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Instagram stories are becoming more and more popular. The feed of short stories has long been more active than typical publications. It has no limit on the number of updates per day. At the same time, 2-3 posts can be added to the main feed. With higher activity, the site’s algorithms will consider you a spammer.

To develop your profile productively and stand out favorably against the background of other accounts, you can use special chips for Instagram stories. Not sure what this is about? Catch the TOP of the latest bells and whistles in IG, which you should take on board and actively use for short stories. Buy followers Singapore will help make your publications bright, creative, different from others, and most importantly – more popular.

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Extended color palette

More recently, IG has a function to change the color of pictures and text in Instagram stories. Today the actual palette is 27 colors. For users, not only the standard but also the extended color bar is available. How to use it? Just click on the color scale. Everything is extremely simple. The next step is to simply hold your finger on a mug of one of the shades.

Vivid images “fit” the audience better and always attract more attention from the audience.

When it comes to color, not only images and content can be changed, but also the background. It is advisable to make it bright by choosing one of the proposed options, or translucent.

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Background music

Another trendy and popular feature that should be used is background melodies. If you don’t want to delve into the work of photo editors, just add standard melodies.

Please note that IG does not have a default add music function. However, outsmarting the program is easy. While recording a video for a story, you just need to turn on any composition on your smartphone and shoot a clip in the usual mode.

Please note – during such a recording, the microphone works, so not only the music will be included in the clip, but also any extraneous sounds.


A popular and sought-after way to diversify Instagram Stories is to create collages on IG. This is a simple and accessible option for every user. Noticing the variety in the stories will help fans not miss out on your content in the feed.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to create a collage. The program has special templates. Follow a simple algorithm:

Download the app.

Choose any of the templates you like.

Add a photo.

Save the collage or upload it to IG immediately.

3D text

Despite the cool innovations and additional options, by default, there is no 3D text function in IG. Notwithstanding, you can at present accomplish the ideal impact How to do it?

Add a word written in black. After that, the same word, but in a different color. It is necessary to place the inscriptions one after the other with a slight offset in height and to the side. The 3D effect is ready!


Most Instagrammers use the usual 2 fingers to enlarge the picture when recording. The application offers users a more convenient way. You don’t need 2, but just 1 finger. While recording, lift your finger from the screen to the red dot. Did the picture start to grow in size during recording? You are doing everything right. To reduce the image, follow the steps in reverse order.


Research shows that creative, stylish fonts are an easy way to stand out. You can use standard variations or add more Latin fonts. This is a simple life hack that will allow you to use not only bold, italic, modern, or typewriter, but others as well.

Switch camera

Most smartphones are equipped with two cameras – front and rear. The latter is used by users to take selfies.

When shooting stories, it becomes necessary to switch one camera to another. How to do it? You can press the special button below. We offer a faster option: just double-click on the screen. The touchpoint does not matter. The phone will switch from front to rear camera or vice versa. This way of shooting will make your stories even more creative.

Colored background for text

Color always attracts attention. Even minimalistic shading can “play into your hands”. Bright hues will help your content stand out from other posts.

You don’t need to paint the screen with a marker to fill. Just select the tool you want and keep your finger on the screen for a few seconds.

Please note that using a marker provides a denser shade, while a chisel creates a semi-transparent background effect.

Use this feature actively to “play” with subscribers.

Editing a sticker

Additional elements in Instagram Stories increase interest and engagement. You can add not only text, emoji, and gif, but also stickers and stickers. Such elements appear unexpectedly for the viewer at the right moment for you. In this way, it is easy to increase the interest of followers in the content and, in general, improve the statistics for Instagram stories.

How do I add stickers? Again, everything is extremely simple and understandable. After you have recorded the clip and uploaded the video to Instagram Stories, add the desired element of your choice, and move it to the desired section of the video.

Invisible hashtag

Instagrammers, both experienced and newbies, are aware of the benefits of tags in 2020. People are used to using tags in posts and forget that they can be inserted into stories to increase reach and quickly find the content of the desired topic.

If you think that prominent hashtags spoil the look of the content and the general impression, distract attention from the main information, use invisible tags. They can be hidden along with pictures. What is needed for this? Reduce labels in size to the very minimum. In this case, they will not be visible, but still useful.

Another simple way to hide tags from prying eyes is to place a sticker or gif over them. The third option is to write tags in the same color as the main background color. A life hack is suitable only if the picture has an even and monochromatic background.


Filters have become very popular since their inception. They don’t have special buttons in stories, but the filters themselves are. Who seeks will always find. How do you add them? To change the style, you need to swipe to the side (to the left) after recording the video. You can scroll until you find a suitable style. To remove the selected filter and return the video to its original form, it is enough to repeat everything in reverse order.

Pause while watching

The time to show stories of short plots in IG is minimal. Often, users do not have time to read the test or view the image in detail. What to do in this case? Go back and look again? You can just touch the screen with your finger. Storey will stop. When you release your finger, the demo continues.

Simple tips to improve your Stories

Use your smartphone camera to capture good quality videos. After that, upload the video to Instagram. You should not shoot clips in the application of the social network itself, as a specific click appears during shooting.

Try to keep the clips posted during the same day as a single story. Before posting videos, think about their sequence and arrange the video sequence properly.

If there are no ideas, it is better not to shoot at all. People are not interested in banal things. For example, the everyday life of a person, in which nothing is interesting.

Now you have different ways to make Instagram Stories even more creative and unique to attract new subscribers to your profile, interest in products, and increase brand awareness.

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