Ever wondered why some products sell so fast while others stay on the shelves beyond their sell-by date? The secret lies in the product label.

A well-designed product label draws the attention of the buyers, helping them to make fast decisions. Research has shown that about 30% of purchase decisions are made based on the product’s label and packaging.

Most buyers relate high-quality with attractive packaging. Here are the five tips that can help you design a perfect product label.

1. Know Your Potential Buyers

Knowing your potential buyers will make it easier for you to design labels that appeal to them. Think about what motivates them to buy and provide them with just that. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What’s their relationship status, education level, lifestyle, occupation, location, ethnicity, gender, and/or age? Find out what else defines them.
  • What would make them prefer your products over that of your competitors? What do they value most?
  • What brands are you competing against? How are their products packaged?
  • Who do your prospects hate/love about your competitor’s marketing strategy and packaging?
  • What colors do they love?

The answers to these questions can guide you into coming up with the most suitable labels for your prospects.

2. Choose the Right Label Size

The size of the label you use will depend on the side of the product and the size of the packaging. A label that’s too small or too big in relation to the size of the packaging can be a turn-off to many buyers.

There are over 300 label sizes that you can choose from. So even if you want Dymo compatible labels or labels you can use on water bottles, you can never run out of options.

In choosing a label size consider the following:

  • Is there a standard label size for your product? Some industries have chosen 2×4 labels as their standard size.
  • Which label size has a greater visual impact?
  • Does the label size give you enough room to pass your product information?
  • Does your product need to be wrapped fully or small labels can do?

As you consider the label size, you must also take the label shape into consideration. We have square labels, rectangular labels, circular labels, oval labels, etc. Choose the shape that’s more appealing to your prospects.

3. Choose a High-Quality Label Material

That’s a time-lapse between the moment the label is put on a product and the time it is sold. During this time, the product may pass through many hands and, in the process, it can get damaged. It isn’t easy to sell a product with a damaged label.

That’s why you need to choose high-quality material for your labels. In choosing a label material, consider the product’s use. For example, if the product is to be used in the shower or bathroom, the label should be waterproof to make it last longer.

4. Design an Attractive Label:

When it comes to designing a product label, you may need the services of a qualified graphic designer. First of all, your product label should be unique. It has to differentiate you from your competitors. For example banks are using high quality labeling & design for their plastic card offers to attach customers, but capital one platinum card is leading among competitors.

Second, it should combine imagery, graphics, and text harmoniously and in a balanced manner. The designer must be careful about the use of color and text. The text should convey your brand message concisely. Consider:

  • What differentiates your product from the rest in the market
  • What benefits do users derive from your product?
  • How do purchasers benefit by buying from you?
  • Does your product have any added value?

5. Keep it Clean and Simple

Keep your fonts, images, and designs clean and simple to maximize the users’ engagement with the label. When your label is overly clattered, it will drive your prospects away. You don’t want your potential customers to strain while trying to read what’s on your labels.


Labels are very important marketing tools. That’s why you should take them as an investment. A good product label communicates directly to your prospects thus making your marketing easier. To come up with a good label, you need to hire an expert or maybe consult marketing agencies like Incify,, etc to get some ideas. If you follow the above tips, you will surely be able to design a perfect product label and possibly attract many customers.

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