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Many businesses use web scraping to keep track of their competition and see what marketing techniques they use to promote sales. The practice of scraping web pages became one of the most useful and effective methods of finding the right target audience and understanding what customers want.

Competitor websites use all kinds of tools and methods to prevent web scraping. They block suspicious IP addresses preventing other businesses from spying on their methods. Since many companies are operating in the online environment, a mobile proxy can help you keep up with what your competitors are doing without them knowing a thing. Keep reading, and we’ll tell you how everything works.

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The Concept of Web Scraping

Web scraping is also known as data extraction. It allows users to “scan” the internet and extract a specific type of data that can then be used for many different purposes. Unlike manual data extraction, where the user has to read through countless websites to find the information they need, scraping uses advanced automation to extract massive pools of data very quickly.

Corporations and large companies around the globe use web scraping to get a better understanding of the market and improve their offers. The extracted data is very useful for not only improving offers but also for understanding what individual customers want. Data is one of the most important resources for any business. Those who know how to use it correctly can find out tons of useful information they can convert into lucrative moves.

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Why Do Companies Use Proxies?

Most businesses want to prevent other companies from scraping their data, so they pinpoint specific IP addresses of their competitors and block them from opening their website. That’s where proxies come in. Proxies are a simple solution that can help you work around those IP blocks and gain access to competitor’s websites without being detected.

Proxies simply switch your original IP address with another one located far away from your original location. Due to this, the website owner won’t be able to know that you are still spying on them and extracting valuable information.

Why Are Proxies Popular for Scraping?

Proxies have the ability to hide every online connection and provide anonymous web surfing that can’t be traced. That makes it a perfect scraping tool because website owners won’t be able to know that you’re extracting data from their websites. Instead of appearing as a local IP address, the IP address they see will make them think that you’re just another random visitor from a different part of the globe.

That way, they won’t be able to identify the competition and prevent you from tracking their marketing campaigns and other actions you can later use to improve your own business. And no matter how hard they try to hide their data, you will always be one step ahead.

Even if other businesses are aware that you are spying on them, they won’t be able to do anything to prevent that from happening, as they won’t be able to pinpoint the IP address you are using to spy on them. It’s that simple.

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How Mobile Proxies Are Used Differently

A mobile proxy provides the same benefits as any other proxies, but they work a little bit differently. Every time you connect to the internet through your mobile device your phone sends out a signal to the nearest cellphone tower which then sends the signal to the internet and connects your device.

The cellphone towers assign IP addresses to every device that connects to them. But instead of using unique addresses for every device, they assign the same IPs to multiple devices at the same time. That makes it easier for hackers and competitor businesses to get a rough estimation of your location.

Once they figure out which IP addresses are used to scrape their data, they just block the entire batch effectively preventing users from browsing their website.

Mobile proxies enter the stage after the cellphone tower phase. They act as a filter between the tower and the internet and switch the existing IP address assigned by your provider with another one found somewhere far away from your original location.

It’s important to mention that the pool of IP addresses used by proxies is 100% legit, and it’s massive. Every time you connect, you will be assigned with another IP address, appearing as a different user. You will keep your competitors running in circles and they won’t be able to find and block you from scraping their data.


Web scraping is a method used by all successful businesses because it is able to extract valuable data and help you get an edge over the competition. A mobile proxy provides an excellent shield that prevents competitor websites from finding your original IP address, making it impossible to block you out.

Since most online sales today are done through mobile devices, mobile proxies are definitely a must if you want to stay undetected and one step ahead of your competition.

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