Bootstrap landing page templates

A landing page in digital marketing is a standalone web page specifically created for a marketing or advertising campaign. It’s where a user “lands” after clicking on the link in an email or web-based ads. Unlike web pages, which usually have several goals and promote exploration, landing pages are built with a single emphasis or objective, defined as a call to action.

Since landing pages account for so many sales and have such a significant weight, there are countless tools available to learn more about the essential parts of a successful landing page. There are a lot of platforms and resources over there to help you examine your landing pages for free in front of a live audience. In below, you can find some Free Bootstrap Landing Page Templates.

10 Free Bootstrap landing page templates


If, whatever the case, you intend to drive a specific product, service, software, or mobile app into reaching more potential users with a reliable website landing page, Divi is a great choice for you. Instead of coming up with the concept from scratch, you can use Divi. Divi also comes with marketing and customization apps of all kinds. Besides, you can make changes and corrections with the integrated page creator while avoiding coding altogether. As far as you are using Divi for your online presence, you need nothing else.


This tool is a pack full of exceptional features and resources that will help you set up the perfect web space for whatever project you start. You can keep it super basic, or you can do some advanced stuff, and customize Shapely’s look- whatever you think best suits your project. Go as imaginative as you wish, and Shapely manages it all by all means.


Appy has everything a landing page would need to have. Appy package includes sticky control, call-to-action-buttons, loads material on tap, video help, testimonials and screenshot gallery, and many other goodies. Knowing that Bootstrap drives Appy, you know your webpage will be responsive.


Grunt is a Bootstrap website template for landing page style, which creatives can take to their full advantage. It is a sleek, minimalist, and competent canvas of the web that will show the content online in the best possible light. Grunt has a cool split-screen slider, which can have rewarding effects when you take a smart approach to it.

Startup 2

When you want to create a website for your agency or company, do it with Startup 2, as the name implies. It is a free website prototype for Bootstrap, with a stunning and elegant design that catches the attention of everyone. The process of creating your striking online presence can be speeded up with a ready-made interface. Other handy Startup 2 goodies include sticky control, hover effects, drop-down menu, loading content on tap, and slider testimonials. You’ll also find, of course, a beautiful portfolio section and a content marketing blog.


Elite is an outstanding free Bootstrap template that works perfectly for any photographer out there. If you are looking for a concept that has a distinct touch to it, Elite is one you should consider. After all, it comes entirely free, readily accessible so that you can put it into effect immediately. Other Elite goodies include a big banner, parallax impact on the loading of scroll content, testimonials, social media icons, to name a few. Launch the website of your photo project in style with Elite, and make a difference immediately.


Snapshot is another attractive option for anyone searching for a website to build for their photography business. With the incredibly impressive dark style, in the snap of a finger, you will have no trouble catering to the attention of each. Snapshot sports all the latest trends, ensuring excellent and consistent performance across all digital devices and web browsers. Besides, Snapshot comes with an effective communication form, Google Maps, social buttons, and a full-screen backdrop parallax.


Creating a personal portfolio website in the form of a landing page makes oh so much sense. You don’t want to take too much of your customer’s time after all but instead give them a short rundown of your expertise, services, and projects. With Me, without a shadow of a doubt, you’ll produce outstanding results. You’ll find all you need to create a successful website that will boost your professional or freelancer output.


When you are trying to create a landing page for an application, Unapp is an ideal web design. It’s a prototype rich in characteristics that will unleash a host of new possibilities. First and foremost, Unapp makes it utterly challenging to create an online presence from scratch. Unapp ‘s other specialities include sliders, video history, call-to-action on buttons, loading content on tap, and animated statistics. There’s also a back-to-top click, pricing plans, and a subscription-ready newsletter package. Last but not least, all new Web patterns are rocked by Unapp too.


If you are looking to raise the online presence of your company to new heights, let Imagine do it. It is a surprisingly clean and minimally free Bootstrap landing page prototype that gives your potential customers a friendly experience. Whatever computer and platform they use to browse the web, with Imagine, your page will work to the highest degree. Imagine’s simplicity and elegance ensure the result appears stunningly regardless of your business intentions.


I hope this information will help you to understand the best Bootstrap landing pages templates according to your business needs. There are a lot of tools and services out there to help you test your landing pages for free before a real audience. 

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