Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

Leadbloging listed here Best Recurring Affiliate Programs It’s an opportunity to make huge money passively. An affiliate program is one of the best ways in which you can earn while you are online. When you are a part of an affiliate program, you get to push brands and their products which helps you earn each time you make a sale.

You can do this by creating your own blog and website which can take you a while before you become well known and generate enough traffic to ask for a certain amount. Or you can become a part of any ongoing affiliate program as there are many out there who can give you good commissions as soon as you make a few conversions. This is a great way to earn some passive income too.

What is the recurring affiliate program?

You earn a recurring affiliate commission when you get the user to not only buy a product once but to buy an entire membership plan which helps the brand or the product manufacturer earn on a constant basis. This is also known as recurring income. So you can now see why we call it passive income too!

The best recurring affiliate programs will help you earn on a constant basis and this will also help you build a certain standing as far as your digital footprint goes. This way, you begin to attract the attention of more brands and you get to indulge in even more conversions. In fact, it would be interesting to note that once you make a jump in terms of the slabs or number of conversions, you actually get to earn more. These slabs typically go from 1 to 50, 51 to 100, and so on and so forth. So here is a quick list of the best recurring affiliate marketing programs and what you can earn by being on their platform:

Here are some of the best recurring affiliate marketing programs

1. LiveChat


This is one of the best recurring affiliate programs out there. With Live Chat, you get to earn up to 20% commission on each product or service sold. This platform usually gives live chat support and helps people get connected – in fact, it is one of the best-known platforms worldwide. With Live Chat, you get the option of getting payouts straight to your PayPal account.

You also get to be a part of a two-tier affiliate program which involves a one-time conversion as well as the option of bringing people in for a membership-based sale. With this really great live support chat-based product, you can be sure that you will get to enjoy plenty of traffic which essentially means that the lead generation and subsequent conversion rate would also be a good one that will help you earn well.

2. LeadPages


This is a lead generation tool that works by creating landing pages for its users. The landing page, for those of you who do not know it yet, is one of the best tools that you can use when you are trying to make an impression that eventually leads to an instant conversion. This platform creates landing pages that can instantly be added to your domain be it WordPress or Drupal or any other platform.

With this recurring affiliate program, you get to earn 30% as commission which is quite a hefty amount and will be plenty of motivation for your work even harder to earn more and more accounts. This platform also gives you plenty of material that you can use in order to reach out to people and make a sure conversion with a good impression.

3. AWeber


With a promise to help you earn 30% as lifetime commissions, no wonder this platform is one of the best affiliate programs with recurring commissions out there. This is also one of the earliest platforms that had created an affiliate program for the monetary gains of bloggers and other influencer marketing experts all over the world. One of the best ways to get users to sign up is to use a great tool that Aweber offers – the free month-long signup.

Once t6he users sign up and use the product or the platform for a month, they get to understand what all they will be gaining here. That is the point where a sure shot conversion happens so that you get to earn that recurring commission! You can get your payments by cheque or you can ask for a direct transfer to your PayPal as well.

4. ConvertKit  


This platform is also known as one of the best recurring affiliate programs out there since it has a number of features that can guarantee a conversion for you and your efforts. With payouts that go straight to your PayPal account for major convenience, you can also tap into the audience that comes to this platform as it is one of the top choices for many influencer marketing experts and bloggers out there.

This platform offers you 30% in terms of commissions that go on over your lifetime once you get a user to sign up. In fact, they also do things a little differently and help you earn 50% commission when their users sign up for the themes they offer on WordPress and other such platforms. You can also earn a commission where there is a renewal of a license.

5. Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes

On this platform, you get to earn 35% each time a user makes a purchase after having received the push and the information from your end. This could also culminate into 25% commissions that continue over your lifetime. They have a number of themes and customized plugins that can really help users in optimizing their WordPress pages and blogs. The payouts usually happen to a PayPal account.

6. Social Pilot


Making money from social media is one of the hottest trends that are here to stay. With Social Pilot, you get to be a part of one of the best recurring programs in the world. This platform gives you a number of tools amongst which the most popular one includes the banners that you can use in order to make a conversion. This way, you can easily catch the eye of the users.

These banners also come with a text-based link which could easily be used for people to reach the platform and make a purchase. Once this purchase happens, you get to earn 30% in terms of commissions which would come directly to your PayPal. The recurring commission would be 40%.

7. Click Bank


This is one of the best recurring affiliate programs out there in the market as it offers you a chance to make a lifetime commission based on the size of the purchase. The commissions also come on the basis of rebilling which is the raising of new bills or the renewal of a license or a purchase. This is due to the fact that the subscription model has been used for most of the products on this platform.

8. Ninja Outreach


With a number of tools and a great audience base, you can easily earn up to 50% of lifetime commissions from this platform which makes it one of the best recurring income affiliate programs in the world. There are two different kinds of products on this website or platform, which can help you earn. The more popular one is the subscription-based product which ensures that the purchase or subscription is charged four times in a year based on the user’s preference. This is how you can earn a sizable commission of 50%.

9. JVZoo

jvzoo affiliates

This is also one of the best recurring affiliate programs out there because it helps you earn from a number of products and the way they are listed on the website or the platform. The various products include eBooks, software, video tutorials and many other related products that help in educating and enlightening users when it comes to things like email catering and other such functions. On this platform, you can get real-time statistics that will help you clock and measure the quantum of traffic coming your way so that you can create a strategy and accordingly make efforts in the right direction.

10. Insta Page


This is not just a recurring affiliate program but a collaboration tool that gives you a number of ways in which you can promote and publicize so that you can get the conversions that you need in order to make a good recurring commission based on the purchases that users indulge in. You get to earn 50% from the very first purchase that you make and this continues at the rate of 30% in terms of lifetime commissions.