Best Infographic Submission Websites List

Are you searching for the best Infographic submission sites list 2021? leadbloging providing top infographic submissions sites that showcase the latest best infographics, Use this infographics submissions sites list to get backlinks and traffic for your infographics and I have compiled each website Alexa global traffic rank and domain authority.

An infographic is a creative way of displaying all the information of an article or a blog post. It is a visual that is created with icons, colours, and other graphic elements. Creating blog posts and social media posts with strong visual elements are the key to driving engagement and generating traffic.

Did you know that adding an image or an infographic is a sure-shot way of catching the attention of your audience and ensuring that they actually spend time scrolling down your page and your feed? But like most content, this too has to be created on a consistent basis.

But what if you are still trying to make a name for yourself in the blogosphere and you still do not have such a huge following? Does it feel like a waste to create a lovely infographic with tons of information and some great colour combinations to boot? Well, there is a way to leverage your hard work – submit infographics to various websites.

This will also help you get high quality backlinks and much-needed traffic even as you build a name for yourself as a master visual storyteller.

How to Submit infographics

You can submit infographics for free to most websites out there and wait a few weeks for them to be published, or you can take their reasonably-priced memberships to get your infographics published in one to three days.

The membership for most of these websites is usually a few dollars. Some of them may be beyond $10 to $20 and will also some are promoting free infographics submissions. You will ideally need to email the editor or open an account on the website and follow specific guidelines in order to submit infographics to most of these websites.

Here are a few free infographic submission sites where you can actually submit infographics.

One Graph, you can actually submit our infographic and have it listed as per theme or use. This can also help you build standing in your niche especially when you consistently submit infographics to do with your industry. A free submission would mean that you would have to wait a few weeks for your infographic to show up on the website, whereas a payment of $2 would ensure that it gets published and featured in one to three days.

DA: 55, Alexa: 87.3k

Infographics Showcase

The submission fee here is $25 and you can also see your infographic here in a matter of a week.

DA: 49, Alexa: 154K

Cool Infographics

This website covers images and infographics featured in the best publications both online and offline. You would have to go through a contact form to submit your infographic.

DA: 60, Alexa: 101K

Infographics Journal

You can opt for basic submission or you can get the express submission or the featured submission. The express submission will cost you about $25 while the featured one will be $75.

DA: 55, Alexa: 69.8K

Best Infographics

This website features rarely seen infographics like vintage ones and the more edgy or experimental ones. An email to the editor is the best way to submit infographics to this website.

DA: 44, Alexa: 365K


With Visually, you can be sure that you will be rubbing shoulders with some of the best names in the industry since its features and promotes some of the best creative work out there. You can merely create an account on the website and submit infographics.

DA: 78, Alexa: 18.5K

Infographics Reviews

This is a really cool website where you can submit infographics and earn reviews for them as well. The submission is free – all you have to do is send them an email.

DA: 21, Alexa: 148K

U Collect Infographics

This website literally showcases some of the coolest and the best infographics and visuals from around the world. You will need to open an account on their website and stick to their specific guidelines in order to submit an infographic for the price of $19.

DA: 29, Alexa: 192K

Nerd Graph

This website features some of the best infographics and visual work. You do not have to pay anything to submit infographics to this website – all you have to do is fill a form on the website to submit.

DA: 45, Alexa: 163K

Submit Infographics

This is one of the oldest websites that has been featuring visual and creative work along with infographics. They charge about $3 for a normal submission and you will need to follow their guidelines and fill a form to be able to submit.

DA: 47, Alexa: 169K


Many of you must have heard of this platform which is very popular and almost like a social media platform in itself. You can open an account and submit your infographics and presentations for free with plenty of notes to go with it.

DA: 95, Alexa: 126


This is more like a photo-sharing community that also accepts submissions of interesting graphics and infographics. You do not need to pay anything to get featured here – merely open an account and get going! Moreover, this is one of the best infographic submission sites for individuals as they maintain a proper community for their audience.

DA: 92, Alexa: 689


This is a derivative of the well known Reddit platform. You can submit your free infographic here which can be seen by the 90k plus subscribers who are actively engaged on the platform. It is a free platform where you can submit infographics.

DA: 90, Alexa: 18

Infographic Bee

With regular updates, you can be sure that your infographic will definitely get featured prominently when you submit to this website. It is a freemium website where you can get some advantages if you sign up for the membership. The contact form is the best way to submit infographics to this platform.

DA: 28, Alexa: 163k

Flowing Data

If you have created an infographic that also has plenty of data and a takeaway, this would be the best website for you to submit it to. You will need to email them and it is free to submit infographics.

DA: 79, Alexa: 74.4k

Daily Infographic

As per the name, you may have already guessed that this website publishes new infographics every single day. You can submit infographics for free and even earn some backlinks here.

DA: 84, Alexa: 70.2k

News I Like

This is basically a blog and it would cost you $30 to submit infographics that have to do with trending topics. You would have to email their team at their website to get featured here.

DA: 39, Alexa: 192k

Infographics Archive

With a major social media following on various networks, this would be the ideal place for you to submit infographics. While submissions to this website are usually free, you can also submit with a small fee in order to get featured and promoted on their social media platforms as well which would help you earn some crucial backlinks.

DA: 55, Alexa: 120k

Infographix Directory

For a small fee, you can submit infographics to this website. However, they will accept your submission only if it passes their various tests. Further, you will earn a follow through the link in case your infographics are accepted and featured on this website.

DA: 40, Alexa: 205k

Infographic Post

You can submit infographics for free to this website. But for a small fee, you can actually earn some reviews too which will help you create backlinks which in turn will generate traffic back to you.

DA: 35, Alexa: 273k

Daily Statistic

As the name explains, this website features work that shows data pertaining to a number of industries and niches, on a regular almost daily basis. This is a freemium website where the actual submission may be free, but advanced features may be unlocked with a small fee. You would have to fill out a form on the website in order to make a submission.

DA: 27, Alexa: 230k

Infographic Pond

With this website, you can submit infographics pertaining to a number of industries and niches against a fee of $20. Yet, it is up to them to accept the submission and feature it.

DA: 12, Alexa: 2.50M

Latest Infographics

This website is known for featuring some really great infographics and other graphics that can really engage any and every visitor. There is no cost attached to the submission of infographics and you would have to fill a form on their website in order to submit infographics to this platform.

DA: 21, Alexa: 296k

Cute Writers


Cute Writers is a holistic digital marketing company that engages in research, web and graphic design, writing, marketing, and SEO for clients all over the world. The website publishes articles on blogging tips, productivity, eCommerce, marketing, copywriting, web hosting, and WordPress. You can publish your infographics or your guest posts.

DA: 20, Alexa: 795k

Infographics Academy

Infographics AcademyThis website is a one-stop destination to submit your amazing creations. The submission is completely FREE, so you don’t need to pay a single penny to publish your infographic and showcase your creativity to digital viewers.

DA: 11, Alexa: 1M

Infographic submission sites are crucial nowadays because infographics are an important way of not only leaving your name on various posts and links, but it also helps show people your range of knowledge and expertise in your area of operation or your core niche. This is much like submitting guest posts and earning backlinks thereof.

It is important to create infographics since it is a quick way to actually portray information and more people would be prone to reading this information when it comes to a visually attractive form. This is an often-ignored way to promote yourself and you should make full use of this kind of content as well!