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YouTube is one platform that never disappoints its user, whether they are looking for information, entertainment, or information. The popularity of the medium is the reason why brands and people use YouTube to grow their business or make a career. If you have a YouTube channel for your brand, make sure you work hard to increase its traffic. Because when you have more traffic, then you only get better benefits out of this medium.

1. Research and plan compelling content

No video will get traffic if it doesn’t resonate with the viewers. A video has to have entertainment, information, or tutorial for it to generate interest in the audience. If you want to get more views and increase the number of your subscribers, you should plan your video.

Think about what the audience wants or what message you are looking to convey. If your video is not compelling, it won’t make for an interesting watch, and people will leave mid-way. So, look at your audience or what is trending in the world. Keeping that in mind, figure out the content and create a video using that.

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2. Do include an outro

 We all want high traffic, millions of subscribers, and views on our videos. Right? Well, one way to do it is to engage your audience with the current video until the end and encourage them to keep exploring. At the end of a video, add an outro.

YouTube outro is the feature of this platform that enables you to add another video or a playlist of videos for users to checkout. Also, you can add links to your social media channels and more.

It does prove useful as if people have easy access to more videos, they will remain on your channel for a long and this helps with traffic. So, use Canva’s outro maker feature to create effective outros within minutes.

3. Work on getting more subscriber

One of the best ways to grow YouTube and get at least 10k YouTube views is to work on increasing your subscriber. If you have enough subscribers, you have customers who will watch your videos leading to more views. Encouraging users to subscribe can be the perfect way to get more traffic for your channel.

So, ask users to subscribe and turn on the notification every time you make a video. Also, use other social media platforms to promote your channel and ask users to subscribe.

Your content also plays a role in getting users to subscribe. If that is of top-notch quality, they will automatically follow your channel on YouTube.

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4. Make sure your video title is descriptive and rich in keyword

Even for YouTube, using keywords in your content is a sure way to improve its chances of getting higher traffic. When you use the correct keyword, you target the right audience who is looking for content similar to what you are presenting. So, make sure you use keywords in your YouTube title because a title not only informs the user about a video but also about its contents. And using the right keyword is just your way to nudge the customer to click on the video.

5. Work on your thumbnail

The thumbnail of your video encourages users to click on your video. It makes it interesting and shows what they can expect. It gives your video a fighting chance amongst all the videos of a similar nature. If the cover image or thumbnail is appealing and intriguing, people would like to click on it and watch.

Use these tips:

  • Make sure that the thumbnail is relevant to the content. If you mislead the viewer, they will not come back for more videos.
  • Use Canva to create thumbnails as it presents you with an option to customize it as well.
  • You can also use the title in your thumbnail if you are unable to get a compelling image.

Never ignore the importance of a great thumbnail, just like we judge a book by its cover, we decide to click on a video seeing the thumbnail.

6. Cross-platform promotion

 It is an impeccable idea to promote your YouTube channel on other social media platforms that you have. There might be many users who are not aware of your channel. Thus, you have a chance to expose your channel to a new customer.

To promote on other media, you can create a short teaser that you can post to make people feel excited about your new video.

YouTube is a platform that entertains, informs, and educates people. That’s why most of us make a lot of marketing decisions after researching on YouTube. For a business or individual looking to gain an audience through this, these platforms are a must.

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