igtv previews

Have you used the IGTV feature yet? If yes, did you fight with getting many views on uploaded videos, there as you get on regular posts and stories? 

If you did, no problem. That is very common, and many people are fighting with the same problem. It is happening because many people just check their Instagram stories and news feed and leave away even without checking IGTV. 

So it is essential to introduce a new method to promote IGTV videos in a news feed. Instagram previews are a new feature that gives the solution to this problem. 

In this blog, you will know what IGTV preview is and how to use it for your videos. 

IGTV Previews

IGTV previews are the one-minute sneak-peek of your IGTV videos. You can share these videos on your Instagram news feed. After one minute, it will show the audience an option to click on “Watch the full video on IGTV.” By using this, you can encourage your viewers to watch the full video on your IGTV channel. It means you can engage with your audience using this small preview of your video. 

As you know, users want to move out of their Instagram news feed and go to the IGTV tab to watch IGTV videos. But a lot of people don’t do that. So IGTV previews act as a holder to promote your IGTV videos. 

It is mainly helpful when you start a new IGTV channel IGTV previews make it very easy for your followers to find your channel on IGTV. They can easily move to your channel by just clicking the “watch more” option that comes at the one minute preview. 

How to Share IGTV Previews 

t is very easy to share previews on the Instagram news feed. First, you have to create IGTV videos regularly. Then before posting, you will see a Post preview option. Click that post preview option, then one minute preview of your video will be shared on your followers’ news feed. You can also use the options like the select cover picture, add title and description, etc. to your videos before posting them. 

Pro Tip: Previews are only shared for the videos that are longer than one minute. It will have an IGTV icon at the top right end to differentiate this from other videos if previews are posted. If you want your IGTV videos to be noticed by a larger crowd, you can use Snaphappen Instagram TV views which increases more people to watch your IGTV videos.

Five easy tips to share your IGTV previews

IGTV preview is the new feature on Instagram not many people are not aware of how to use it as best. That’s why we have created this list of five tips to promote your IGTV channel videos using these previews.   

  • Select Good Cover Picture

     You must be choosing your cover picture wisely for your IGTV preview. It will not only appear on your followers feed, and it will also appear on your profile. So your cover picture should be good looking enough to grab your followers attention. It also goes well with your profile posts. Moreover, your cover photo should be in the right dimensions and size.

There is no way of differentiating the cover picture from other posts, except the IGTV icon. So select the cover picture that belongs on your Instagram feed. 

Instagram now allows both vertical and horizontal videos for IGTV, with the aspect ratios of 9:16 and 16:9. For cover photos, the size would be 420X654 pixels and the aspect ratio of 1:1.55. 

There are many Instagram image creators tools available, like Canva. They show different image sizes and templates for your Instagram images. So you can use them to see how your image looks in different formats and choose the best one for your videos. 

  • Write Best Captions

When you post an IGTV preview, the title you mentioned on the IGTV video will become the caption for that preview. So you have to select the title that describes your video, and it should act as both title for your video and caption for your preview. 

However, you want your caption as different or descriptive, and you can edit that caption after you have posted it. 

Earlier, Instagram did not allow you to edit or change after you posted it. But now you have an option for that. So don’t worry about your title as a caption. You can always edit it after you have posted it. 

  • Edit your previews strategically 

The main purpose of your IGTV previews is to hold your audience with something engaging and encourage them to watch your full video on IGTV. 

So you must carefully select the content for your preview to make sure that it engages the viewers, and that is enough for them to watch your full video. 

Create your IGTV content in a way that increases the interest and excitement at the beginning and has a thriller around the one minute. 

  • Post at the Perfect Time

Post at the right time is the best strategy to get the better result from your IGTV previews. There are several studies done about the perfect time for posting regular Instagram posts. According to the study, the following is the best time for posting on Instagram

You can use these as your starting point and adjust it based on your viewers’ insights. You can also use your insights to see when your audiences are mostly online. Use those times to post your reviews and videos. 

  • Use Subtitles

This is one of the important methods not only for IGTV videos and previews but also for all the videos you are going to  upload on instagram because many people turn off their sound when they are watching videos on Instagram. 

Using subtitles allows viewers to understand your videos, and people from all over the world can easily view your videos. 


IGTV channel videos didn’t get that much engagement as your regular Instagram post and videos. But using IGTV previews is a brilliant way to increase engagement for your videos. So leverage this feature correctly by using these tips and getting more likes and views for your videos.