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It is believed that having your brand or business established over all the major social media platforms makes sense. Social media platforms are a great way to market your products and services while gaining immense popularity. When we talk about social media and brand marketing, there are many players in the game. But YouTube is the best choice out of all due to its 1 billion user base and the wonderful opportunities it provides to grow your brand.

YouTube undoubtedly focuses greatly on social media ads that feature high-quality video content with a professional essence to attract a large audience base. It is the second most visited website, and on average, an individual spends about five to six hours a day on the same website. So, if you want to make your mark on this social media channel, you need to take advantage of some promotion tactics and increase your viewership online. It doesn’t matter whether you are just getting started or looking forward to increasing your numbers. The below-given tips let you know how to use YouTube ads effectively and expand your business.

Types of YouTube ads

YouTube features different ad formats called TrueView ads. To know how you can effectively use YouTube ads to grow your brand, you need to be aware of these ad types so that you can create suitable ads based on your requirements. 

  • Skippable in-stream ads

The first sort of the TrueView ad is the Skippable in-stream ad, which can last from a minimum of 12 seconds to 6 minutes. These ads are played either before or after the viewer’s video. Such ads come with an on-screen timer, including the link to your or your brand’s website. It allows you to tag a companion banner ad; however, these tagged ads won’t appear on your YouTube page where your skippable in-stream ad will play. 

The best part about these ads is that they don’t have an option to skip before the five seconds of the video. And in case your viewers choose to skip your ad, you don’t have to pay anything for the same. 

  • Video-discovery ads

Video discovery ads are displayed as an image thumbnail having up to three lines of text. These ads are placed on the YouTube homepage, at the top of the search results, or on the list of suggested videos on the video’s watch page. You don’t have to spend anything on these ads if the viewers watch them. Therefore, these types of ads work best for both saving your time and money. 

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  • Non-skippable In-stream ads

Non-skippable in-stream ads are somewhat similar to skippable ads, but they are limited to a 15 seconds ad window. After the given period, these ads are chargeable, for which you will have to pay for every thousand views. The best way to make use of such ads is when you have a target audience and are looking forward to increasing your brand’s reach. 

  • Bumper ads

Unlike other ad types, bumper ads can last less than six seconds. Therefore, in this case, it’s highly essential to consider the viewer’s attention and time. YouTube believes that a user’s experience can be protected by providing just enough relevant information with such ads. The secret to bumper ads is that you must create something worthy without supporting lengthy stories while defining your brand in only five seconds.

  • Masthead ads

Masthead ads offer a premium advertising experience to the viewers. It is the first thing that the viewers will see whenever they are using the platform. Masthead ads might not be suitable for small businesses due to their heavy price tag, which is way beyond the average brand marketing budget for any regular brand. 

Finding out which ad type is best for your business

Now that you know the various YouTube ad formats and which one you can choose to grow your brand, it’s time to know which ad type will work best for you.

  • Brand consideration

Video-discovery ads are best for brand consideration! This type of ad content can be seamlessly embedded into the YouTube search experience rather than adjusting your ad before anyone else’s video content. For such ads, keyword research is the key. Therefore, you can make use of low competing keywords having a high volume. When anyone clicks on this type of ad, they will be taken to your brand’s YouTube channel to watch other content. The main aim of this type of ad is to offer brand information rather than increasing conversions and sales. 

  • Brand awareness

Brand awareness refers to improving your brand’s visibility for effective lead generation. The prime idea behind such ads is to identify the prospects and provide clear metrics without wasting time. This is essential as both lead generation and brand awareness are vital aspects, but you should know how to use them smartly.

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  • Lead generation

TrueView in-stream ads are a perfect match for lead generation and turning your traffic into potential prospects. TrueView in-stream is skippable to provide a better market experience. Moreover, it is recommended to utilize the first five seconds of the video wisely to reap maximum benefits with engaging content. Plus, the best part about this type of ad is that if the viewers are not interested in seeing your content, they can leave any time without it costing you. 

  • Message reinforcement

For message reinforcement, bumper ads are best suggested. These types of ads are not associated with storytelling or educating the audiences. Instead, it provides enough time to publicize your product or services. 

For example, you already have a decent audience base, and now you want to spread a message or make an announcement to them regarding a new product launch. All you need to do is deliver your message without educating or informing the viewers about anything. 

  • Maximize reach

If you are looking to maximize your brand reach, masthead ads are what you need. As already stated earlier, this ad type is not suitable for small businesses as it might not be an economical way to market your services. However, when it comes to big brands and businesses, they are very much making use of this ad type due to positive ROI.

Where small businesses see this strategy as steep and risky, the big brands see better growth opportunities due to their layered strategies and details to uplift marketing strategies based on data-driven decisions. All in all, it can be said that these types of ads are not attractive but impressive due to the display of enough data to let the business manage even bigger risks with ease. 


YouTube ads are probably the best way to build your brand image. With the explanation of different YouTube ad types above, we hope that you can easily create the most lucrative ads to grow your business. 

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