Tiktok Video Ad Specs

TikTok is the most gravitating and holds a widespread audience. In recent times it’s the highest downloaded social media app. TikTok defeats the downloaded rate of Facebook and Instagram. It has 800 million active users worldwide. TikTok has a fascinating massive group audience offering engaging and mind-blowing content. It has 500 million daily active users in the universe. Out of 155 countries, 141 countries are far-reaching.

Before advertising on TikTok, think about who is your target audience? Are you focusing on the young age group people(16-24)? If yes, then TikTok is a worthy place; 41% of users from TikTok are from a young age.

Generally, young people will love to create videos and be attracted to the innovative side. On TikTok, anyone can express their talent via video, and there is lots of appreciation and comments for that particular video from the people. On average TikTok users spending time will be around 52 minutes daily. And create $3 million in income through this app. So using TikTok, business marketers can achieve a pretty penny for their business. In this article, you are going to visit the rules and specifications of TikTok ads.

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Best Methods For TikTok Video Advertising

Create Vertical Videos 

Like regular TikTok video format, Your TikTok ads video must be in vertical format. TikTok will not accept horizontal video; moreover, it will create more impact on the audience.

Reduce Your Video Length

Your ads must be short and sweet, with a length of 9 to 15 seconds. It should directly hit your point. 

Begin With Impressive Visuals 

Usually, people will swipe to the next TikTok video if they don’t get attracted by the previous one. Here first impression matters; begin your ads with eye-catching visuals to hold people’s eyeballs. Attractive pictures made people not ignore your video; instead, it pulled your audience sight to watch your ad altogether, and also you can buy TikTok views to spread your wonderful content to a broader audience. Engaging ads is critical to heighten views; it will automatically reach.

Center Your Main Points 

Don’t let your main points appear away from the frame. Keep all your targeted points in the middle to grab the audience’s attention. At the same time, it made it easy for people to find your objectives. In this ad, you must add a call-to-action, and brand name, and it will be best to add a brand image along with it.

Background Music

Instead of using only subtitles, you can add background music or themes for your brand. You can select music that tempts your audience, and go with energetic and peppy music.

Come Up With a Catchy Description 

Add catchy descriptions for your ads; always use the local language. Create with short and concise that is making sure it’s informative and easily caught by your audience.

Add Captivating Call-To-Action 

You will have certain purposes to achieve in your TikTok ads, right. To proceed that you must add call-to-action. Make people click your call-to-action, so plan according to that.

If you want to make your ad attain massive reach, and support; then you must be ready to optimize your ads. Your ad composition, radio, image, file type, and ad duration will vary depending on the place.

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Ad Instruction For In-Feed Ads

On TikTok feed ads, as the name suggests, ads will display in a user’s feed. The following are the different types of ads for TikTok. Based on your necessity, you can select the ad method.

  • Video type
  • Ad display image
  • Brand or app name
  • Ad caption 

Instruction For Ad Video 

  • The suggested radio will be 9:16, 1:1, 16:9
  • The display size can be 720 x 1280 px, 640 x 640 px, 1280 x 720 px
  • Files like MP4, MPEG, MOV, AVI can use for your ads 
  • The length of the video can be 5 to 16 seconds 
  • The Ad video file size must be below 500 MB

Instruction For Ad Display Image 

  • The recommended radio is 1:1
  • The image file size will be less than 50k
  • Go with PNG, JPEG, JPG formats 

Instruction For Brand Or App Names

  • The character length of the ad caption is 12-100(English)
  • You can create lengthy description ads, but they will be cut at the end. It will not display the entire portion of the ad.
  • You must ignore the emojis.
  • Keep in mind punctuation; space takes as count.
  • The length of the app name with 40 characters(English)
  • The character length will vary depending on the language, operating system, and device model.

 Instruction For Ad Description

  • Description ad length can be 12-100 characters (English)
  • Lengthy phrases are not allowed 
  • Emojis, curly braces, hashtags are allowed, and punctuation, spaces will count as character 

Ad Instruction For News Feed Series 

Under TikTok, there are many new feed series like buzz videos, buzz, and the News Republic. TikTok ads from this platform have certain rules to be followed,

These video ads have the following components 


Brand or App Name

Ad Description

Instruction For Ad Tiktok Videos 

The suggested video ratio is 16:9,1:1

The type of files is the same as in-feed ads. There are no rules for TikTok video display size, but it’s better to maintain above 720 x 1280 Px. You can create tiny videos, though keep them within 5 to 60 seconds. Other instructions for brand or app name and for ad description are the same as in-feed ads.

 Ad Instruction For Vigo And Helo – In Feed 

TikTok has exclusive offers for advertisers. You can gain local audiences via TikTok ads because it publishes your ads in other valuable social media stages, which are Vigo and helo. TikTok owns both Vigo and helo. They mostly target the Indian people not only in India but also in other countries. These two apps help to target the audience based on specific demographics.

Ads in that platform have the same specification as in-feed- ads, but for video ads, it may vary to two other ads that are brand or name apps; ad description will have the same rules.

Instruction For Ad Videos

  • The video radio should be 16:9, 1:1, 9:16
  • The ad files can be MP4, MPEG, MOV, AVI for Vigo
  • For helo MP4, MPEG, MOV, AVI, GIF 

Cost For Video Ads

TikTok ads are encouraged and welcomed; think about whether it’s valuable for small budget business owners. The answer will be it entirely depends on the analyzed target audience. It is mostly a female influence platform, and content creators; customers are almost females. But now both men and women were actively participating in Tiktok. What is the price of Tiktok ads? Tiktok is getting a premium for ads. The ad price commenced at $10 for cost per 1000 impressions. Brand takeover at $50,000 per day.

Winding Up

Now, Tiktok has become a famous and trending social media for business owners and for influences. You have to enhance your ads to attract your audience. The above-mentioned ad instructions are essential. If you follow this, sure, Ticktock will accept your ads and reach the right audience with a high engagement rate.