Environment Health and Safety (EHS), is an ecosystem that comprises the factors that can ensure the safeguarding of the assets of the organizations. The software helps businesses manage regulatory compliances relevant to their business processes.

With the help of the EHS software, businesses can keep a close look at the risks associated with their organization and provide solutions to reduce them.

If you are an owner of a small or medium-sized business, you don’t need to spend a fortune on a costly EHS solution. A simple, easy-to-use platform will have the necessary features to get the job done. For instance, VelocityEHS is the trusted partner and supplier of EHS management software to 20,000 companies across industries and comes with a free trial period. The free trial period can help you understand the functionality of the software and once you are satisfied you can get committed. 

Listed below are some of the features you should consider looking at before choosing EHS Software:

  1.  Customizable

Every industry or company is unique in the way it manages and functions. The software should be like that it encourages its users to act on information through reporting and alerts. EHS software should be such that it blends into the company’s safety processes by adding extra modules, creating custom workflows and processes.

 2. Accessible

EHS software must be accessible which can enable the field workers to report incidents from the place of occurrence. When the software is accessible from the field, the workers can take site audits and use digitized checklists, to check risks on the job. The software must be accessed on all the devices which will enhance the data sharing process and make it faster and more efficient to communicate and make quick decisions.

 3. Usable

The user interface of EHS software must be such that it is user-friendly with a simple onboarding structure. When the interface is easy to use it will influence greater participation in safety programs. The easy interface will also let the workers report a near-miss incident and issue a permit.

  4. Economical

It is advisable to go for a pay-for-use module; this module makes sure that you pay exactly for what you need, when you need it, with no hidden cost. Always check the reviews of other users to better under the software and make an informed decision. A lot of businesses subscribe to various EHS solutions and keep on paying unnecessary payments that are not clearly defined in the contract and even for the features you don’t use.

 5. Data Storage

The use of SaaS-based EHS software offers flexibility, scalability, security, and accessibility to ensure EHS data is always within your reach. Easy integration with third-party software should be a vital feature to look for as that will deliver guaranteed environment, health, and safety compliance. EHS software must work with other platforms such as commonly available tools, internally designed systems, and other commercial solutions an organization can get.

 6. Capable of Analyzing and Reporting

To improve the onsite EHS performance, the software comes with advanced capabilities to track, collect, and analyze data. Based on the recommendations given by EHS, the management can take steps to provide solutions and cut risks. Some questions that EHS can analyze are, how many close calls or near-miss incidents occurred, how many violations were reported by supervisors, etc.

EHS software facilitates your company to do some of the below-mentioned jobs efficiently:

  •       Audit Safety Standards
  •       Cut Danger
  •       Capture and Alter Unsafe Behavior
  •       Identify Risks
  •       Prevent Non-Compliance Fines
  •       Improve Employee morale
  •       Bring Speed and Effectiveness to Safety Processes

EHS management system gives you a wide range of benefits. With the help of the EHS system, you can find, retrieve, and store all your ESH data in one place. The company owners can boost the morale of their employees by eliminating unsafe work activities, behaviors, and risks. EHS will help create a transparent environment within the organization by staying connected throughout every safety operation. 

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