Whether working from home or in an office, we all run into the workplace blues from time to time. Repetitive tasks are draining, responding to emails burns you out, and too many meetings make you want to scream. 

So, what do you do to relieve the workplace blues? I’ve been exploring some workplace blues relief tactics you can use without even having to leave your desk. 

Thanks to technology, there are plenty of options to help relieve stress, give you a break from the monotony, and help you jump back into the mix fully refreshed. 

Let’s take a look at a few of the top technology options that help me beat back the workplace blues. 


I love a good podcast. There’s something about visiting Spotify (or whatever channel you use to listen to podcasts) and taking in an episode of your favourite audio show. 

And the great thing is, there’s podcast content for everyone. No matter what genre you’re into, there’s something for you. 

As an entrepreneur, I like to take break midday and listen to The GaryVee Audio Experience. Like most popular podcasts, the episodes are around 20 minutes long, which is perfect for snacking on an episode quickly during my downtime. 

Here’s a sample, if you want to check it out:

Whether you’re into murder mysteries, sports, politics, or anything else, you can enjoy this blues-beating tactic to refresh and get back to work. This is one of my top tech options for stress relief, simply because it pulls you away from the reality of the day, while also allowing you to learn something in the process. 

Non-Work Chats

If you didn’t use a chat app at work before the pandemic, you most likely do now. Chat tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams are great for keeping track of projects and collaborating with your team. But, did you know they can also be used to help you and your team unwind?

In addition to your project- and work-focused chat channels, you and your team should set up a channel dedicated to nonsense and outside discussions. 

This channel should be used only during downtime, as you can severely limit your productivity if you’re using it while you should be focused on work. But, if you can discipline yourself and your team, this can be hugely valuable. 

Using this channel, you can discuss things like what you thought of the movie you saw the night before, creating plans for lunch, the results of the recent soccer match, or whatever else you can think of that helps you forget about work for a minute and allows you to clear your mind. 

Just be careful what you discuss. Avoid controversial topics like religion or politics, and never bash your boss or other co-workers. Keep it light, and enjoy! 

Video Games

As a kid, you loved to play video games with your friends, right? Or maybe you just hung out in your room and played games to avoid doing your homework (I’m totally not condoning that!). And nowadays, people are even focused on playing games via mobile apps.

Whatever the case may be, video games have always been and still are a great way to escape and have some fun. This same rule can apply to the office. 

For example, a couple times each week, I’ll stop by Plays.org and try to beat my high scores in Neon Invaders, a game reminiscent of Space Invaders of Atari fame. I personally love the old school arcade games on the site. They bring me back to my childhood and take me mentally away from the office environment, at least for a brief period. 


Image: Pac-Rat game on Plays.org – Source

Then, when I wrap up video game time, I feel a sense of happiness, and I’m much more laid back going into the second half of the day. 

You can also try a site like Sharpbrains.com if you’re looking for something focused more on puzzles, optical illusions, and word games to keep your brain sharp. Whichever type of game you’re feeling at the moment, there’s a free option online for you to start playing, and stop stressing. 

Wrapping It Up

Technology plays a key role in virtually all aspects of our lives. Some see it as a necessary evil, while other embrace technology and the benefits its constant evolution offers to our society. 

Personally, I’m from a school that embraces the power of technology to create positive change in our world. And I’ve fully embraced technology when it comes to using various platforms for relieving stress and getting smarter

Whether you’re listening to a good podcast, discussing your favourite films with your co-workers, or breaking high scores on some old school arcade games, the value of using technology to relieve stress is very clear. 

I advise you to embrace technology. Don’t fear it. Use it to relax during your downtime at the office. The result will be lower burnout and a happier office as a whole. And if you work from home, it’ll break your routine, since you’re missing that whole “leaving the house” for work thing! 

Bio – Anthony is the Founder of Anthony Gaenzle Marketing and author of Blogging for Business: Skyrocket Your Traffic, Grow Your Readership, and Boost Revenue. Beyond running the publication, Anthony works with small businesses, startups, and creative minds to help you grow. Throughout his 15+ years in the marketing and multimedia fields, he has worked with companies across a wide variety of industries and disciplines, achieving significant growth in brand awareness, lead generation, revenue and other critical areas. He also helps individuals build influence and thought leadership through powerful personal branding. Follow Anthony on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn.