best email marketing tools

How many of us get over tons of emails every day just lying around to be clicked and opened. 

Believe it or not, but there’s a flood of these unwanted emails. As a business, we aren’t quite sure how our email will be prevented from becoming a part of this flood of emails that remain unchecked. The answer to our problem is reaching our target audience at the right time. 

Today, I will discuss some of the best email marketing tools that can help boost your website conversions by automating your emails. They can help you create targeted campaigns and, at the same time, personalize them so you can ensure your email reaches the right audience at the right time. Do you know that you earn $43 for every dollar you spend on email marketing? 

Now, how about I tell you which tools can make your Marketing Automation platform game the absolute power punch? 

1) GetResponse


Serving more than 350,000 customers around the world, Get Response is an industry-leading email marketing tool. It is one of the best spam-free platforms for optimizing conversion funnels. 

With Get Response, you can perform effective marketing automation. 

There’s a cool visual editor that allows you to create fantastic email templates. You also get quick access to rich analytics that helps you track your emails’ progress and evaluate success. 

If you are a mid-sized business or an eCommerce platform, Get Response is the best tool for you. 

2) SendinBlue


If you are looking to maximize your email sendings, SendinBlue is your perfect platform. More than 100 billion emails are sent through the platform daily. It is one of the few email marketing tools that offers you a free forever email marketing plan.

The platform has an easy to use and simple design, making it somewhat less popular among users who favor design elements. But if you want a tool through which you can send bulk emails, SendinBlue is your best option. Host a website on a cheap dedicated server, and create several interesting blogs. Now use SendinBlue to email your newsletters to thousands of people.

The FREE version offers you to send a free email to 300 people every day. 

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3) AWeber


Are you an entrepreneur and want a robust email marketing tool to connect with customers? AWeber is a powerful email marketing platform that allows you to do just that and a lot more. 

There’s just about everything which you may seek in email marketing. You may find a powerful drag and drop visual editor on the website. There’s a cool email automation system, a list of other management tools, and rich analytics to track progress on how you’re sending emails. 

If you’re a beginner or a small team, then AWeber is the perfect email marketing solution for you. 

A few notable features in AWeber that I can quote include automated email campaigns, team-based collaboration, RSS to email conversion features, etc. There are a 30-day FREE trial and a plan which starts at less than $19 per month for 500 subscribers. 

4) MailChimp


It has become one of the biggest names in the email marketing world. Here’s a platform that includes just about everything you believe an email marketing tool must contain. MailChimp comes with a free plan that allows you to gain at least 2,000 subscribers before you feel the need to upgrade your email plan. Here’s a tool that is amazing for non-profit, beginners, bloggers, etc. 

MailChimp is available not only on desktop and laptop usage, but you can also find it available on Android and iOS stores. MailChimp can provide you with email templates, a powerful visual editor, autoresponders, and everything you need to promote and manage your brand on emails. 

5) Campaign Monitor


Searching for a powerful email builder that may enable you to reach millions of users so they can craft and deliver effective messages around the world? Look no further than Campaign Monitor, a powerful tool to help you create impressive emails and send them out to your desired target audience. 

Campaign Monitor is not just the best tool for businesses and developers; it is actually a great tool that provides deep end data insights & powerful value customization for the audiences. 

The FREE version of the tool is limited. It means that you can only send emails to up to 5 contacts. The plan for this email marketing tool starts at as low as $9 per month and entertains 500 subscribers. As a non-profit business, you can get a discount of as much as up to 15%. 

6) RocketResponder


Here’s a new email marketing tool that just made its entrance into the market. It may be new, but you can custom tailor your campaigns and get high deliverability rates with Rocket Responder. 

It is a paid email marketing tool, but it starts with a 30-day FREE trial. 

Once paid, you can gain access to email lists, subscribers and campaigns, and much more. If you’re a digital agency or a mid-sized business seeking to send out a bulk amount of emails, RocketResponder is a great email marketing solution for your digital business. Gain the best results with this tool. 

So there you go; here are the best email marketing tools to help you boost your website conversions within no time. Are you interested in any of the above-discussed? In case you have something better! Feel free to share the email marketing tool with us at any time you want. Thank you. 

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