to include their chargers too. We also recommend investing in both an extension cord and a portable charger for your time in Indore.

These two things are going to be a real boon for you. You might also want to bring certain other appliances with you such as a hairdryer or straightener, an electric kettle, or even a portable cooler. Just remember to check your hostel guidelines before you pack any of these as you don’t want to accidentally flout any restrictions.

Bedding, curtains, and towels

Most of the hostels in Indore will provide you a room with basic furniture, but the rest is up to you. And that means you’re going to have to pack all the household essentials like bedding, curtains, towels, and more. When it comes to these items, we have two suggestions. For the room furnishing like curtains, rugs, or doormats, ensure that you have the exact dimensions of your room before you purchase anything. 

You might also want to coordinate with your roommate about what to bring so that you don’t end up with any overlaps. When it comes to your personal belongings like bedding and towels, we recommend packing more than one set. This is so that you have a spare set that you can use while one is in the laundry, or in case you accidentally spill something. Bedsheets and towels can be bulky, but you can use them to wrap fragile items that you’re packing or roll them to save space in your suitcase.

And those are our top tips that will help you pack for hostel life. Keep our guide in mind as you begin to pack, or create a checklist to ensure you don’t forget any essentials. With our suggestions, you’ll find packing is a lot less stressful than you had thought. So, go ahead and try them out.