Side Hustles

“Side hustle” is a loosely defined term that’s usually applied to any part-time job that generates income alongside your main wage. This kind of employment is often fully freelance and was especially popular during the pandemic when traditional office spaces closed their doors. Side hustles are legitimate ways to make a lot of cash fast, and there are plenty of options to consider.

#1 Blogging

Blogging is a side hustle that’s nearly as old as the internet itself. Anyone can blog. All you need to do is find a topic or area that you’re knowledgeable in, sign up for a blogging site (or make your own website) and then get to work. Monetizing a blog is much more difficult. Affiliate advertising is one popular route, although that requires identifying a well-defined niche early. Some bloggers make money guest blogging, others transform their blogs into self-published books on Amazon KDP. Blogging is flexible with lots of possibilities. What starts as a hobby for some can quickly transform into a career.

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#2 Affiliate advertising

Following on from the previous point, affiliate advertising isn’t reserved exclusively for bloggers. Anybody can start an affiliate account and advertise products across their social media. In essence, affiliates are paid when a customer follows through on a recommendation and buys a product. There are plenty of affiliate advertising sites out there, from big hitters like Amazon to much smaller concerns. The process is the same across the board. You’ll generate a unique link and earn a commission if a user clicks that link and makes a purchase. It sounds simple, but building a trusted reputation within a niche product area takes time and dedication. You’ll also need to work on your marketing skills/pitch because convincing customers to follow your advice isn’t always easy!

#3 Content writing

Content writing is a broadly encompassing side hustle that ranges from writing copy for businesses to articles for content writing agencies. Content writers must be able to write to deadlines, and their language/proofreading skills should be impeccable. More than that, though, you’ll need a good understanding of search engine optimization. That’s because much of the content you’ll write will be marketing-based and designed to increase traffic to a website. Keywords and good linking are just as much a part of content writing as words, but if you can learn those skills, this job is extremely flexible.

#4 Courier work

Courier work is another variable job. Some couriers go direct and source delivery driver jobs privately. They approach their clients directly, ensuring that they only take on work that they want within an appropriate timeframe. Of course, other drivers work for delivery companies like Amazon, FedEx, and Hermes, ensuring a steadier workstream. Deliveries can include everything from parcels to food and even medical supplies. Whatever you choose, the hyper flexibility of this job makes it one side hustle that’s easy to transform into a full-time career. Most couriers are able to make deliveries using their own vehicles, so this is an accessible driving job that nearly anybody can try.

#5 YouTube videos

You don’t need to be a YouTube superstar to earn money from your videos. Even somebody with a relatively small following can monetize their content and develop a fairly reliable stream of income. Anybody with over 1000 followers can run adverts on their channel, earning money for every click-through. That’s only the tip of the iceberg, though. Affiliate advertising, blogging, and even content writing can all be fused with YouTube production, giving you several income streams at once. Lots of YouTubers also sell merchandise associated with the account (or profit from giveaways) making this one of the more lucrative side hustles in existence. The chances of hitting the big time are vanishingly slim, but the vast majority of full-time YouTubers make a comfortable living without the accompanying fame.

#6 Renting a room

If you have a spare room, there’s never been a better time to rent it out and earn some extra cash. This is much easier than it might initially sound. Sites like Airbnb allow you to list your room in a matter of minutes, meaning that you can take in guests starting from today. There are some things to consider, though. This is a big commitment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. No matter your intentions there will be countless cleaning, repair, and maintenance jobs to be done, and this is ongoing. Guests tend to leave a mess that must be cleaned up before the next people arrive. Your career on Airbnb is made or broken by reviews. Guests will be able to rate you (and vice versa), so it’s absolutely vital to keep the room in good condition, especially early on as you try to build a reliable reputation for yourself.