Contest And Giveaways Apps

Running contests on social media can be useful for increasing brand awareness and building followers. It could also help you create leads and produce high-quality, user-generated content. Most marketers choose to run contests and giveaways for this exact reason. However, most of them do not use tactical strategies and fail to achieve their goals.

If you want to attract new visitors to your webpage, your strategy must be well-planned. You must follow specific steps to get the most out of your efforts. Spreading awareness of your brand will happen only if you’re incentivizing your participants. Here are some of the best apps to run a successful giveaway. Check them out and let us know what you think.

1. Rafflecopter

This is probably one of the simplest apps you could use to run your contest. If you are a solo entrepreneur, this is what you want to opt for. Rafflecopter will help you build brand awareness through effective marketing campaigns that can be launched in no more than three minutes. You will have no difficulty integrating the contest into your website or social platform. All you need to do is copy-paste the code that’s been given to you and decide where you want your widget to appear.

Rafflecopter is mostly used for Twitter and comes with three plan options, the Basic, the Grow, and the Premium. You can test all of them for free to see which one fits your business model the best.

2. Shortstack

This app is one of the most widely used apps for social media contests, so it’s a great choice if you have a bit more to spend. You can run contests on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook by using Shortstack. In a popular case study, Great Lakes grew their Facebook followers by 200% in less than a month – so, the app works well.

You’ll get access to detailed analytics and verified voting and the option to restrict voting if you choose to. You can increase your number of followers by rewarding them with an extra chance to win if they refer someone else. If your objective is collecting leads, you can ask your participants for their contact information (e-mail) and where they live. It all depends on your goals. As a blogger for college paper writing services, my main goal is to collect leads and participant information, but yours might be different. Figure it out and choose the option that fits best.

3. Gleam

Another great app for running social media contests, Gleam will help you grow your audience quickly as well. You could use it to increase your email list or social media followers, whichever fits your goals. You can add entry methods easily and select the type of entries that you want. Something unique that Gleam offers are the verification of each user entering the contest. Gleam verifies whether your participants completed the requirements to be offered a giveaway. This helps you stay on top of your data and ensure that your followers have promoted your content.

Also, filling out a Gleam giveaway is much simpler for the user than using other platforms. The app’s got a WordPress plugin available to help you add the form to your website. It offers free trials and unlimited features for its members.

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4. Wishpond

This app can meet all of your social media contest needs! Wishpond is a useful marketing automation tool that allows you to create social media contests and promotions, as well as increased user engagement and leads. Like many other giveaway apps, Wishpond works on referrals and can be set up in minutes. You can use your own branding and colors to make it stand out on social media.

Wishpond offers marketers access to a real-time report sheet to track metrics and optimize performance. You can always download data as an Excel sheet and have the information available on your computer. You can also get access to your participants’ demographics such as gender, age, and interests. Wishpond also offers users a free trial!

5. Vyper

This app brings referral marketing to a whole new level. You can run popular contests and giveaways with Vyper – and the app is very simple to use. You can build your contests in minutes and create effective campaigns in seconds. This app has the potential to bring you serious benefits.

The entire app has been specially designed for getting you more traffic and leads, referrals, and of course, customers. Unlike other apps, Vyper interacts with your contestants and rewards people through so-called bonus actions.

6. Woobox

The Woobox app is another useful tool to increase brand awareness and promote yourself on social media. Setting up social contests is easy for you, especially when you have the ability to customize your campaign and interact with your personal branding elements as your image. The giveaway contests are suited for Facebook and Twitter. You’ll get access to real-time analytics. Their solo plan might fit your needs the best but don’t hesitate to check out all of their options.

7. Agorapulse

This simple and effective app is a great social media tool that can double your number of followers. It uses CRM and Facebook apps as an analytics component that helps you increase traffic. The unique feature of Agorapulse is its reporting system – it is similar to the one used by Facebook. Thus, the app is more intuitive when it comes to key metrics. You can try it out for free before signing up for a monthly plan.

8. Outgrow

Using Outgrow you can set up your giveaway campaign in minutes. It helps you create interactive contests such as chatbots and quizzes. Its useful development studio will also help you quickly edit your content. You can thus easily generate leads and traffic for your site or blog. Outgrow’s got three sections, build, configure, and analyze. These features allow you to build a template from scratch and attach your marketing image to it.


Hosting a social media contest or giveaway is a great option to raise awareness of your brand and develop your marketing strategy. Make sure you choose the app that suits your needs the best. Choose smartly and have some fun with it!