At present, Facebook is the most popular social media sites in terms of the number of users. It gives a different individual opportunity to present him/herself in front of others. All the posts published on Facebook every day can be considered website content, and they are stored in the server as data. 

Facebook Live Tips For Beginners – Facebook Live 2020 Video Tutorial

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Due to the features of Facebook and how people can make money from it, users, especially the youth, are becoming Facebook influencers and creating a glittering career to earn their livelihood. Facebook live is one of the latest features, and it enables one to go live and present an incident or address other people. 

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If you plan to become a Facebook influencer, you need to know how to make a live presentation of Facebook that everybody wants to watch. Here, you can study the steps of creating a Facebook life that can be engaging and entertaining. 

Procedure to go Live on Facebook

Procedure to go Live on Facebook

Before you go through tips to make a Facebook Live engaging, you need to know how you can go Live. Here are the steps:

Find the Live stream option: As a Facebook user, you can go Live from your personal profile or any page. Facebook group admins can also start a Live stream by accessing the Live stream option. 

Tap to select Live Video

Tap to select Live

Once you find the Live option, you need to tap on it. After tapping, you can find the selfie camera or the rear camera of your smartphone getting started. 

If you are accessing Facebook from the PC, the webcam will automatically get started once you tap on Live. However, you should remember that a camera must be attached to the device; otherwise, Facebook Live would not be possible. 

Filling the caption box

Filling the caption box

The caption box of Facebook Live allows you to add words to describe the subject matter. Here, you can add sentences, hashtags and even tag other people who might be present in the live video. 

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Going Live

After you are done with the captions, tap the “Go Live” option present in the middle-bottom of your screen. You can find yourself live and go through the people who are watching it and commenting one after another. 

As you present yourself on a Live stream

Give all you need to say clearly and avoid being unnecessarily formal. Too much formal approach might turn your Live stream boring and lead you to fumble most often. 

Finishing the Facebook Live

Finishing the Facebook Live

To complete the Facebook live, you need to tap the Live button again. After the Live stream’s termination, you can either save it in your profile or terminate it normally. 

To Create Engaging Facebook Live: Procedure

 Here are the main aspects to keep in mind while you go Live on Facebook. Remembering these aspects will make your streaming comfortable. 



If your primary aim is to become an influencer and manipulate people, always plan for a Facebook Live before executing it. You should have a confident approach to whatever you say as people (viewers) can relate to it properly. 

In other cases, if you are about to perform something on the Live stream, you can plan to make a script of it. Make sure to do rehearsals several times before actually coming in front of the screen. 

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Avoid imitating

Most people get inspired to go Live while watching someone doing the same. Things can be the same for you too. However, you should always make sure to present yourself in your unique style. 

Even if you are about to address something emotional, try not to exaggerate your feelings unnecessarily as it can turn your live stream boring.

Always be polite in front of the camera to make your audience listen to you for more time. As a result, the number of viewers on your Live stream can increase with each session. In one way, this can be beneficial for your Facebook page or profile as the reach can increase a lot. If you want to reach more customers, you can get a growth service and purchase cheap Facebook followers.

Publish teaser posts

Publish teaser posts

You can upload teaser posts for your Facebook Live once the planning is done. Make sure your teaser posts are informative and well-decorated. Here are few facts that you need to remember while creating a teaser post:

  • Every teaser post should contain your picture and the unique logo (if any) that you represent
  • A title for the Live stream must be there, and this specific line should be given as the caption when the Live streaming starts
  • Every teaser post should be made with bright colors and readable fonts
  • Avoid using fancy fonts on a Live teaser post as most Facebook users might not read it properly
  • Mention the date and time for the Live stream on the teaser post and abide by that
  • Use necessary hashtags as people can change them into the trend

Test the Live Streaming Quality

Before you go live, you can test the streaming quality. There are many things you can understand while trying the quality of streaming. Here are some factual details:

  • Check if the streaming quality is excellent
  • Check the internet connection in your place
  • Check if you are looking sober and your voice is audible

It will be a good idea to keep the testing Live stream only to yourself. You can change the privacy settings of your Facebook profile or page to ‘Only Me.’ 

Inviting Viewers on Live Streams

To make your live stream more credible to the audience, you can invite some of your viewers to join you. However, you should be sure that they would be able to grip the topic or performance you are doing and support you for good. 

By inviting others to your Facebook live, you can have a good time interacting with the other person and the viewers watching your stream. 

Final Words

A Facebook Live stream can not only make you a person quite famous among your Facebook friends community but help you to build up networking. 

The best you can do is to maintain proper intervals between two Facebook Live sessions. The best you can get a chance to tie-up with celebrities and go viral on Facebook that will earn you fame and money. All you need to do is follow this planning procedure.

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