Advantages of Live Chat

Once when you ordered your food from Swiggy or Zomato, the order was cancelled and payment was done. We all have encountered such incidences where the fee is paid but the service was pending or cancelled. Those are the test of every company’s grievance redressal quality. You crave for your money and want to talk to an actual person. Talking to a live person on the other end gives you confidence. Here the live chat software comes into play. All major service providers are trying to implement. Not because everybody else is, but they are well aware of the advantages. Here you can find some best advantages of live chat having on your website.

5 biggest advantages of having a live chat option on your website:

Customer Trust

As a customer, one is not aware of the people he is dealing with. The ones who are operating on the other side. When a lead is received, it means that you have provided ample data to show your potential. The last bridge to close a client is how much you care about them as personally as possible.

A live chat is the most effective way to attract attention. You bring customer to the comfort of a conventional setup where a salesman is responsible if anything goes wrong. It reflects a very professional behaviour of your company and shows that you value their money and time.

Customer Retention

When a customer is going through your products, they have questions and queries of any length. They love to ask questions before spending a single penny. The sooner your company responds, the better are the chances to close the deal. If you take longer, even if the customer is regular, they start looking for an option immediately. Retaining old customers is 10 times more valuable than acquiring new ones. 

Live Chat enables you to answer all queries immediately. You are saving their time for a decision as well as improving your product propositions. That is how companies like Swiggy, Zomato and OYO retain their customers.

Consumer Satisfaction

To deal with a live person gives a happy feel that your money is safe. People are very afraid of dubious companies sucking their hard money. Receiving immediate automated responses like emails of transactions are good. But a customer is satisfied to know the physical person on the other end. It gives immense satisfaction.

Even the grievance redressal is so fast these days due to live chat that people have grown more confident about internet transactions of their money.

Cost Effective

With just a few dollars of investment, you can integrate a live customer chat solution to your website. Companies like ‘livechatinc’ are amongst best live chat software. These live chat partners can even provide you with a team of their own to work for you. Thus it makes easier to make live chats as you don’t have to hire people on the payroll for this work.

In conventional methods, you have to hire a team that works on complaints at the back-end, which costs a lot. The time wasted altogether in the rigorous process is far more expensive. It costs customers.

Shorter Response time

Response time is the king of all sales strategies. This fact is not new yet every new business goes through this process. Bringing their enquiry and grievance response time as low as possible. The fastest response platform available today is either via phone call or live chat. While a phone call is necessary for certain situations the most viable way to deal with customers is via chats only.

In conventional methods available on the internet makes one send an email. Nobody knows till how long that email will rot in the inbox till somebody finally bothers to open it. In most cases, the response comes after the customer has lost interest in the product or sought for alternatives.

Shorter response time is the key to retain customer interest. Keeping a track of all queries and grievances is much easier in a chat-box. Some companies today start a live-chat by a nice automated greeting message which is a good strategy to keep the customer engaged until someone finally attends the chat.

One thing that defines a better live chat is how much the person can help. Three points decide the quality of a live chat:

  • Knowledge to answer queries
  • Ability to solve grievances while on the chat itself
  • Engagement techniques while closing a client

Whatsapp is the first messenger to release a plug-in for easy integration with websites for live chat free of cost. In this way, small enterprise owners can directly respond to clients without paying any money. Exciting right?